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Let's say These Are the Positions We Draft....Who fills the spots?

02 April 2015 - 02:45 PM

**DISCLAIMER** I am a very casual college football fan, so my familiarity with recruits, schools, stats etc. is limited until I do any research based off visits and linked team interest. With that being said, here's how I'd like our picks to shake out in this years draft, but why don't ya'll fill in the ???'s with your prospect expertise. Figured this would be a fun way to pass a slow Thursday in the office before a three day weekend!


1-WR:??? I think with Gettleman coming from a team that took Wr's early in NY and did not draft any first round OL if memory serves, will look to solidify the #2 WR spot to balance out the field as far as coverage is concerned in regards to rolled coverage to KB, and Olsen at times. He's on record stating he sees Oher as a starter and I believe him, so no need to draft a tackle in the ''first''.


2-OT:??? As we solidify receiver depth in the first it's time to look at the future at tackle, I'd imagine we draft a player here with experience at both spots L/R for depth, and to become an eventual starter in the coming years, as well as spot duty in the event of an injury.


3-DB:??? I like the full rotation at DT/DL returning from last season, Ealy was a blue chipper in the 2nd last year, and insurance for Hardy leaving via FA I think his growth allows us to address the secondary & add more talent. Allowing Bene' to move inside in nickel situations.


4-HB:??? I don't see us taking a first round HB given Gettleman's frugality and the de-valuation of 1st round running backs. However it is not a position the team can afford to ignore and a mid round selection seems like the perfect time to look for a compliment to our current stable.


5-DB/OL/S:??? Here I see us adding depth to the OL and some additional speed to our secondary, I think our starters are in place for the OL, but the secondary behind Norman, Bene', Boston, and Harper is lacking talent to be developed. What better time to address the depth in the secondary than by double dipping in the 5th?


6-WR:??? The future of our receiving corp behind Benjamin, and our 1st round pick still leaves a lot to be desired, Cotchery, and Bersin are slow possession receivers, Ginn is 29 with a two year deal, meanwhile Brown is even smaller and has shown a propensity to get nicked up, meanwhile what Hill brings is still an unknown to us. Perfect time to draft a developmental receiver.


7-LB:??? Probably the strongest personnel grouping on our roster led by Kuechly and Davis, I think we could see a raw athletic LB find his name called with hopes of an early special teams role in the future. Klein, Trusnik, and Glanton buy us some time before we really need to bring in a blue chip prospect to eventually replace Davis next to Kuechly.


Have at it gents!

If I Had to Call the WR Depth Chart Today...

26 March 2015 - 08:54 AM


2-Jennings ®

3-Ginn ®




Some of you may agree, some of you may not. As you can see Brown, Cotchery, and Bersin have been replaced with Ginn, a rookie, and Hill. (Disclaimer--Cotchery stays if we miss out on Jennings)** Personal opinion after seeing all of these players play in the NFL at some level I see Jennings, Ginn, Hill, and a rookie as upgrades over Brown, Cotchery, and Bersin.


Brown and Bersin made our roster over other UDFA/practice squad players like McNutt, King, an oft-injured Gettis, and Tiquan Underwood. Bersin in my opinion got the nod due to his 3 years of being a camp body, no real difference between him and the other young possession receivers and the Wofford connection with the Big Cat. Some of you may like some of his 3rd down grabs but his ceiling athletically is very low, and he's not the kind of talent that can consistently threaten NFL secondaries.


Brown made our roster ORIGINALLY as a returner, not as a receiver; as he was behind Cotchery, Avant, and Bersin. We had no one else to return punts, and by the time he lost his job we were already too far into the season to replace him (hint-we just did that with a 2yr deal for Ginn).


Cotchery, left a lot to be desired slow, no yac, but was a mentor and at least had good hands. Honest opinion his best season was as the 3rd it Pittsburgh touchdown wise because he was used primarily in the slot, asking him to play outside was out of necessity because we had the mass exodus at receiver last off-season cutting Smith, and not re-signing LaFell, Ginn, and Hixon.


If we take a receiver in the first three rounds like many think we will ® will mean he could be at any of those three spots on the depth chart based on how early one is grabbed. If we take one in the first two rounds IMO the expectation is he'll likely start in the slot and rotate with Ginn, but eventually we will see Jennings relegated to the slot if the rookie catches on.


Hill to me is the wild card, he possesses so much more upside than Bersin and Brown, raw size and speed, (something Bersin/Brown would have combined if they were one player). After an off-season of working out, last season, and this coming training camp to learn the offense, I find it hard to believe that Brown/Bersin supporters wouldn't prefer him as the 5th receiver who legitimately has number two receiver potential.


At the very least I'd rather see a go pattern thrown to a 6'4 4.4 speed receiver vs a 5'11 180lb receiver, and as the 5th that's not a bad option. twenty-three year old with plenty of room to be brought on slowly, I'd gladly like to see our own "Optimus Prime" come out of no where seemingly. If we can develop Brown, and Bersin enough to actually get some on field reps, and make a few plays, there's no reason to believe we can't do the same for Hill, because whether you want to admit it or not he's made just as many plays already.

So Whatever Happened to That DB We Drafted from WV?

20 March 2015 - 11:51 AM

So Whatever Happened to That DB We Drafted from WV??? With the off-season lul I figured why not, I liked his tape, then he played, got hurt and disappeared....

The Lack of Vision in this Fan Base is Amazing

13 March 2015 - 09:13 AM

I’ve been posting here since 2008 off and on, so I was here for the five interception opener vs Philly, Matt Moore taking over for Delhomme, Clausen’s 2-14 season. I remember when Gettis was supposed to be the next best thing, the contracts for Big Money Charles Johnson, and the over-inflated contracts for Williams and Stewart. And like any true fan my heart bled when we cut Smitty. I remember signing and spending money on Keyshaun, bringing back Muhsin, and even that receiver from Seattle that one year who we’ve all forgotten his name by now.


We finally have a GM who’s really doing his due diligence in free agency, the draft, not over extending resources just to be competitive THIS season, but for seasons to come. But all you see all over the site are mainly, how come we didn’t sign, and why aren’t we spending posts on this or that guy threads…. Just look at the talent we’ve infused the roster with Cam (Hurney era), Benjamin, Olsen (via trade Hurney Era), Turner, KK, Star, Kuechly, Norman, Benwikere, Boston. All of those guys should be expected to return on second contracts in the coming years. We need to make sure money is available to return OUR OWN STAR players. We fill the holes with serviceable free agents like Mitchell, Mickell, Oher, Harper, Fozzy, and we draft our potential future starters and stars while finding UDFA’s who can round out the bottom of the roster with potential like Corey Brown, Norwell, Focault, Hill, etc.


In the NFL there are players year in and year out who seemingly come out of nowhere. I didn’t like how Gettleman handled Smitty, but I’m not blinded to the fact that if we want sustained success you build your team via the draft and retain your own core instead of someone else’s core pieces. Just last year we all wanted Nicks, he went to a pass heavy team and was the 4th option with no real buzz around his name this year.


New Orleans, spent, Tampa Bay spent, Atlanta mortgaged their future for Julioand all those teams haven’t done a thing, we took A SELF IMPOSED step back as we needed to cut more salary, and prep to return our own core, and as a result we were able to do something no other NFC South team has done, two consecutive division titles, and a playoff win.


So while the off-season is long and it’s nice to want the shiny things in the window, keep in mind we have plenty of shiny things right here in house, and the DG, and RR era is doing a good job of adding pieces that develop into shiny things.