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In Topic: Bye week blues (piling on)

Yesterday, 11:22 PM

fox was better than rivera (not saying much) but i still wouldn't want him back even if he somehow transported mannings pre snap reads ability into newton

In Topic: Who to pull for this week

Yesterday, 10:49 PM

Aw man OP, you took my HILARIOUS "everyone ahead of us in the draft" zinger.


If you're a draft guy, definitely pull for NYG and the Rams for the remainder of the season.

In Topic: Norman and Harper fined

Yesterday, 08:59 PM

lmao harper in a fight. it would look like a real time matrix fight if his football speed factored into it

In Topic: What do you need to run a West Coast offense?

Yesterday, 03:51 PM

QB with touch - Nope

Versatile RB- Nope

Good route running receivers - Nope

Security Blanket TE- Yep

Athletic O-line- LOL NOPE

In Topic: When hating Rivera, remember this...

Yesterday, 02:45 PM

Redskins are a much bigger team and are under a huge fuging microscope compared to the Panthers.

ESPN would have poo itself about the Avant thing if we were relevant.

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