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Potential Age/Experience

11 June 2014 - 09:14 AM

I know that we all want to see our draft picks grow into starters, all-stars and hopefully superstars, but unfortunately that has not happened thus far. Hopefully with the start of the Charlotte Hornets we can see that change.


The current Hornets roster has 3 players who all could be in this draft due to their age.

MKG - 20

Zeller - 21 (2 months older than Biz)

Bismack - 21


We all have opions on these three players but quite honestly is it too early to truly judge them? With the #9 & $24 pick we could have 5 rotational / starters around 21 yrs old to groom for the future while we have our older guys teach them and work with them.


So my question is for you all do you have any faith that any of these 3 players can grow into the players we are hoping for them to? Also does age matter to you all with time you give them or is it only the "eye test" or years they have been in the NBA?


Play in retrospect draft GM

10 May 2014 - 05:43 PM

As the draft ends we now know where players have been picked, so based on where all the players were picked who would you have picked differently? Also lets say we traded up in the 5th. 


1. Kelvin Benjamin - I really liked this pick and it was who I wanted. I didn't know it was who I wanted until we drafted him and I yelled yeah! 


2. Morgan Moses - I thought the Tackle position was very important and would have picked him. My order was Moses, Ealy, Allen Robinson so I am not complaining too much. 


3. Trai Turner - I thought I was going to pick somebody different, but I like this pick! I think we needed a guard and he seems like a great fit


4. Telvin Smith - Truth be told I have no clue about Tre Boston, so I go with my second FSU player. I think he's got amazing speed and we can use him as our "joker" in the box safety type player 


5. Bene Benwikere - I was tempted to go Abbrederis, but truth be told how much better is a WR in the 5th compared to the guys we have? We need a corner and I will give it to the real GM on this one


6. Seantrel Henderson - Since we already got our tackle in the second I would take a flier on this guy hoping our strong locker room can reign him in. 


So thats my draft! Did I beat Gettleman? What's yours look like? This was another exciting topic brought to you by...yasuhara!