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speaking of racist bands



also dimebag had the worst fuging tone ever

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holy crap

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saw this on somethingawful and i don't know where else to post it but it needs to be here


King Hussein Obama I, flanked by his bodyguards, stepped out of his blinged Limoscalade and marched up the gold-lined marble steps of Washington Palace. It should have been a glorious day, yet under his heavy yet exquisite crown of carved human fetus-ivory his brow was ridged deeply as he silently brooded. Still, his posse, boomboxes on their shoulders, dance-walked up the steps, chains and gats jangling over the din as they grabbed their crotches.

As his trusted associates T-Von and Mook-Mook the Bushman pushed open the grand organic farm-grown cruelty-free redwood doors paid for by his 95% tax rate, he stepped into the antechamber of the gold-domed palace. Outside, ShariaVentalism reigned, but in here his word was law, and all his white teen sex slaves cowered before his glare more than even the hemp whips of their latte-drinking tweeded atheist masters.

He walked down the hallway toward his office and a prisoner in chains passed before him, lead by two turban-wearing Mexicans. He spotted the King and began shouting curses.

"You fuging fascist! I knew it! I knew it! I told them, but they wouldn't listen, that your health care platform was a slippery slope to all this! You won't get away with this! The will of the Free Market will not be denied!"
"Seelenceo een the prezence of the Keeng, preesoner!"

King Obama spotted a chance to improve his ill mood.

"Bring him here. Good. Give me his file." The king looked over the prisoner's dossier. A long list of crimes against the state, and a repeat offender.
"You'll never get away with this! Never!"
"Hush now, Mr. Jack. We have ways of dealing with unruly sorts such as yourself."
"Praise be to Allah, seenyor."
"Peh! I spit at your torture! The Free Market gives me strength!"
"Oh, no, not anything as gauche as torture."

The King grabbed a syringe from the outstretched hand of one of his nearby breakdancing bodyguards, and plunged it into the man's helpless neck.

"Now you are immune to rubella."

Kyle's lingering, echoing screams of tormented horror brought a slight smile like a crack in Obama's stony brown face as he walked into his lavish velvet-lined office and shut the door behind him. He motioned for his bodyguards to leave the room, and he addressed the giant screens hanging over his desk.

"Screen one on. Connect to Emperor bin Laden of Eurabia. Screen two: Hugo Chavez of the U.S.S.A.R.. Screen three: The High Elder of Zion."

The three figures appeared live via satelite.

"Gentlemen," began Obama darkly, "it's time to have...a conversation."






what stupid fuging boomers want you to believe (actual cover):








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sorry that your concern trolling friend got ripped to shreds

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from somethingawful. can't argue with much of it

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Posted by google larry davis on 16 January 2013 - 02:40 AM

there are some pretty good, accessible books out there that can make you at least a little more confident in discussing econ stuff



that being said, my own understanding of econ suffers due to an early adherence to a couple of flawed schools of thought (in other words i haven't always been the most leftist leftist to ever leftist and for that reason i am still a little behind where i should probably be at this point)

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i have heard this is false because it's vastly oversimplified but i've never heard anyone explain what's fundamentally wrong with it... care to?

there are tons of articles out there on this. the key points can be found here: http://rooseveltinst...dget-here-s-why

1) families can't levy taxes on hundreds of millions of people
2) debt isn't an inherently bad thing when it comes to government. the US government has been in debt for all but 2 years of its existence, and a government running at a profit is a government not sufficiently meeting the needs of its citizens (because government isn't supposed to be run like a business). no debt tells me that we are either not spending enough or taxing too much. the end game of starve the beast, after gutting social security, medicare, and medicaid, is to suddenly point out that we're not running a large deficit anymore so we should just cut taxes again!
3) historically, significant reductions of the debt have directly led to depressions
4) "The federal government is the issuer of our currency. Its IOUs are always accepted in payment." basically, if your household is millions of dollars in debt, good luck getting someone to accept an IOU from you

this article doesn't even begin to touch on the reality that government spending stimulates the economy (this is why a call for austerity during a recession/depression is the dumbest fuging thing ever). government spends money -> money circulates throughout the economy -> government collects higher revenue -> government spends that money -> so on -> so forth. show me a household that can operate in that manner

there's more to it than just this but i'm not an economist so if you're interested in more, there are plenty more resources on the topic, simply because people continue to perpetuate the myth that the government budget is equivalent to a household budget