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#2721138 Ray Rice: Beat Her, Choke Her, Knock Her Out... Marry Her

Posted by hermolt on 29 March 2014 - 09:17 PM

14 posts and not one condemnation of the "man" who did this?


Messed up.


I won't judge her because I can't know what else happens in their relationship.


I will judge him because he physically assaulted a woman, to the point where she was unconscious.


He's a coward and a despicable human being.

#2648061 Michael Sam, draft prospect, admits he's gay

Posted by hermolt on 09 February 2014 - 08:29 PM

I hope he doesn't end up in our division, because I'll hate having to hate him.

#2558908 Your reaction when hixon made the game winning td catch?

Posted by hermolt on 22 December 2013 - 04:16 PM

Jumping around my lounge room trying to yell just loud enough that I could really feel it and just soft enough so I didn't wake up my fiancee


Posted by hermolt on 22 December 2013 - 04:12 PM

Worth getting up at 2am for



#2500629 The Scalper Carl Trivia Challenge

Posted by hermolt on 20 November 2013 - 04:46 AM

I'll give myself 4 1/2 (missed 96 and got 08 for question 8) and call that a pass for an Australian Panthers fan who started following in 2001 or so.

#2485018 Where will YOU be Monday night?

Posted by hermolt on 13 November 2013 - 08:03 AM

It'll be Tuesday morning here in Singapore, I'll be on my couch with a bacon and egg sandwich to celebrate, and watching MNF on my TV thanks to the wonders of NFL Gamepass, my iPad and my recently purchased Apple TV.

#2474940 Official Panthers - 49ers Gameday Thread

Posted by hermolt on 10 November 2013 - 10:00 AM

I've been watching the Panthers from Australia and now Singapore for the best part of 12 years now, but only since the advent of Gamepass over the past couple years have I been able to watch every game (I watched the odd primetime game that was shown on TV, playoffs and such - I remember having X-Clown on VCR and watching it over and over).


I've come to really love watching Carolina, probably not as much as I love my Aussie Rules football club, but enough that I get up at stupid o'clock every Monday and watch, and find myself getting really emotionally involved.


One thing I have never been, even before the Superbowl/playoff games (because I wasn't nearly as invested in the Panthers then), is *nervous*.  And I am now.  It's the biggest game I can remember and I can't wait. Roll on 5am!