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In Topic: I am on Bre shad Perriman's bandwagon

Today, 02:59 AM

He will have trouble on the NFL level. He is extremely talented, but has shown a huge lack of focus in developing his game. Very sloppy in his all around game.

In Topic: Panthers worked out Randy Gregory

Today, 02:10 AM

Already have Frank Alexander to worry about. We do not need another DE who keeps failing drug tests.

In Topic: same as last year, Rivera says Cam has got to become a more sound QB

Today, 02:00 AM

You know what you have in Cam Newton. If you like it, he is the franchise. If you don't, deal him for something to a team who wants to work with him.


Stop trying to change Cam's game. Let Cam be Cam and win with it. Otherwise, part ways.


Bill Walsh made it known that while he had a system designed for the offense, the thing about Montana is he would have those moments he went away from the design. Walsh wanted that in his offense. You live with the failures and learn from them.


Tom Landry was known for his system over player mentality. It wasn't until he trusted his gut and went with Staubach who would deviate from the system at times that he won a Super Bowl.


The lesson is to embrace the failures of your QB if you believe he is the one to lead the franchise. It will make all the difference. It was the coaches who needed to accept their players, change their mindset, and trust in their players perceived flaws. The coaches needed to become more sound to win championships.


Let Cam be Cam!!!

In Topic: Gettleman on Sirius NFL Radio 3/24/2015

Yesterday, 08:11 PM

considering we had to replace both starting tackles, without money to do so, plus the turn over on the receiving core, we did well. We still won the division.

The front office EXPECTED a drop due to the lack of money to fill the needs of the team as well as they wanted to.

But not the fans, the fans expected more dispite the fact of the high turnover and no money.

Then still p8ss and moan when the decline in production came as the team predicted it would.

But don't let that reality mess up your little world.


Reality is we had cap space and spent it in free agency and a tag on Hardy, Harper, DeCoud, Cotchery, Avant, Underwood, Dickson, McNeill, and Cason. A total of $21.5m in cap space.


$21.5m in cap space could have been spent on the likes of Jared Veldeer, Michael Oher, Justin Tuck, Patrick Chung, Emmanuel Sanders, Ted Ginn, and Antonio Cromartie. Together they totaled a little less than $21.5m for the 2014 year against the cap. I have my doubts Gettleman could have landed all of them. He does not appear to be very good at negotiating contracts and selling his team. This gives you a picture of what was possible with the same amount of cap space that had been used on a bunch of wasted players.


It is all about the decisions you make as a GM. There was this brilliant idea of Bell and Chandler at OT, putting a bulk of cap space on Hardy who they were not even planning on signing after one season from reports, choosing a bunch of #3 receivers, opting for age and lack of speed at SS, and then going cheap on a 1 year rental at CB.


When you step back and look at the decisions, it is obvious how poor of an offseason the front office had last year. Money was never the issue last season. It was the choice on how that cap space was used by the front office.

In Topic: Gettleman on Sirius NFL Radio 3/24/2015

Yesterday, 04:08 AM

It is amazing how so many people fail to realize the actual production of the offense and defense fell last season while the teams that took the Panthers cast offs increased their production.


Like walking into a business that nose dived into the red following a great year and then seeing everyone with huge smiles on their face thinking positively about how well they have been doing, because their manager has a wonderful plan and talks everyone up as being exceptional talent.


Clearly you lost production somewhere and it was never replaced, and that is a huge issue that the GM must account for and remedy.