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In Topic: When a student fails, do you blame the teacher?

21 October 2014 - 06:35 PM

I am rewatching the game this morning, trying to see what the heck is happening with the offense. Going play by play, rewinding, watching again.


More times than not, the failings of the offense aren't at the hands of less physical talent, surprisingly. There are more missed assignments than physical mistakes. And not just small things either. Like when Clay Matthews lines up on the line and Nate Chandler does not even consider blocking him before he gets to J-Stew in the backfield. This is just a complete misunderstanding of what he should do out there, start to finish.


So let me ask you this.... do you blame the players? Obviously they are pro athletes that had to have succeeded at a college level. Apparently they can be taught. Or do you blame the coaches for not being good enough teachers in the film room and on the field. Are they not preparing the team adequately enough mentally. 


What say you?


Considering the coaches seemingly come out with the same game plan for the first half of every game, and that game plan is play to the weaknesses and not the strengths. Yeah I would say Rivera, McDermott, and Shula get a lot of the blame.


I believe you take your strongest players and find a way to put them on their weakest players. Then just keep attacking it until they prove they can stop it.


Game plan should always be KB and Olsen as the #1 options, all other receivers #2 option, and RBs as a dump off. You open up the running game by pushing the field with the passing game. The Panthers do not have the OL to come out pounding it on the ground. Attack with the passing game. Go to the run game when the defense gives it to the offense.


Stretch the safeties in the middle of the field with Philly and Stephen Hill. Even if you do not throw it to them unless they are wide open. Keep doing it and that safety will sleep on it 1 or 2 plays.


Nope the Panthers coaches are going to start the offense off running the ball and using Olsen and KB as decoys in the first half. They will keep trusting the defense to win it for the the team just like in Green Bay giving the Packers the ball to open the game against an exploited, frustrated, and deflated defense.


The coaches simply do not have their finger on the pulse of this team and continue to put the players in bad positions in the first half of games. Even in the Panthers wins the players seemingly have to overcome the coaching errors in the first half. You could say the coaching is more of a factor than the opposing defenses the Panthers have been facing.


We are running into the strengths of these defenses. Why? Aaron Rodgers was outright laughing at how easy the Panthers defense was to play. Aaron Rodgers knows his weaknesses and he was baffled at how the Panthers chose to play him like Russel Wilson and keep him in the pocket.

In Topic: Chris Scott signed to Active Roster

21 October 2014 - 06:10 PM

Please cut Chris Scott now. This guy falls flat on his face and has a knack for tackling our own offensive players.


Then again we still have Byron Bell. There is a reason no one wants Chris Scott. The 49ers playoff game from last season should be enough to tell you that.


Start bringing in players from other teams practice squads and stop recycling the garbage.

In Topic: Why winning the NFCS is so important

19 October 2014 - 11:27 PM

This isn't Hurney.

We went 12-4 and let everyone go. Gettleman understands the big picture.



So, what will it matter when the Panthers are 30 million under the cap when no one wants to deal with Gettleman?


The Panthers are currently 11.5 million under the cap. Not sure what that is going to do, when the current players want to go elsewhere.


Going to be there with the Jaguars and Browns. A ton of cap space and a GM no one wants to deal with makes for a murky future.

In Topic: changes need to come

19 October 2014 - 03:50 PM

Harper needs to go now. He is doing nothing, but wasting space and giving opposing offense a huge piece of the field to use.

In Topic: changes need to come

19 October 2014 - 03:47 PM

Three people was the fire, Mitchal, captain, and Hardy.

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Mitchell, Hardy, Smitty, and Gross were the true leaders in times like this last season.


But we don't need em right?

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