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In Topic: Shula Has To Go Soon

Today, 12:43 PM

McDermott is the one who has gone full stupid and seems to refuse to adapt to his players. Allowing teams to score 70% of the time is ridiculous. At least Shula has the offense better than many other NFL teams and in the top 10 in some categories.

In Topic: Top 4 reasons for current losing streak

Today, 12:05 PM

There is only one reason for the failure. Defense cannot get off the field due to no pressure from the DEs to make the QB step up, and teams are running directly at Star and using him as the read for the RB.

17 drives for the defense. 8 TDs, 5 FG attempts, and 4 punts. Allowing more than 50 yards per drive. No turnovers. No sacks. And this is the worst one - the defense is making the offense start on average at the 20 yard line over the past 2 games.

The offense has exceeded drive production compared to all winning teams in 2014.

So, it is not the offense. It is the position the defense is placing the offense in. Go look at the production of offenses starting at the 20 and trailing. The panthers offense is exceeding that.

In Topic: White has been benched who should be next?

Today, 12:34 AM

Perhaps this has already been answered somewhere, but it seems Rivera rotates Trai Turner out at RG during these past couple of games.  Why is that?






White & Norman>Benwikere




Maybe we can wait 3 seasons to see if they ever get better than the bottom tier talent they are backing up right now. Would have been better off trading away picks 2 through 7 for 1 player you knew could jump right in as a starter. Then just fill the other starting positions with undrafted free agents. Seems like that has been the plan all along.

In Topic: Where has star dissapeared to?

Yesterday, 06:58 PM

i've noticed this too


on the replays of the first ravens rushing touchdown one of the guards was front and center with star in a bear hug with a fist full of his jersey


This is exactly what is going on. You will see them clamping down with one hand grabbing jersey on his chest and the other on his back. Then they pull him into them and turn him whatever way they want to. They will do it as long as they do not get called. Need to combat it by making sure Star submarines a few of their OL each time this happens. They guy clamped on him is going to the ground with him anyway, so just take out some bodies at the least. Now the usual tactic to stop this garbage is stunting the DTs or run blitzing a backer through the gap, but neither is happening. It is just a vanilla scheme on that DL the past couple games.

In Topic: Before you decide that Luke is playing poorly...

Yesterday, 06:42 PM

This was the correct defensive call.



It was executed terribly.


12 drives in the last 6 quarters for the defense. 8 TDs, 2 FG attempts, and 2 Punts. 38.8% of the runs went for 4 or more yards. It comes down to the DL.


Against the Ravens in the first quarter the Ravens had 1 big run of 7 yards. Wes Horton and Colin Cole never touched the offensive linemen over them and let them get immediate releases on Kuechly and Klein. Then Cole engages an offensive lineman and takes an angle into the backfield. The running back had already reached the LOS, so this choice by Cole was wrong. Then Wes Horton fails to keep his shoulders parallel with the LOS and pursue down the line to contain the RB. He rounds out off the LOS, over pursues leaving a gap for the RB and then tries to arm tackle the RB. After this play alone both of them need to be replaced. They made 5 mental errors between the 2 of them on one play. It would have been better to engage the OL trying to get to the line backers and push them down the line with their momentum in the gaps for the RB. This frees up the line backers to make the play.


The biggest issue is offensive linemen are able to turn Stars shoulders way too quickly and ride him out of the play. This is what the Steelers exposed and the Panthers will see it time and time again until it is corrected. Turning Stars shoulders so quickly means he can now be single blocked and the other OL helping to turn Star now has a clean release to Kuechly. This DL went from a force to a joke in 6 quarters of football.

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