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Coming home soon, Need some new places to go! ADVENTURE!

07 May 2014 - 09:17 AM

Whats up huddle? Its been a while. Ill be leaving this hell hole in a few months and have had a HUGE feeling of wanderlust. So I will ask two questions:

1. where can I go locally (North Carolina)? Where are some of your secret places/ hole-in-the walls/ under travelled state parks?

2. Where can I visit nationally that some of you would recommend?


Im taking a road trip with three of my bros. We are for sure visiting Colorado and Washington State. We would like to hit up Rocky Mount Natl. Park. and Black Sand Beach, WA. I would love any travel hints/ cool stories/ and or super cool travel destinations you all might have! 


Also, we are camping at both set locations!!! woooo.