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2013 Seahawks 9th best scoring defense all-time, 2013 Panthers 12th best all-time

27 March 2014 - 02:11 PM




Meaningless stats ???


Of the top 20 teams listed, all 20 made the playoffs, 7 won the Super Bowl, 3 lost the Super Bowl and 12 made their respective conference championship games.

Is Nick Foles the best of the "New Breed", "Dual Threat" QB'S ?

02 March 2014 - 05:04 PM

He thrived in Chip Jelly's Zone Read, run first offense last season.


The Eagles were number 1 in the entire NFL in rushing offense by a large margin.


They averaged a remarkable 5.1 yards per rushing attempt, number 1 in the NFL.


Foles was number 1 in the NFL in passer rating, surpassing even Peyton Manning.


In addition, the Eagles, though they led the NFL in rushing, were also # 9 in the NFL in passing offense.


None of the other "Young Guns", "New Breed", "Dual Threat" QB's came close to putting up those type of numbers, especially the combination of rushing and passing success.


The closest was BOB 3, who paced the Redskins to a 16th finish in NFL passing offense.


One has to wonder what Foles would have accomplished had the Eagles not finished 29th in NFL Total Defense.


After all, the only teams that made the NFC playoffs last year that did not finish in the top 5 in NFL in total defense were the Packers and Eagles.

Page 3 forward is about Kerry Washington, Ignore dumb first 2 pages. *Kurb

10 October 2013 - 12:16 PM

This should be wildly popular among Huddle members.


Chudzinski's Browns set at 3-2 with a 3 game win streak.


Their only losses are to the Super Bowl Champ Ravens and the improved Dolphins.


He has done this with Brandon Weedon and Brian Hoyer at QB.


His offensive line really is the worst in the NFL:  they have given up the second most sacks of any NFL team and the most QB hits of any NFL team. They are averaging 3.5 ypc in the ground game.


His top receivers are named Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon.


Chudzinski is not a "retread"


He is not "another defensive guy"


He is known as an "offensive innovator"


Sounds like the ideal guy to come in and work with Cam Newton.


I hear he may have some familiarity with our personnel.






If Shula's play calls are so moronic, why don't we just audible?

09 October 2013 - 07:30 PM

The coaches say we are audibling on about 70% of our offensive plays this season.


If so, this means that only 30% of the plays we actually run are Shula's calls.


I have heard many complaints about Shula's "slow developing pass plays".


Why don't we audible out of those "slow developing pass plays" when the blitz is recognized or suspected?

Updated team stats after Sunday's debacle

07 October 2013 - 09:01 PM

Carolina's per game NFL rank after Sunday's game:


3rd in Total Defense

3rd in scoring Defense

7th in Rushing Defense

9th in Passing Defense


7th in Rushing Offense

26th in Scoring Offense

30th in Passing Offense



It is almost enough to make one yearn for the Halcyon days of "full-retard" Chudzinski, ( you know, the guy that has the freakin' BROWNS at 3-2).


Last season the Panthers finished :

12th in Passing Offense and

9th in Rushing Offense...


Maybe that Zone Read Thingy was not such a bad idea after all...

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