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The Panthers are 14-5-1 over their last 20 games...

28 October 2014 - 11:12 PM

Fire the staff !!!


Gut the roster !!!


Fug this fuggin' poo !!!


JR doesn't want to win !!!


I am through with this team !!!


We have the worst [ insert choice of team component ] in the history of Football...




Considering that the remaining schedule is very favorable, can't we put away the torches and pitchforks and shelve the over the top exaggeration until a few more games have been played ???

Ultimately, the most important takeaway from today's loss is a positive...

26 October 2014 - 10:55 PM

After a mysterious 5 week disappearing act, the superior defense we have come to expect returned.


It may have been their best performance of the season.


After all is said and done, if the defense can continue to play at this level, the Panthers will make the playoffs.


If they make the playoffs, anything can happen.


This is all very obvious, of course, but seeing these guys bounce back today was BIG. 

Cam and Russell pressure stats this season: the raw numbers

24 October 2014 - 05:47 PM

Russell Wilson has been sacked 14 times and hit 24 times on 175 passing attempts this season.


Cam Newton has been sacked 14 times and hit 34 times on 206 passing attempts this season.




Wilson has a sack percentage of 8.0 and has been hit on 13.7% of his dropbacks this season


While Newton has a sack percentage of 6.8 and has been hit on 16.5 % of his dropbacks this season


Feel free to spin the numbers.



46 attempts, 0 sacks, 4qb hits, 147 rushing yards...

12 October 2014 - 04:13 PM

The much maligned offensive line had another strong performance. Despite many blitz's by the Bengals, pass protection overall was outstanding. 


When Cincinnati did not blitz, Newton, for the most part had all day to throw. 


There was movement in the run game as well, especially on the edge. 


This unit has played pretty darned well for two weeks in a row. 



Newton vs. Dalton: the raw numbers

11 October 2014 - 08:20 PM

Since both of these guys came into the league at the same time, I thought a comparison of their overall production would be fun. Here it is:


Career:         Games           Comp %          Yards        Y/A      TD's     TD%     Int.     Int%    Rate     4QC     GWD


Newton             52                59.9                12,282     7.7      69        4.3       43       2.7       87.1     7            7

Dalton               52                61.1                12,286     7.1      84        4.8       50       2.9       86.6     6          11


But, of course, Newton has a tremendous edge in mobility so let's add in their rushing stats for a total offense, total touchdown comparison:


                    Total yards       Total Touchdowns    Total Offense per game    Total Touchdowns per game

Newton           14,356               97                             276                                     1.9    

Dalton             12,769               92                             246                                     1.8    


The mobile Newton has a clear edge, though it is probably not as great as most people would assume. Also, a scrambling Quarterback is not an unmixed blessing. While Newton has been sacked 125 times to Dalton's 100, he has also LOST 937 yards on those sacks, compared to 579 yards for Dalton. In any event, those numbers were not included, though for a more honest appraisal, they probably should have been.



And for this year (both have played 4 games):


                                 Comp %          Yards    Y/A         TD's     TD%     Int.     Int%    Rate     4QC     GWD


Newton                      61.2                 983       7.6          5          3.9        1        0.8        94.6       0           0

Dalton                        64.8                 926       8.6          4          3.7        1        0.9      100.3       1           1



Personally, I am looking forward to seeing what Dalton can do with A.J. Green on the bench, although Green has not been his dominant self this year. As a matter of fact, Panthers rookie Kelvin Benjamin has been arguably just as effective this season with Green averaging 78 yards a game and Benjamin 73 yards per game. 


I say the Panthers find a way to run a little on a suddenly suspect Bengal defense, get just enough pressure to make Dalton uncomfortable and pull out a 20-17 upset on the road.


Enjoy the game everyone !!!

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