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Ron Rivera Scared

28 October 2012 - 11:24 PM

So on a great Sunday afternoon, a day where the Carolina Panthers could possibly salvage what has turned out to be an awful season. Ron Rivera coached like a desperate man truly afraid of losing his job. Ron Rivera called plays much like a 15 year old would call plays on Madden. The first half Ron Rivera played ballsy....then he got SCARED.

Ron Rivera made it painfully obvious that he was terrified of Devin Hester's kick returning prowess and invented a new onside squib kick (if you can call it that). Ron Rivera in the fourth quarter was terrified of a big play giving plenty of space to a Brandon Marshall and Earl Bennett.

Rivera's scared coaching trickled down to the players. Captain Munnerlyn was terrified of even fair catching a punt. Brad Nortman so focused on kicking out of bounds kicks it out of bounds for a great length of six yards. DeAngelo Williams so focused on not fumbling trips over his own guards feet. This team was SCARED.