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In Topic: 5 Rule Changes For The Pro Bowl

Yesterday, 09:12 AM

Most of that is stupid, but I like the thirty-five second play clock and I love the fact that losing yards inside two minutes is akin to an incomplete pass.  Both mean more football overall and the second dramatically helps alleviate what I find to be the biggest flaw to this great game...running out the clock.


This is supposed to be a sixty minute game.  I hate that we can watch fifty-eight minutes of a great game and then have it end with the QB essentially falling to one knee and practicing his marriage proposal.  That is not football and not how a game should end.  Then team/coaches are seen as scum if they attempt to "Play 60" and disrupt the kneel down in any way.


There is standing around in all sports, but football is the only one where standing around and doing nothing is literally part of the game as the clock is actually running while they do nothing.  I always imagine Mariano Rivera on the mound in the 9th, or Jordan on the FT line attempting to ice the game, and just saying "I do not want to risk screwing up, just going to take a knee."  I hate that football allows teams to just stop playing during what should be the most important part of the game.


Forcing teams to gain at least one yard for the clock to run would be the NFL's version of making free throws at the end of the game.  It is the best thing to come out of the Arena league (that is right Kurt Warner) and is something that should have been adopted yesterday.

In Topic: For those who missed Gettleman's interviews, J. Jones got ya covered.

Yesterday, 08:51 AM

Sometimes the stuff that Gettleman says seems so simple and obvious that you would think it is common knowledge within the industry.  But then you look at our history, as well as how some organizations around the league are run, and you realize how rare it is that someone actually gets it.


Often times I think the fans of well run organizations are so use to people making good decisions that they will take it for granted.For fans of an organization like ours though, that have crawled through that river of crap for so long, this is such a special time.  We are incredibly lucky to have this man making the decisions for our team.


GM has made some excellent appetizers on a shoestring budget.  I cannot wait for the main course.

In Topic: Ernie Banks has died

Yesterday, 01:36 AM

Got to see him play toward the end of his career, everyone knew he was just one of the good guys.

Sad to see him go.

you are a lucky man to get that opportunity.

In Topic: The flu

24 January 2015 - 01:30 PM

I have a doctor friend who tells me the bottom 10% of medical classes become pediatricians.

I've not had the flu in ten years and I'm flu shot free since developing a chicken allergy 20 years ago

never had a flu shot or the flu myself. Outside of migraines (which I rarely get anymore) I do not remember the last time I was sick at all.

I am in my sixteenth year working in elementary schools. I have spent time in several dozen schools in multiple states, spending significant time in nine or ten. Most will tell you to expect to get sick as you get used to a new school's germs but I think they have just conditioned my immune system to be stronger.

At this point I have the white blood cell versions of Luke and TD in there.

In Topic: Dad Life

24 January 2015 - 01:13 PM

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