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Today, 12:58 AM

I obviously have different candidates that you guys but:


US Senate: Libertarian, DNC, GOP

US House: Libertarian, Green, DNC, GOP

Governor: Green, DNC, Libertarian, GOP

Lt. Governor: Libertarian, DNC, Grenn, GOP, GOP

Sec of State: Libertarian, DNC, Constitution, GOP

Attorney General: Libertarian, DNC, GOP

State Senate: Libertarian, DNC, GOP

State Assembly: DNC, GOP

Treasurer, Libertarian, DNC, GOP


I really get annoyed sometimes with how people think Libertarian and Republican are so similar.  For my list the GOP candidate is last on every list while every race with a Libertarian but one (Governor) has the Libertarian #1.  I know this is only one website but if that is the case then they cannot be too similar. 


My party affiliation:

Libertarian 83%

Democrat 81%

Green 79%

Constitution 65%

Conservative 59%

Republicans 51%

Socialist 30%

In Topic: Hornets win.... Panthers, you are up

Today, 12:26 AM

Big Al for left tackle!


We cannot fit him under the cap

In Topic: Gameday Menu

Today, 12:21 AM

Jaeger shot, followed by my traditional answer of Whiskey

In Topic: Hot food from gas stations...

Yesterday, 11:32 PM

The Hess stations in FL had Godfather's pizza in them, I would eat that.  Normally no though.

In Topic: Royals vs A's 7-7 extra innings, turn the game on

Yesterday, 08:55 PM

Royals need to score some runs, down 3-2 going to the bottom of the fifth and Bumgarner coming in.  Things starting to get worrisome in KC.

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