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Posted by jgraham on 07 January 2013 - 11:48 AM

Hello Everyone,

I’m glad I’ve found this place! I’d just like to introduce myself here so when my questioning becomes boring people will at least understand where I’m coming from!

I’ve been following the sport now for only two seasons but an hooked! I’m from a town near to Liverpool in England and American Football has always been a sport I’ve never really had any links to. Last season a few friend invited me onto a Fantasy NFL league and despite my reservations (I knew nothing) I got involved. I picked a ropey team and as Peyton Manning was one of the few players I’d heard of I drafted him first….that didn’t work out well! So week 1 I draft a free agent by the name of Cam Newton who’d gone through the draft unsigned, luckily for me! I’d already picked Steve Smith up in the draft and so I had those two in my team…the rest as they say is history! I started to take more and more of an interest in the Panthers and was really enjoying seeing the game played in a way I didn’t realise it could be. For me a QB got the ball and passed it – Cam Newton changed all of that and now I’m addicted to the game & the Panthers! I watched every game this season on a stream and have 2 jerseys (both with Newton on the back as they’re the only ones I can buy over here!).

I’ve read a lot on here and if I’m honest a lot of what is said goes over my head as I’ve still got an awful lot to learn about the game and its complexities. But I’m keen to do just that and so I may be asking one or two dumb questions on here but just bear with me and I’ll get there!

My take on the team at the minute is this – We’ve got the team in place to make a mark in the competition, we were unlucky in many respects early in the year but down the track we started to show that we are the team many fans seemingly believe we are and we’ve got a real shot at winning our division next year. We’ve beaten the Saints twice this season and should really have two victories against the Falcons but we all know we were unfortunate there. Sticking with Rivera in my opinion is the right choice, we’re going in the right direction and a new coach now would set us back. Lets hopefully ride this wave into next year, pick up another gem or two on the draft and see the Panthers make play off football!

Looking forward to getting involved on here!

Oh – are there many UK based fans on here?