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In Topic: LOL is Luke Trolling Peter King?

Yesterday, 09:33 PM

The team really needs to stand behind Cam on it. First mention made about Cam having a towel on his head this season, have the entire team come out onto the field with towels on heads and anytime they're on the sideline. Just troll the poo out of the media.

I support this message.

In Topic: Panther fans Twitter Follow Train

Yesterday, 10:36 AM

Great. Now everyone troll Darin Gantt about having Rae Carruth as his twitter avatar.

I'm against trolling writers and reporters... They normally find a way to troll me instead.

In Topic: Panther fans Twitter Follow Train

Yesterday, 10:26 AM

Probably because there are too many links in the post.  Try not linking the twitter usernames.

Might be, one of the mods edited my posts and did that though.

In Topic: #77 Bell (more you heard it 1st here.

Yesterday, 10:25 AM



In Topic: Is Kelvin hurt? <update, "bone bruise">

Yesterday, 08:51 AM

Carolina Panthers ‏@Panthers  4m

Kelvin Benjamin is not practicing today. He's getting a precautionary MRI after banging knees with a defensive back in practice yesterday.



I gotta go find the tallest building to jump off real quick...





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