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In Topic: The California Angels

Today, 10:25 AM

Mr. Trout is the youngest player to reach 100 home runs! He also broke a 3-3 tie with his 101th home run after being down 0-2 and fouling a few balls off.

This kid is so freaking good and I'm glad I get to watch him play every day. I got lucky with Cam and Trout being drafted by my two favorite teams.


Today, 10:23 AM

Crazy game yesterday, Chicago got screwed on the strike call before Myers went yard to center. Apparently same thing happened to Middlebrooks homer but I didn't see that one

In Topic: Justin Hardy route tree breakdown

Yesterday, 09:56 PM

i can see Edelman as a comparison, but he gets after DBs in the run game like Hines Ward. he is a very good blocker down field, and is not scared to come inside and crack block a LB.

In one of Igo's mock drafts awhile back I compared Hardy to Cotchery, but with better ball skills. Both similar in the sense that they're better off underneath/shorter routes and won't burn you vertical.

I think Hardy will be a good role type WR in the NFL similar to what Cotchery is. But I've seen people say Hardy can be a #2 WR and I don't think that's the case. He shows good ball skills in this game (vs Florida) like I said he has. Hardy has some big mitts (10") and works back to the ball which many don't. I just don't think he's a good fit for us.

If we plan on keeping Cotchery I just don't think it makes much sense to draft Hardy.

In Topic: Justin Hardy route tree breakdown

Yesterday, 04:01 PM

Awesome stuff man!


Yesterday, 11:28 AM

Kris Bryant getting the start at 3rd and hitting clean up today