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I just woke up....

15 March 2014 - 12:05 PM

So I've been in a comma of sorts, no offense to those actually have, for the last two months.

Two months ago we were left with 16M in cap space, needing to sign 1-2 better secondary players, a #2 WR that could take the #1 role eventually, someone to work with Gross and take his spot eventually, and to either resign Hardy or shore up a decent DE in FA to keep a solid front 7. Players loved the loyalty of the Panthers organization, even to the tune of restructuring or taking a pay cut to come here.

...now to current: we are at 8M under the cap, still need 1-2 DB players, now need at least 2 WR more like 3 WR to fill our entire roster spots, now we need a replacement for Gross and added depth at T, despite creating even more roster needs than we started with we are at a point of paying Hardy half of our available cap space. Player moral is sinking, we can't even get players to come to their hometown to play because of the "situation". Players are finding out their family's livilihood through the news.

I wish to go back....

Re-watching playoff highlights

04 February 2014 - 08:55 PM

Well because what else is there to watch? Three points I want to make, and mainly need your input on #3:

1)You want to beat SF and Seattle? You have to beat their pass rush. All this talk about the secondary, the way I see it they only beat us because of their pass rush. I hope our Oline becomes the priority this offseason.

2)Lafell didn't play that bad, in fact after emotionally getting over the loss, I hope we can keep him for the right price. He had as many clutch catches as Ginn toward the end of the game. Don't get me wrong we still need to address Smitty's replacement. After watching game film I think this has become #3 in priority behind Oline and DB.

3) THIS is what I'm wondering. I replayed the NFL Network feature of the Super Bowl highlights, did anyone else catch what the announcer said as Denver set to kickoff after the safety? Has there been a rule change?! If not that is about the dumbest thing I've heard especially considering on this stage, the Super Bowl.

Yet another mock offseason, Hardy retained

28 January 2014 - 05:37 PM

I've been getting a lot of great ideas from you guys and I've found a way, albeit a very hard task, to keep keep our top 5 D, improvve our receiving core to be a top 10, and solidly improve our Oline. As cap challenged as we are that should be a great accomplishment for our offseason. Disclosure: I'm not convienced that this is the route we should go, but I just wanted to show the possibility. I wen't fixing the WR through FA and Oline through the draft, but I could see these roles being reversed.



Cam: new contract, it will be big but structured in a way to help us the next two years. +2M

Godfrey: I'm not conveinced that DG and crew is set on cutting him, but he is too expensive. Restructure his 5M. +2.5M

Norman: Cut +.5M

Olsen/Kalil/CJ: According to Overthecap these guys are set to have their base salary by millions each. Restructure. +8.8M

(These three restructures are the biggest stretch of them all, and we need every bit of that 8.8 to make this work)



Resigns, this is taking into effect the total expected cap hit for 2014, not just the garanteed:

Gross 2M

Mitchell 2M

Hardy 10M, it has been reported he wouldn't take 8M but would 13M, can anyone say discount?

Captain 1.5M

Ginn 1.5M

Bell/FA OT .6M

Wharton/FA OG .6M

Cole/FA DT .6M

Anderson .8M

Gano .8M

FA WR 3M (What does 3M a year get? Miles Austin, Anquann Boldin, Pierre Garcon, etc.) for sake of simplicity, Nicks.


Results: Cap Space 26.8, Re-signs 23.4 (Still pretty tight for draft picks but as with everything else in this post, tight)



Draft, as you can see by the re-signs I went with picking up a WR, as mentioned we could go OL or DB. Whichever way we go there determines what areas we hit in the draft.

a)Yankey OG

b)Moses OT

c)Coleman WR

d)Jean-Baptiste CB

e)Stork C

f)Kennerd OLB

e)Gilbert TE

(Draft was done using first pick simulator, things could obviously change)



4) Depth Cart. This is where it gets good. Check out that D, receiving core, and the much improved Oline!

QB: Cam/Anderson

RB: DWill/Stewart/KJB

FB: Tolbert

WR1: Smith/McNutt/Clemons

WR2: Nicks/King

WR3: Ginn/Coleman

TE: Olsen/Gilbert/Williams

OT: Gross/Chandler

G: Amini/Kug

C: Kalil/Stork

G: Wharton/Yankey

OT: Moses/Bell


DE: CJ/Horton

DT: Star/Cole

DT: Short/Alexander

DE: Hardy/Addison

OLB: TD/Kennerd

ILB: Luke/JWilliams

OLB: Klein/Blackburn

CB1: Munnerlyn/Jean-Baptiste

CB2: White/Thomas

SS: Godfrey/Lester

FS: Mitchell/Jones


I know this is a far stretch and so much has to go right for this to happen but it could happen.