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In Topic: Sir Purr needs your help 2.0 *Championship Round*

07 April 2015 - 08:37 PM


In Topic: Have you ever had a good friend cut off all communication with you?

08 June 2014 - 06:03 AM

Sometimes acquaintances become friends and other times friends become acquaintances, and a lot of people seem to forget their is a difference between the two.

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In Topic: Smitty was such a freak

17 May 2014 - 09:48 AM

I never questioned whether or not he was a real Panthers fan. He's made it very clear that he is since his OP. Just because you would like to infer that I was taking a shot at his "fandom" doesn't mean you're right. I have no doubt that he's a Panthers fan. I've only disagreed with cheering for another team, regardless of which ex-Panthers play for them. And I still disagree with it.

I'm only "inferring" what anyone that's not you and has sound reading comprehension would assume. At no point did you make the distinction between questioning his loyalty and disagreeing with cheering for another team, while using statements that questioned his loyalty to show that you disagree with the practice.

Not being pissed is not the same as cheering for the Ravens to win. It's basically just another way of saying you're also indifferent.

You keep changing your stance. First it was "I'm rooting for Baltimore", then it was "I'll check the scoreboard and be happy if they won", the it was "rooting for them in the SB if the Panthers are eliminated". Figure it out already....

So my loyalty to my team over any player makes you question whether or not I'm a real fan? Keep going with that thought... That makes tons of sense.

Are you going to buy a jersey for your "second favorite team"?

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In Topic: Smitty was such a freak

17 May 2014 - 09:07 AM

Guess I'm old fashioned...or just loyal.

Do you have names to call them, too? I just call them real Panthers fans.

Who questioned whether or not you're a Panthers fan?

Just because you didn't use the words "You're not a real Panthers fan!" doesn't mean you didn't imply it. Every one with reading comprehension skills can see the shots you were taking at his "fandom", as it turns out, he was second row at our only super bowl appearance and it's all of a sudden "who was questioning you"? Lolz for days on the huddle.

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In Topic: Smitty was such a freak

17 May 2014 - 08:27 AM

Lol, never fails, every thread on the huddle ends up as a "who's got the biggest dick" contest. Whether it's "I'm a bigger/better/realer fan than you and this is why!", or "I'm smarter and richer than you, no matter how many valid arguments you bring to the table, you're just wrong and being jealous of my success!"

A lot of people around here really put off the arrogant, "my poo doesn't stink", kind of attitude, especially if you aren't in the "inner circle" of huddlers....you know, the ones who make a post on almost every topic, especially if it's a "controversial" one, proceeds to pick out and start a flame war with a poster who doesn't agree with them, and eventually their final argument will be one declaring how great they and their life is, listing examples of their achievements and goals personal belongings to prove how awesome every one on an internet forum should think they are, and at the same time contradicting themselves with a statement about how they don't have time for this on an internet forum.

I think that's why there are so many trolls here, they've realized it's impossible to talk to a lot of you, because most users without thousands of posts are constantly put down for having any opinion that deviates from the majority, or all but ignored unless you are a power player, even when you agree.

But back on topic, I'm a huge Carolina Panthers fan and a Steve Smith fan, fug what y'all think, and I will root for both, except on that fateful Sunday that he promised blood and guts. On that Sunday, I shall pour out some of my 40 in remembrance of all the things he did for us, and also in anticipation of the carnage that our D is going to cause.

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