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In Topic: Is Shia LaBeouf a "great" actor?

Today, 12:31 PM

Is this a really a thread? He sucks donkey dick


Ruined Constantine and the IJ franchise.  

In Topic: Kony Ealy smh

Today, 11:51 AM

Yeah there's nothing to see here. Ohhh our 2nd round draft pick took a picture with his friend on a Friday night! crazaaayyyy shiaaat

In Topic: Who is your final 4

Yesterday, 07:29 PM




Miss State

In Topic: Burger toppings...

Yesterday, 01:04 PM

Bison Burger w/ fresh cut jalepenos, bacon, and crumbled blue cheese.  Cooked so juicy that no condiments are required.  

In Topic: 2014 Huddle Champions League

Yesterday, 12:36 PM

Tom Brady is on the block.  Send me trade offers biatches  

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