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Yesterday, 11:40 PM


In Topic: Soon, Very Soon

Yesterday, 11:35 PM

I was thinking that cap would be in the higher 20 mils the other week.  


Gettleman should be getting heat for some of the specific players he brought in but I do agree with not completely going off the rails against him until this next offseason unfolds.  


Take Cam's #s off the potential space and we're looking at roughly 12/13 million give or take for about 8 positions not counting draft picks.  The nice thing is that it doesn't figure in the unexpected cuts or straight up pay cuts that could happen.  


We should be able to add a good and proven vet or two this coming offseason.   

In Topic: Andrew Norwell Impresses

Yesterday, 11:18 PM

Just need Folkerts to replace Kalil and our UDFA OL is almost complete.  

In Topic: Godfrey

Yesterday, 11:15 PM

Godfrey is the Adam Sandler of the NFL. He somehow convinces people to pay him for garbage.



In Topic: The Traditional QB Still Rules the League

Yesterday, 10:31 PM

QB is like the only position we don't need to be talking about right now.  

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