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#3261645 Panthers attempting to re-sign DT Dwan Edwards

Posted by CarolinaPanthers8789 on Yesterday, 07:41 PM

I'd love to have Dwan back if it's on the same deal Colin got.

Dwan's one of those guys that never gets recognition but he's good for five sacks a year.

#3259782 Rasheed Sulaimon Dismissal From Duke Tied to Sexual Assault Allegations?

Posted by CarolinaPanthers8789 on 02 March 2015 - 12:34 PM

Oh look.... not every program is clean.

#3258996 Hornets @ Magic 6 PM EST

Posted by CarolinaPanthers8789 on 01 March 2015 - 07:57 PM

Cliff is a damn fool.

He's a good players coach and pretty solid with the X's and O's but he has no feel for the game.

#3258185 Two Trades Today: Tlusty to the Jets, Sekera to the Kings

Posted by CarolinaPanthers8789 on 28 February 2015 - 07:22 PM

I see the Canes are pissing away their draft pick.

#3258062 #15 UNC @ Miami-Fla

Posted by CarolinaPanthers8789 on 28 February 2015 - 04:54 PM

Why does UNC Duke need to win out? Is it because if they are the two seed our win over them counts more than the Cards win over ND?

Also, if we lose to Duke and UVA loses both games who gets it? Does it depend on who finishes sixth? I know they lost to Syracuse.

Yeah Duke needs to get the two seed for us to get the 4th seed because as the two seed that win holds more value than Louisville's win over Notre Dame. It's all based on head to head against the highest seeded teams. So if Duke lost two of their last three to finish 13-5 and Notre Dame went 1-1 down the stretch to finish 13-5, ND would be the two seed based on their win over Duke and then Louisville would be the 4th seed based on their win over the Irish and our loss against the Irish.

If we lose to Duke and UofL loses out then UNC gets the 4th seed based on UNC's win against Cuse and the Card's loss to Cuse.

#3258047 #15 UNC @ Miami-Fla

Posted by CarolinaPanthers8789 on 28 February 2015 - 04:28 PM

Who holds the tiebreak since the season series was a split?

If UNC wins out and Louisville loses out then UNC will get the 4th seed based on record (12-6 to 11-7).

If Louisville beats Notre Dame and loses to UVA then UNC will have to hope that Duke beats Cuse and Wake Forest and then UNC will have to beat Duke at the Dean Dome on Friday to get the 4th seed.

If Louisville loses to Notre Dame and beats UVA it won't matter if UNC wins out because the Cards would have the head to head based on their win against the Hoos.

There is a scenario where UNC could get the 4th seed with a Louisville win over UVA, but that would require UVA losing out and Duke beating Syarcuse, Wake Forest, and then losing to UNC.

Note: I assumed that UNC will beat GT, although nothing is a given.

#3258005 Two Trades Today: Tlusty to the Jets, Sekera to the Kings

Posted by CarolinaPanthers8789 on 28 February 2015 - 04:00 PM

So this year the Hurricanes have turned Harrison, Tlusty, Sekera, and Gleason into...

- 2015 1st round draft pick from the Kings (lottery protected)
- 2015 4th round draft pick from the Coyotes through the Caps
- 2015 6th round draft pick from the Jets (could become a 5th)
- 2015 6th round draft pick from the Sens through the Jets
- 2016 3rd round draft pick from the Jets
- Defensive Prospect Roland McKeown
- UFA Defenseman Jack Hillen

Dwyer and McClement are also expected to be traded.

So essentially the Canes prospect pool is about to get a super boost.

#3257074 Hornets @ Celtics

Posted by CarolinaPanthers8789 on 27 February 2015 - 07:16 PM

Big game tonight and if we want to make the playoffs these are the type of games that we have to win.

Not to mention three of the four teams we are competing with for a playoff spot are facing tough matchups tonight (Miami vs. New Orleans, Brooklyn @ Houston, and Indiana vs. Cleveland).

Tonight is a perfect opportunity to jump back into the 8th spot and gain a full game on Miami.

Expect Mo to go off against Boston's rookie point guard and don't be surprised if Cody has another solid outing against his brother.

#3254918 GDT: Hornets @ Bulls

Posted by CarolinaPanthers8789 on 26 February 2015 - 03:15 AM

I see Chuck is still searching for those missing chromosomes.

#3250312 Courtside or luxury box seats?

Posted by CarolinaPanthers8789 on 23 February 2015 - 12:48 AM

Has anybody ever done this? I'm kind curious about doing it as a one time thing just for the bucket list experience. I don't know the prices or if it's worth it etc.

I'm sure it's way cheaper than trying it with the Lakers lol.

Never done luxury suites but I've sat behind the scorers table before at a Hornets game and it's fun. You get to go back to the locker room area and get free food and what not, the view is amazing, and the player chatter is hilarious.

When I went we ate at the front court club (same level as the suites) because they had chefs preparing 5* meals before the game then we got snacks (beer, popcorn, etc...) at the back court club.

Overall it's an awesome experience and if you like to be in the action it's a fun thing to do.

#3250300 Hornets @ Mavericks GDT

Posted by CarolinaPanthers8789 on 23 February 2015 - 12:38 AM

We're now in 11th in the East and closer to a top 10 pick than a playoff birth.

Go Hornets

At this point I'm fine with tanking out the season and finishing with a top 10 pick.

Justice Winslow would look nice backing up MKG.

#3247242 Notre Dame, Tennessee, UNC among the 8 teams with most returning starters for...

Posted by CarolinaPanthers8789 on 20 February 2015 - 02:01 AM

Didn't want to start a new thread but UNC is checking out a few transfers.

4* Dee Liner (Alabama): 4th rated DT in 2013 (22nd rated player in the country)
4* Vic Wharton (Tennessee): 41st rated WR in 2014

Liner has a visit to UNC set up and Wharton plans to visit UNC.

Both would be good gets and it would be hilarious to see UNC run trips with Switzer, Proehl, and Wharton lol.

#3246069 Duke vs. unc

Posted by CarolinaPanthers8789 on 18 February 2015 - 11:17 PM

This has the Louisville game written all over it.

UNC stopped playing.

#3237711 Pistons @ Hornets 2/10

Posted by CarolinaPanthers8789 on 10 February 2015 - 07:41 PM

MKG is the Charlotte Hornets and the Charlotte Hornets are MKG.

#3237390 Charlotte in discussions for acquiring Mo Williams

Posted by CarolinaPanthers8789 on 10 February 2015 - 02:56 PM

I hope Atlanta signs Neal lol.