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In Topic: Rivera on Cam: "He's got to develop as a passer."

Today, 08:23 AM

Every QB can improve as a passer.




Even Brady and Manning continue to try to bring their game to another level.  There is no end game in the NFL.

In Topic: Dave Newton-Outburst aside...Norman having a great camp

Yesterday, 01:01 AM

It's about pure athleticism.  Nothing about football.  It's all about confirming what you've seen on tape or spurring you to go back to watch tape to see if you've missed something.


If a guy performs well at the combine and the tape looks good, you've got a bonafide prospect.  If a guy looks good on tape but sucks at the combine, you need to go back and figure out if he's a guy who is going to translate to the NFL level.  If a guy doesn't look special on tape, but performs like a track star at the combine, you need to go back and look at the tape to see if there's a way you can utilize that guy's athleticism in your system.


THAT is the point of the combine.  Too many people get obsessed with the numbers one way or the other.  Some act like it doesn't matter at all, some act like it's the end all be all. Neither are accurate.  It's just a piece of the evaluation.  BUT, when we're talking about pure athleticism, it's about as close to the end all be all that we're gonna get.


THAT is why I say that Josh Norman is a below average athlete for an NFL CB. It has nothing to do with his skills or lack of skills on the field.  It's all to do with what he showed at the combine in the same condition as other prospects at his position.  Athletically, he's nothing special.


So you've just re-affirmed my statement.  No matter what happens at the combine, you need to "figure out" if he's going to be able to play at an NFL level in some way through methods not related to the combine.


I think Ninja Warrior is a better test of pure athletic ability than the combine.  We should replace it.

In Topic: Right now, we're the 2002-2004 Falcons

Yesterday, 12:16 AM

Add the rust of not playing and he was definitely not at his best with the ankle.  But his mechanics have been an issue for the last 3 years especially when he is hurried or pressured.  What is maddening is to see him hit one guy across the middle leading him perfectly and then miss a wide open guy standing still 10 yards down the field on the next  play.


Thats quarterbacking man.  Manning and Brady look like dogshit when getting pressured relentlessly (See Seahawks superbowl and first Eli Manning superbowl).


All QBs have some lame duck throws.  Balls slip, receiver out of position, brain fart, etc.

In Topic: Dave Newton-Outburst aside...Norman having a great camp

Yesterday, 12:08 AM

Why Norman thinks keeping your mouth is being a "puppet" is beyond me.  The only thing he could possibly accomplish  by trash talking is negative. I am very sorry that 2 years of bench riding and a player like TD getting in his face is not enough to convince him that he should reconsider his approach. How dumb is this guy?


Meh.  He just sounds like an angry young rebel.


The difficulty with true rebels is they don't like being in controlled environments like the NFL.  True rebels can't be coerced with money, women, an easy retirement or by reason and logic from a man who has "submitted" to said environment.


I don't think the issue was with the trash talk in the first place.  I think it was because his facemask touched Bowe's, and we all remember that load of BS from the Niners game.

In Topic: Dave Newton-Outburst aside...Norman having a great camp

Yesterday, 12:03 AM

That's the entire point of the NFL Combine - to quantify the athletism of the top prospects on an even playing field.


And yet it fails miserably.


Sure it gives you some wonderful track stats but it is seriously lacking in so many areas and ends up not telling you anything about a player's ability to play football.


Drills are severely limited, no pads, no helmets and no real way to see how or if a guy will fill the particular role your looking to fill.


All the goods come from coaches tape, pro days and individual workouts.


Lets be honest, the combine is more of a media day than anything else.

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