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#3106388 12-year-old in Cleveland with a BB gun shot by cop

Posted by lightsout on 26 November 2014 - 10:23 PM

Nobody in immediate danger? From what the cops know, there's a guy with a gun. They see the gun and see it get picked up by the kid, so instead of parking at the curb and walking over to investigate, they get closer so that they can use their car for cover. Tactically there's nothing the cops really did wrong here. Could it have been better? Always, but that doesn't mean they were wrong or acted hastily.

Cops want to go home at the end of each shift. That's the goal every single day. Go home. They are responding to a person with a gun call. They approach and give commands for the kid to put his hands up and he reaches for a gun. The kid didn't deserve to be shot (his parents failed him and that is the cause here), but he did earn the shots by his actions. I understand that may seem nonsensical, and if you don't get what I'm saying there, I'll try to explain it better. I don't think the kid was necessarily malicious or a bad person. He's a kid playing with a toy gun and not understanding the implications of doing that in public and what a gun signifies, toy or not. However, that's not the way ANY cop does or should view it. You drop your guard and say "oh, it's just a kid" and that kid ends up shooting you with a real gun, then what?

There's literally no version of this case where the cops were wrong. Yet, people will say they were. It boggles the mind.

#3105353 12-year-old in Cleveland with a BB gun shot by cop

Posted by lightsout on 26 November 2014 - 12:24 AM

Give me an example of cops getting killed because of hesitation to shoot? 42 officers died by gunfire in 2013. Meanwhile, it is estimated that cops kill just over 1000 civilians a year of which about 400 are justified.

Cops are cowards who shoot to kill when their lives are not in danger as demonstrated by the statistics. 42 police officer deaths by gunfire vs about 600 civilians needlessly killed by cops.

First, research "OODA loop". This will help explain some of what you are about to see.

And another. Same issue: OODA loop.

And if you want to know why cops approach every call and traffic stop as if somebody is going to try and kill them....well, poo like this

Skip to :55 mark

This kid was just ignorant. At no point did the cop escalate the situation and he was pretty patient. And then this happens.

Also, your numbers need sourcing and even if they are even close to accurate (pssst...they're not, since a quick google shows me several different sets of numbers collected), a lot of it can be explained by cops being better shots, having better/more training, and not blindly firing while fleeing. Your use of "shoot to kill" is nonsensical. How else are you supposed to shoot? Any firing of a cop's service weapon is use of deadly force, whether it hits target or not. If you shoot, you are trained to shoot to kill, since (if you're shooting and all) the suspect is clearly putting yourself or a third party at risk of death or serious bodily injury or is attempting to flee by means of use of a deadly weapon. No weapons training in law enforcement teaches "shoot to wound". If you are shooting, then you are shooting to hit the target until the threat is no longer a threat.

But you're right bro. Cops are just bullies who shoot first and ask questions later.

#3102667 If Cam had Romo's protection...

Posted by lightsout on 24 November 2014 - 12:01 AM

lol he does not

Those few throws each game that Cam makes that make you go "wow...nice throw" often come when he's able to stand up tall with great protection. Tape proves it. Maybe you need to watch games more closely. 

#3102656 If Cam had Romo's protection...

Posted by lightsout on 23 November 2014 - 11:50 PM

Cam gets that protection at times...and when he does, he often excels.

The problem is consistency in pass protection and the fact that the Cowboys have a consistent run game as well to compliment it and give Romo good chances down field.

We don't need Romo's line. We need Romo's offensive coordinator. Or really ANY offensive coordinator worth a damn.

#3101609 12-year-old in Cleveland with a BB gun shot by cop

Posted by lightsout on 23 November 2014 - 03:22 PM

They are trained to shoot first without hesitation.

Actually, no. They're not (at least, not at any agency that I am aware of). 

Follow commands and this doesn't happen. The kid made a dumb mistake. Well, a couple of them. He had a toy gun with the orange scratched off, which makes it look VERY real. Then, he placed it in his waistband once cops arrive. Then, when told to put his hands up, he goes for the gun in his waistband.

At what point is a cop justified to shoot in this case?

As far as the "going for your license" deal, I assume you mean the case in SC a month or so ago. That was a case of the cop being dumb, but the shooting itself is somewhat understandable (even though the cop sort of set the poor guy up for failure with his terrible command-giving).

Cops often DON'T shoot when they SHOULD shoot. I can provide a lot of dashcam footage from youtube that proves this. It's not easy for any sane person, even cops, to take a life. A lot freeze up and get killed for it.

#3084822 Advanced Warfare?

Posted by lightsout on 12 November 2014 - 09:59 PM

I like it. Good story. Great graphics (PS4). Plays pretty damn smooth. I like the movement. A lot of people hate the gliding and whatnot in multiplayer, I don't mind it.

It plays like a CoD game, but at the same time, it's nothing like the CoD games before Black Ops. They've fully gone to the futuristic style of combat. Gone are the days of just having a soldier as we know them in the real world. Now you're a sci-fi soldier. A fun game, but I do miss the basic run-n-shoot idea that was CoD. Before the mech suits, hover crafts, and the other bells and whistles.

IMO, the best way to enjoy this game is to not try to compare it to anything. Just play the damn game. If you like it, keep it. If not, trade it in towards something else. A lot of people end up hating it because they say they've ripped off Halo/Destiny, or that they've simply tried incorporating concepts from those games into this one. Screw all that over-analyzing crap. Just play the game and determine whether or not you enjoy it. It's what I'm doing, and I'm having a good time with it.

#3080044 After 4 straight Subpar performances...

Posted by lightsout on 11 November 2014 - 12:05 AM

He's made great throws. A few tonight. He's banged up, no consistent run game, bad offensive play calling and design more times than not, and a seemingly incompetent staff that makes questionable personnel decisions, among other things.

Cam has played poorly, of that there is no question. But once again, I ask you, is it not important to understand WHY a quarterback who was more than capable of winning us games and playing at a pretty high level has become what he has been? Because the reasons why are VERY important in evaluating him this season.

#3065559 Season 5: The Walking Dead

Posted by lightsout on 03 November 2014 - 01:30 AM

Do we really have to use the spoiler tags in discussion of the most recent episode and pure speculation of our own of what's to come? I get if there's a big detail that you have knowledge of from SpoilTheDead or something, or if there's a comic spoiler that could very well happen in the show, but pure speculation?

Anyway, I'm thinking this doesn't take long to clear up at all. I think what we get is very simple. I think next week, with the focus clearly going to be on Abraham, we're going to get the events that lead them to the hospital Beth is at. OR, it's purely an update on what they're going through and nothing more. Then the next week, we go back to Beth and Carol, with that episode ending in what seems to be peril. Then, we go back to Rick and the others, where Daryl and whoever he brought back (I'm thinking Noah) head to the hospital, where the episode ends as they approach. Then, it all comes together in the next episode after that. Somebody most likely dies (maybe even more than one character). That gets wrapped up halfway in that episode, allowing time for Rick and Abraham to meet up and leave us on a cliffhanger for the midseason finale.

I think I paced that right. 4 episodes until midseason break, right?

#3061550 This team...

Posted by lightsout on 31 October 2014 - 05:12 PM

...is pathetic. It's like watching a peewee team play NHL teams. We are lethargic, undisciplined, and look outmatched against every team. We can't generate any real offense that sustains. We can't get the puck out of our end when we desperately need it.

We need to get the Staals and Ward off this team. We're in rebuild mode, and the first step of that is getting rid of dead weight.

#3061534 What is going on? Cam's QB rating keeps getting worse this season: 100.2,...

Posted by lightsout on 31 October 2014 - 04:56 PM

When Cam wasn't running, it was OK because our OL was healthy. They started getting taken advantage of once DC's got film on us and knew the weak link on our OL (left side entirely and right edge) in pass protection. They started blitzing more heavily, realizing Cam couldn't run. Then Cam get healthy...but the OL was decimated. Now he seems to be pretty healthy, if not 100%, and Kalil is the only good player on our OL, particularly in pass pro (though I like Norwell for his run blocking).

What makes more sense, people. Cam miraculously got worse in the span of a couple weeks, or the circumstances around him got worse?

Know what I (and EVERY OC in the league) would do with the type of OL we rolled out last night? I'd do a LOT of slants, drags, and other quick routes and short route combinations to compensate for shoddy pass protection. I'd try to get a rhythm and move methodically. I'd take a few deep shots off play action, and I would make sure that our run game was the primary focus. Nothing cute. Wider splits up front to open the natural lanes. Get me 4 yards a pop when I need it. 

Know what Shula did? Motioned Cotchery to tailback in the pistol and ran triple option out of it (which gives away the play entirely, resulting in it not working). He also ran nothing but 15-30 yard routes with the exception of like, two slants and a couple screens. He is unimaginative, unbalanced, and inconsistent in everything he calls. He has a few good calls a game, and he's typically good on the opening drive, because that drive is scripted. After that, he sucks. Why? Because he cannot adjust. He cannot take what the defense is giving him. He is going to run what he wants to run, success be damned. Get 30 yards or get 2. That's his philosophy. Get yards in chunks. That's why we struggle in the redzone. The guy has no short game. We're not big or healthy enough up front right now to run power inside the 10 unless we catch the defense out of position, yet he keeps trying.

Cam had a bad game, yes. What some of you need to quit looking at is the fact that he did and start looking at the reasons WHY he did. Sure, his mechanics started taking a step back...because he's having Velasco pushed into his lap and he's having to chunk everything 20-30 yards down field. It's sort of like asking a center fielder in baseball to pitch all of a sudden. You're asking a guy whose throwing mechanics have been "deep ball" all game to all of a sudden hit a window lower and closer to him. That is why he was overthrowing a bit.

Or just ignore all of this and hate him, and forget the fact that this wasn't a problem a few weeks ago.

#3059505 What is going on? Cam's QB rating keeps getting worse this season: 100.2,...

Posted by lightsout on 30 October 2014 - 10:58 PM

All comes down on Shula. As teams get film, his long-developing, vanilla offense is getting more and more exposed. Not to mention the OL and RB injuries.

Cam had a pretty bad game tonight, but the one great drive we had? When Cam was allowed to audible and do his own thing. Maybe he always has the ability to and never does, or maybe, just for that 2nd half opening series he was allowed to, whatever the case, we need more of it. Also, more quick hitting routes. Something that needs to be repped and a part of the weekly gameplan. These 7 step drops are killing Cam right now because teams can sit back in zone and just wait for the OL to collapse. Nobody is open. Fans yell for him to get rid of the ball quicker, but when every route is a 10-15 yard dig or a post or a flag route, it's kinda hard to. He needs the slants, the quick hooks, the in-and-out routes 3 yards from the LOS. He needs the rollout and dump it 5-8 yards plays. These are the things that get him going.

Cam looked worse in his passing as the game went along, and I attribute it mostly to not letting him get a rhythm. I get you gotta take your deep shots, but EVERY PASS does not need to be a medium to long throw. You can throw it behind the sticks and get YAC. Worse case, it's as good as a run. If you let Cam get in a rhythm, he's more accurate. We have seen it all year and it's not just a Cam thing. It's a QB thing. He's still young. He can't just go out and, no matter the circumstances, hit every route perfectly. He's not Peyton. He's a different type of QB and that is fine. He just needs an offense that compliments and caters to what he needs and what he does. Shula is not giving him that, at least not consistently, and that is the problem.

#3047517 Season 5: The Walking Dead

Posted by lightsout on 26 October 2014 - 10:12 PM

SOLID episode. Holy poo this show has drastically improved it's dialogue. I'm so much more intrigued with the interactions than I was in say, season 3, when some of the dialogue was just mind-numbingly terrible.

Bob's death was sad, but I still wasn't that invested in him. They didn't do much early on when he first showed up to make you really give a damn about him. The only real building he had as a character was the second half of last season for like, 2 episodes, and the first two episodes of this season. Kinda sad, because the actor is pretty damn good and as a character, I feel like he could have been fleshed out more.

Good to see Rick learned his lesson with the Governor. Also, completely badass with how he went about taking out Gareth and his crew. Knowing they were being watched and leaving, only to circle back around...good move. I feel like maybe they wrote it that way so that it wouldn't be JUST like the comic, so the way it happened would be a little more tense for the fans of both the show and comic. Regardless, well-executed sequences.

Tyreese being a big wuss....not feeling it. Not feeling it at all. They have completely destroyed his character. Just kill him already (even if Bob fell victim to TWD version of Highlander with black people) so that I don't have to see one of my favorite characters in literary history get screwed up more.

The one thing I'm wondering is the ending of the episode and how it effects pacing/timeline. 

1) How long ago, in the show's time, was it that Daryl and Carol went off on their own towards that car?
2) How far back are they going to go to flesh out the stuff with Beth?
3) How many episodes are going to be Beth-centric? 

The last one, with the way the show is going, I can't imagine it will be more than a couple of episodes. The first being her coming to in what looks like a hospital and then figuring it all out. Then, the next week, we have the rising action and Daryl and Carol finding her, then an episode where they escape (if that doesn't happen at the end of that second Beth episode).

I really want them to get to a certain point in the comics by midseason. That's 5 more episodes. I guess if they even do 3 Beth episodes, with the 3rd ending where tonight ended, then they still could. I'll place what I'm talking about in the spoiler below for those who haven't read the comics that far and don't want details (also, a fairly big spoiler concerning the trio of Eugene/Rosita/Abraham).


#3031798 Season 5: The Walking Dead

Posted by lightsout on 19 October 2014 - 09:09 PM

so what was Abraham talking about?


"we'll talk to em, but not just yet..."

He was just talking about timing. This episode clarified that point. After escaping Terminus and the emotions over all the reunions, he didn't want to piss them off by asking too much. He was waiting until they all sort of calmed down and were considering a long-term plan of what to do so he could convince them.

This episode was great. Got a glimpse of who took Beth, but it doesn't look like we'll see anything from that for at least another 2 weeks. Next week is gonna be awesome. Hope they don't run the Hunters arc too long. Should just be this next episode, really. MAYBE one other episode after. Regardless, I'm sure they'll handle it perfectly.

Impressed by the start of this season. Some of the best writing thus far. Dialogue has improved. Pacing has improved. It's like the writers are starting to really "get it" (and I'll note, I haven't been a huge critic of much on this show, including the pacing and dialogue. So, when I say it improved, I am saying it seems a bit more natural. Nice to hear Rick talk in regular voice instead of whisper voice).

#3031044 Core Curriculum Nightmares

Posted by lightsout on 19 October 2014 - 05:34 PM

Being taught why things are a certain way should be a priority with science and history, but with math just knowing it is should be enough. At least at that early level.

Science and math often go hand-in-hand. And it's about consistency in education. You don't just teach kids how things work for the first 5 years of their education, and then mandate that they understand why they work that way. Math is something that needs to be understood, not just known. The idea of "just teach them how it works and let them get through school" is why the US is falling behind in education. This is important because we're also falling behind in science. You can't have good scientists if they don't understand complex science, and you can't understand complex science if you've had a watered down education. Gotta raise the bar. We shouldn't be relying on the small portion of society who just have the desire to be scientists to be our only scientists. The whole country understanding science results in an improved society where we can all understand how AND why things work in order to effect change that benefits the world.

#3000810 It's a different defense with TD in the game...

Posted by lightsout on 05 October 2014 - 04:07 PM

Even if we had lost this game, the defense (even while bad early on) DOES look better with TD in the game. Not having him out there hurts us, not just from leadership and experience, but because we're not deep at LB and AJ Klein is just not ready to start yet. He's good to come in in rotation, but he's not ready to step in full time yet. That showed when TD wasn't there last week.

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