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#3031798 Season 5: The Walking Dead

Posted by lightsout on Yesterday, 09:09 PM

so what was Abraham talking about?


"we'll talk to em, but not just yet..."

He was just talking about timing. This episode clarified that point. After escaping Terminus and the emotions over all the reunions, he didn't want to piss them off by asking too much. He was waiting until they all sort of calmed down and were considering a long-term plan of what to do so he could convince them.

This episode was great. Got a glimpse of who took Beth, but it doesn't look like we'll see anything from that for at least another 2 weeks. Next week is gonna be awesome. Hope they don't run the Hunters arc too long. Should just be this next episode, really. MAYBE one other episode after. Regardless, I'm sure they'll handle it perfectly.

Impressed by the start of this season. Some of the best writing thus far. Dialogue has improved. Pacing has improved. It's like the writers are starting to really "get it" (and I'll note, I haven't been a huge critic of much on this show, including the pacing and dialogue. So, when I say it improved, I am saying it seems a bit more natural. Nice to hear Rick talk in regular voice instead of whisper voice).

#3031044 Core Curriculum Nightmares

Posted by lightsout on Yesterday, 05:34 PM

Being taught why things are a certain way should be a priority with science and history, but with math just knowing it is should be enough. At least at that early level.

Science and math often go hand-in-hand. And it's about consistency in education. You don't just teach kids how things work for the first 5 years of their education, and then mandate that they understand why they work that way. Math is something that needs to be understood, not just known. The idea of "just teach them how it works and let them get through school" is why the US is falling behind in education. This is important because we're also falling behind in science. You can't have good scientists if they don't understand complex science, and you can't understand complex science if you've had a watered down education. Gotta raise the bar. We shouldn't be relying on the small portion of society who just have the desire to be scientists to be our only scientists. The whole country understanding science results in an improved society where we can all understand how AND why things work in order to effect change that benefits the world.

#3000810 It's a different defense with TD in the game...

Posted by lightsout on 05 October 2014 - 04:07 PM

Even if we had lost this game, the defense (even while bad early on) DOES look better with TD in the game. Not having him out there hurts us, not just from leadership and experience, but because we're not deep at LB and AJ Klein is just not ready to start yet. He's good to come in in rotation, but he's not ready to step in full time yet. That showed when TD wasn't there last week.

#3000680 Shula, take note

Posted by lightsout on 05 October 2014 - 03:50 PM

I love how these threads don't consider the fact that Cameron might be changing the play at the line of scrimmage...



But go ahead and pillory someone who has forgotten more about calling football game than you have ever known....

The plays that make everybody in our fan base go "wtf was that?!" aren't audibles. You can tell when Cam audibles. You can tell when he's just changing protection with the OL. It doesn't happen often, really.

#3000662 Shula, take note

Posted by lightsout on 05 October 2014 - 03:47 PM

You can't pass if you don't have protection.  You can sustain drives if you fumble.  Other than the bomb on 3rd and 3.  Not sure what the Shula hate is going to focus on this week.  

Poorly designed plays in general are an issue.

Calling certain plays out of sequence (shovel pass on 3rd and long?) is an issue.

Slow-developing downfield routes on nearly every pass play is an issue.

Lack of creativity with the play-action pass game is an issue.

This occurred all game. The two drives it didn't, we scored (and one of those drives was the short game-winner late).

Quick hitting plays during an up-tempo, no-huddle drive have been solid all year, yet we still don't do it all game. Why? What is the excuse, other than ineptitude by the OC?

#3000551 Cameron Newton

Posted by lightsout on 05 October 2014 - 03:30 PM

As a team, this win is big. The confidence gain from a tight win like this where we had to step up, comeback, and overcome turnovers/bad field position on defense/questionable officiating at times is huge.

This might be the turn around game for us. We'll see next week. Tough test.

#3000467 Shula, take note

Posted by lightsout on 05 October 2014 - 03:23 PM

Shula better be fired tonight or tomorrow. This poo is gonna keep us out of the playoff picture.

#2997179 New Bungie game: Destiny

Posted by lightsout on 05 October 2014 - 01:52 AM

Grinding and bounty hunting finally paid off. Got two legendary pieces of armor (one for another class, but I was going to make a hunter eventually anyway).

Getting those from the cryptarch was the single most rewarding aspect of this game for me so far. And now that I have them, I have a better understanding of why you have to go collect the materials on each planet that are scattered everywhere: to upgrade the legendary gear. I was getting worried about the longevity of this game for me personally, and in a single hour I got those pieces of armor, a sweet new shader, and unlocked another weekly strike (unlocked at level 24, but you can't play it until you've upgraded your armor past where mine is, which is all rares and one legendary that comes out at just under 1000 defense and 24).

So, I am pretty stoked. It was a pretty awesome little high I got on once I got that legendary piece. Now I feel good about trying the Queen's Wrath stuff and even better than I already did about Crucible (I've been doing decent as it is, but stronger armor = less dying, hopefully. Finally break 2.0 k/d).

Anybody else hitting any milestones/find anything out about the game?

#2991390 New Bungie game: Destiny

Posted by lightsout on 30 September 2014 - 10:32 PM

The game is really fun but you quickly find yourself with nothing to really do besides grind.

Which isn't bad if you're playing with friends. The grinding just wears on you when you're playing alone. I get a couple hours and have to pop in Madden. When I'm with friends, I've played 6 hours straight, just doing the Strike Playlist.

#2988812 Before you decide that Luke is playing poorly...

Posted by lightsout on 29 September 2014 - 03:49 PM

Been telling idiots, Luke is playing fine. Not having TD messes up everything, not to mention our DTs doing next to nothing every snap.

Luke still made, what, 12 tackles? Dude was doing all he could.

#2978528 Police Officer asks driver for Drivers License, shoots driver when he reaches...

Posted by lightsout on 25 September 2014 - 10:38 PM

Here's the deal, folks (and I haven't read past the first page, btw). The cop was an idiot here, no doubt. What he SHOULD have done was pull the guy AWAY from the car, THEN asked for his license. OR, ordered the guy back into his car. Either would have been the correct response to the situation. He just didn't think.

Now, his response to the guy going back into the car and reaching for something (could be license, could be gun, could be a goddamn rocket launcher for all the cop knows), understandable decision. I can pull up at least 4 videos from youtube of this same scenario ending with the civilian coming out of the vehicle with a weapon and attacking the officer. So, I get the response (somewhat). The problem here is that the officer set the situation up to begin with. The guy gets out of the car, that's enough reason to take control and give a command. Either get him pulled away from the car or order him back into the car so you're at an advantage. You don't tell him, as soon as you get out of your car, to give you his license. If he pulls him away from the car, asks for the license, and he says, "it's in the car", then you walk back over with him, he grabs the license, and all is well.

The guy was complying, which sucks. He did something (in reaching back into the seat) that makes ever officer VERY twitchy and nervous, but he only did it because he was in fact complying. The cop is a moron.

This isn't a case of this cop being an asshole. This is a case of this cop being an idiot. Glad he was fired, and that agency needs to train more. This kind of crap is what gives cops a bad wrap.

#2978497 Roman Harper..... Shots Fired!

Posted by lightsout on 25 September 2014 - 10:19 PM

I hope we light up every Raven, to include Smitty. He's the enemy this week. I'll go back to loving him next week. This week, I hope he gets destroyed and doesn't make any plays of note.

#2977145 Should we sit Cam?

Posted by lightsout on 25 September 2014 - 12:01 AM

If Cam keeps getting hit on every other play he won't last much longer those ribs need time to heal.

However I do believe Cam should start but have DA come in as soon as Cam shows any signs of being in pain.

This should just be the end of the thread.

Being at the game, I might have seen more than the cameras showed. Cam was stretching and working out his ankle and torso a LOT during the game (both on field and on the sidelines). He looked fine to start, but as the hits kept coming, he progressively started looking more and more beat up and battered. It's killing his confidence not being able to make those "Cam" plays that make him who he is as a QB. He can't twist out of the pocket and outrun guys to the edge right now. He physically can't do it because he's just not 100% and won't be if he keeps playing and getting abused. If the run game is immensely better this week, then we might see a different picture. A lot of his bad throws (one dump off on a short crossing route that was badly underthrown, for instance) were due to linemen being in his lap and him not being able to step into the throw. That kind of crap wasn't a problem last year because he had the upper body strength to chuck it. Right now, with those ribs still hurting, he can't do it.

Start Cam, let's see what the offense does, and if he starts grimacing and having to constantly work his body after plays, pull him and let Anderson take over the rest of the game. Literally take him out, have a trainer run him into the locker room, change into street clothes, and let him stand on the sideline with a radio.

#2977136 89 Conference Call

Posted by lightsout on 24 September 2014 - 11:51 PM

I don't know if it has been said....but I REALLY think he misses home. I mean, it's Smitty. Guy is a football player, so of course he enjoys being on the field ANYWHERE with ANY team. However, just listening to his tone of voice and how much he had to say when asked about home, I get the feeling that he is still pretty tore up about not being on this team. Maybe it's for selfish reasons on his part such as his possible mentality that this is "his team", or maybe it's just the legacy aspect where he never wanted to play anywhere else, but all I know is I really want him to come home before he retires and have a last season here.

The way I see it, it only benefits everybody. He gets to come home to one last hoorah, fans get to see him in the black and blue again, KB and the other receivers are then more experienced and have developed into our #1 and #2 WR roles, which allows Smitty to come in and be the slot guy/rotational guy that a lot of us (and himself) wanted him to be here in the late stages of his career. The question is, can the issues between he and Gman or whoever it is he butted heads with so strongly can be smoothed over to allow for it to happen. Because it sounds like Smitty is not just willing, but hoping for the opportunity to come back here. The answer of (and I'm paraphrasing here) "it's a two way street. If the opportunity is put forward and I am ready to retire..." seems to flatly say "yes, I want to retire a Carolina Panther".

If it doesn't happen, it will probably break my heart, honestly.

#2974260 Hurricanes 2014/15 Season

Posted by lightsout on 22 September 2014 - 10:33 PM

I'm usually excited by now for Canes hockey.

Muller just sucked all the joy out of it for me. And it sucks more because I know I have to give Peters at least a year to get his system in decent form.

I just want a competitive team that doesn't disappear for entire periods at a time on a nightly basis.

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