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In Topic: Some guys get busted at strip clubs....

Today, 06:17 AM

i just came in this thread cause i heard something about strip clubs

In Topic: Kim Kardashian

Today, 03:37 AM

Coming soon to peopleofwalmart.com...

In Topic: A Late-Season Surprise [Voth on Remmers]

Today, 01:54 AM

It's kind of amazing out of a 3rd round rookie, an UDFA rookie, and some random nobody off a practice squad we ended up with a starting caliber LG, RG and RT.

In Topic: The Nightmare Scenario

Today, 01:36 AM

While I'd prefer to clean out the entire coaching staff and start fresh, I can deal with another year of Ron and McD. I will be pretty pissed though if I have to put up with more Shula ball. He needs to go, I don't care what happens the rest of the season.

In Topic: A Late-Season Surprise [Voth on Remmers]

Yesterday, 11:07 PM

Some people literally never get the opportunity to play because they are buried behind talent, don't practice well, or inept coaches.



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