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In Topic: 2014 Summer Transfer Window: Rumors, Completed Deals, Pipedreams!

Today, 12:21 AM

I know, I know ... MLS. But New York City FC introduced Frank Lampard today and he'll join David Villa in the teams first season in 2015. I want to get tickets but they're playing in Yankee Stadium the first season or two. I'll wait til they get their soccer field built.


Damn.. I always liked Villa. Wish he'd have joined the Lions, because that would make pulling for the local team easier to stomach thanks to Kaka being there.


But New York can keep that prick Lampard.  :devil:

In Topic: Team Kit

Yesterday, 07:40 PM

They just announced the new away kit is for sale now......


Me likey.


Yeah, that's smooth looking. I'd be happy with that Jersey.

In Topic: 2014 Summer Transfer Window: Rumors, Completed Deals, Pipedreams!

Yesterday, 07:34 PM

Happy days for me! Spurs signed both Vorm and Davies, who looked really good in his first stint in Toronto. Takes care of two needs, and offloaded Siggy to Swansea, which lightens our midfield.




The Toronto game made it blatantly obvious that we need to offload Dawson and find another CB. I'd still like to see us pick another clinical striker, but Lamella coming good would help alleviate the concern in the front three. Our defense should be the focal point though, even though Verts is still out of preseason due to the WC duty.


At times, we looked very porous.

In Topic: MLS v. EPL teams

Yesterday, 07:19 PM

First half of the game, Spurs were locking down Toronto and had a 2-0 lead. Honestly, it was kind of boring to watch. The second half had Toronto subbing in 8 and all 11 for the Spurs, and the game opened up a lot more after that. Made for a good game overall, and a nice show from both sides.


Still glad we won, but that's not the point of it for either side. It's a chance to give the younger guys a chance to compete on a world stage and fight for spots in the starting 11 without it being a game with any repercussions. So far, I'm enjoying this off-season tour - The Seattle game was awesome.

In Topic: 2014 Summer Transfer Window: Rumors, Completed Deals, Pipedreams!

21 July 2014 - 03:46 PM

So many new faces in 1 transfer window usually never ends well.


Sixth place would like to stop in and say, "Hi!"  :phone:

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