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#1928631 We could easily go 10-6

Posted by Verge on 30 September 2012 - 10:01 PM

After what I saw tonight on offense, and our defense gradually getting healthier, a 10-6 record is certainly possible, especially with Cam playing well.

I foresee wins against
San Diego
New Orleans

Do you really see a non winnable game in there?

Keep your heads up and cheer till you can't cheer any more. We have a good team.

#1794190 Justice served: another ex-NFL player locked up

Posted by Verge on 06 June 2012 - 01:33 PM

The kid made a dumb ass decision and will pay for it. I'm just wondering why cant it be left at that. Why do we have to make broad statements about athletes because of what 1 does? Ryan Leaf got arrested twice THIS YEAR and it was a story, but I didnt see people here trying to make sweeping generalizations about it, or use his troubles to stand on a self righteous soap box like we see here.

#1791691 Blackmon dui

Posted by Verge on 03 June 2012 - 10:01 PM

He knew he was drunk, he knew what he was doing was wrong, and he knew he endangered the lives of women, children, men, and himself. My best friends mother was killed by a drunk driver, and in my opinion I think anyone who does it twice should rot in jail for the next five-ten years.

I don't care if he is black, white, purple, or blue, he is idotic and has very poor character.

#1781992 Alex Smith Had Some Choice Words About Mr. Newton.

Posted by Verge on 24 May 2012 - 12:41 AM

Odd, his logic is Cam has such great numbers because the team was always down.

His rookie year with the 49ers they went 4-12, so one would have to assume they were down a lot, and by that logic he should also have lots of passing yards and touchdowns.

875 yards, 1 touchdown - 11 interceptions


#1776796 Best Back-Up Qb In Nfc South?

Posted by Verge on 18 May 2012 - 12:34 PM

1. Josh Johnson
2. Chris Redman
3. Derek Anderson/Chase Daniel
4. Jimmers

#1772828 Goodbye Huddle, I'm Disappointed In You

Posted by Verge on 14 May 2012 - 10:14 PM

Posted Image

Yoko boobies!

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#1772673 Is Arian Foster What Deangelo Williams Would Be If He Had More Carries?

Posted by Verge on 14 May 2012 - 07:41 PM

You should probably check your feelings at the door.

I just can't believe people can be so mean on the internet.

#1771824 Do You Think Joe Adams Is The Next Devin Hester?

Posted by Verge on 13 May 2012 - 07:22 PM

Lol at the title change. urdoingitwrong

#1769979 Spread Released For 15 Games

Posted by Verge on 11 May 2012 - 01:48 AM

>Underdogs against Redskins, Chargers, and Chiefs
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#1760822 Predictions For Next Season.

Posted by Verge on 02 May 2012 - 02:31 AM

Time for some predictions son.

Afc East:
Patriots - 11-5 - Tom Brady: 38tds - 5 ints, Rob Gronkowski - 1,100 yards - 14 tds

Jets - 9-7 - Mark Sanchize - 27 tds - 19 ints, Shonn Greene - 900 yards - 8 tds

Dolphins - 8-8 - Ryan Tannehill - 27 total tds - 17 ints, Reggie Bush - 1,150 yards - 6 tds

Bills - 8-8 - Ryan Fitzpatrick - 29 tds - 23 ints, Stevie Johnson - 1,400 yards - 13 tds

Afc North:

Ravens - 10-6 - Joe Flacco - 21 tds - 17 ints, Ray Rice - 1,600 total yards - 18 total tds

Steelers - 10-6 - Ben Rapemoreburgers - 23 tds - 12 ints, Mike Wallace - 1,200 yards - 8 tds

Bengals - 9-7 - Andy Dalton - 25 tds - 10 ints, AJ Green - 1,300 yards - 16 tds

Browns - 7-9 - Brandon Weedan - 19 tds - 4 ints, Trent Richardson - 1,300 total yards - 11 total tds

Afc South:

Texans - 13-3 - Matt Schaub - 26 tds - 6 ints, Arian Foster - 2,000 total yards - 13 total tds

Titans - 8-8 - Jake Locker - 25 total tds - 14 ints, Kenny Britt - 1,200 yards, 12 tds

Colts - 5-11 - Andrew Luck - 18 tds - 10 ints - Reggie Wayne - 850 yards - 6 tds

Jaguars - 4-12 - Blaine Gabbert - 13 tds - 12 ints - MJD, 1,500 total yards - 13 total tds

Afc West:

Broncos: 11-5 - Peyton Manning - 34 tds - 15 ints, Demaryius Thomas - 1,100 yards - 13 tds

Chiefs - 9-7 - Matt Cassel - 24 tds - 5 ints, Jamaal Charles - 1,800 total yards - 11 total tds

Chargers - 9-7 - Philip Rivers - 29 tds - 19 ints, Ryan Matthews - 1,100 yards - 7 tds

Raiders - 5-11 - Carson Palmer - 26 tds - 22 ints , DMC - 1,400 total yards - 10 total tds

Nfc East:

Giants - 12-4 - Eli Manning - 38 tds - 14 ints, Hakeem Nicks - 1,100 yards, 14 tds

Eagles - 10-6 - Michael Vick - 31 total tds - 12 ints, Lesean McCoy - 1,850 total yards - 18 total tds

Cowboys - 10-6 - Tony Romo - 32 tds - 4 ints, DeMarco Murray - 1,700 total yards - 14 total tds

Redskins - 6-10 - RGIII - 29 total tds - 21 ints

Nfc North:

Packers - 13-3 - Aaaron Rodgers - 41 tds - 7 ints, Greg Jennings - 1,300 yards - 9 tds

Bears - 12-4 - Jay Cutler - 29 tds - 12 ints, Brandon Marshall - 1,100 yards - 10 tds

Lions - 11-5 - Matthew Stafford - 37 tds - 14 ints - Calvin Johnson - 700 yards - 6 tds (madden curse for the lulz)

Vikings - 4-12 - Christian Ponder - 17 tds - 11 ints, Adrian Peterson - 950 yards - 9 tds

Nfc South:

Falcons - 11-5 - Matt Ryan - 32 tds - 15 ints, Michael Turner - 1,100 yards - 10 tds

Panthers - 11-5 - Cam Newton - 41 total tds - 17 ints, Steve Smith - 1,300 yards - 11 tds

Saints - 9-7 - Drew Brees - 34 tds - 25 ints, Mark Ingram - 800 yards - 7tds

Buccaneers - 6-10 - Josh Freeman - 25 tds - 14 ints, Vincent Jackson - 900 yards - 6 tds

Nfc West:

49ers - 14-2 - Alex Smith - 19 tds - 4 ints, Frank Gore - 1,100 yards - 9 tds

Rams - 8-8 - Sam Bradford - 22 tds - 6 ints, Steven Jackson - 1,400 yards - 6 tds

Seahawks - 8-8 - Matt Flynn - 24 tds - 9 ints - Marshawn Lynch - 1,200 yards - 11 tds

Cardinals - 7-9 - Kevin Kolb - 22 tds - 15 ints, Larry Fitzgerald - 1,100 yards,
12 tds

#1760645 Rivera: We Would Have Drafted Coples To Play Dt If Kuechly Wasn't There

Posted by Verge on 01 May 2012 - 09:36 PM

O OK. Can you explain that a little bit more? How does he not fit our scheme?

He is to compact and not lengthy, also he was short and really only had the job of penetrating the line as opposed to total run stuffer. We wanted someone taller with more length and more consistent in stuffing the run and in general doing it all. Fletcher Cox was fine in my book even though I admit he was not the best at stuffing people at the line, I thought penetration was fine for that. Surprisingly enough, they thought Coples would be the better DT.

Last year he would have been a perfect fit as we were more of an Eagles type D penetration in the insides but inability to stop the run with inside linemen, but now we are moving away from it, and if I am looking at things correctly possibly moving to a 3-4...and Cox would straight up just not fit in a 3-4. (He would play DE in a 3-4 but it is not a good fit.)

#1638936 Verge's mock draft

Posted by Verge on 01 February 2012 - 07:51 PM

1. Colts: Andrew Luck: This is pretty obvious and has been all but confirmed.

2. Rams: Matt Kalil: Most scouts say he is the best prospect since Joe Thomas, I like Riley Reiff more, but either way you must protect your future, and Smith is not cutting it.

3. Vikings: Riley Reiff: They need a tackle so that they can also protect their future, and helping AP become even more dominant is nice. Taking the best tackle in the draft who is great in run blocking and pretty darned good in pass protection as well will help this team.

4. Browns: Trent Richardson: Browns need to see what they have in McCoy as he has shown promise, there is no better way to help a qb than with a great rb who is the best rb prospect I have seen in a long while.

5. Buccaneers: Morris Clairborne: Best cb available and can help them tremendously in special teams as well, this is a no-brainer even if Richardson was on the board.

6. Redskins: Robert Griffin III: The best player in the draft will not fall this far, the Redskins will have to trade up for him to get him, but I do not really like doing trades in mocks to be honest. If he falls here that will be amazing and the Redskins would sprint to the podium with the selection.

7. Jaguars: Justin Blackmon: Best wr prospect in the draft falls here and the Jags, who have Mike Thomas as their starting wide out, will be absolutely thrilled to have him on he team to help Gabbert progress as a qb, this draft is all about helping Gabbert.

8. Dolphins: Quinton Coples: I actually don't like the guy as a prospect at all, but apparently the Dolphins do, and with them switching to a 4-3 (idkman) they need someone opposite of Wake. Hopefully he doesn't bust hard.

9. Panthers: Courtney Upshaw: Man, this kid is outright a beast, he is almost as good of a prospect as Von Miller was, his dominance at the senior bowl showed me he is ready to take that leap into the nfl and win defensive rookie of the year, I rate this guy very high and put him beside Charles Johnson makes the Panthers have one of the most feared pass rush duos in the nfl if Upshaw pans out. Oh by the by, the Panthers can also put him at OLB if they want, another need they have to fill.

10. Bills: Jonathan Martin: The Bills have not filled that hole at tackle since Jason Peters left, the line played pretty well in the early parts of the year but wore down later, they need that franchise tackle, and Martin can do that just fine.

11. Chiefs: David DeCastro: DeCastro is really the only logical pick here without the Chiefs reaching, he can start immediately and is a huge upgrade over Ryan Lilja.

12. Seahawks: Michael Brockers: The Seahawks need some pressure from the interior, Brockers is explosive as heck and is a great prospect, the Seahawks get a steal here.

13. Cardinals: Luke Kuechly: This is really a great pick for the Cards who have a big need at ILB, he will star and make an impact for this D.

14. Cowboys: Janoris Jenkins: The Cowboys need to sure up that horrid backfield, Jenkins has enough talent to be groomed, but I doubt he will make a huge impact right away, still a good pick for the future though.

15. Iggles: Devon Still: With this pick the Eagles officially have the best D-line in football and will be able to make a serious push for the playoffs with such a devastating line. Cole-Jenkins-Still-Babin, daaaang. Oh, yeah, he is the best player on the board as well.

16. Jets: Melvin Ingram: Best player on the board, best pass rusher on the board, they need a pass rush pretty bad, and Ingram gives them an explosive DE.

17. Bengals: Dre Kirkpatrick: I don't really like the guy as a prospect, who is not really explosive and he has a not care attitude, he does fill a need next to Leon Hall and should be just fine at cb2.

18. Chargers: Mark Barron: They do not have a SS that is of nfl caliber, and Barron is a great safety who will translate into a solid, consistent, safety. I would not be surprised if they took Michael Floyd though.

19. Bears: Mike Adams: They need to protect their freaking injury prone qb, before you give him weapons, give him time to throw, Carimi and Adams will do a great job doing that and they will create holes for their franchise runner.

20. Titans: Kevin Zeitler: They will presumably be moving forward with Jake Locker and Chris Johnson as the future, so you need to make some holes for these talented runners and make this offense dominant. Zeitler is the best guard on the board and will provide those holes.

21. Bengals: Lamar Miller: They need an explosive back to take over for the old and un-explosive back in Benson, a very solid pick here and it gives the Bengals triplets (Dalton, Green, Miller).

22. Browns: Michael Floyd: Remember that whole "See what Colt can do" thing, yeah, Floyd dropping here is an easy pick for them and it sets them up nicely for Colt to progress or for their qb of choice next year (Barkley, Jones, Bray).

23. Lions: Peter Konz: Easy pick, the Lions need a center here, a tackle would be better but there is not one worth taking on the board, Konz is the best center in the draft and will help protect one of the best qbs in the league.

24. Steelers: Jerel Worthy: They need to invest in the future, and replacing the aging Hampton with a big man just as talented would be a good idea, they can get the most out of him and make him a starter in the line by next year.

25. Broncos: Dwayne Allen: The Broncos went on a mission for a dominant pass catching tight end last year and alas could not find one, Virgil Green is solid as a blocker, but they need that fast release tight end that The Golden Calf of Bristol can trust in. Allen is a great pass catcher and a solid blocker, he could emerge as the next Gronk, and the Broncos know what it's like to have Gronk (See playoff game against the Pats in which Gronk destroyed them.) Alonzo Denard would also be a solid pick here. However in all honesty I think the Broncos will move up and take Richardson if given the chance. I could also see Brandon Weedan or Ryan Tannehill here, don't be surprised Bronco fans.

26. Texans: Kendall Wright: They need someone more explosive than Jones, and this is a dominant wideout who can do it all, he will also free Andre up some more to make this offense the best in the league.

27. Patriots: Whitney Mercilus: Solid pass rusher who can double as a LB or a DE, he just comes off as a Patriot and the Pats would be lucky to land him here.

28. Packers: Fletcher Cox: Jenkins left a hole in this awful defense, a hole that Cox can fill, if you put him beside Raji this D might become dominant once more, though they also need someone beside Clay Matthews.

29. Ravens: Vontaze Burfict: It almost seems to fitting that he will be Ray Lewis' successor, this pick is all but assured in my opinion.

30. 49ers: Alshon Jeffery: They need someone opposite of Crabtree, and to be honest, if Jeffery pans out, he will easily surpass Crabtree and be a main stay on this offense, Alex Smith will sure be happy.

31. Patriots: Alfonzo Dennard: They need help in the backfield and Dennard is a huge steal right here, he is right up there with Jenkins as far as upside and is an immediate starter, the Patriots sure up their defense with just two picks.

32. Giants: Nick Perry: This kid will help at LB which is a big hole for the Giants, he really should not of dropped here, but he did, and they won't even have to think when they bring the card up.

My Top 10:
1. Robert Griffin III
2. Andrew Luck
3. Trent Richardson
4. Riley Reiff
5. Matt Kalil
6. Morris Claiborne
7. Courtney Upshaw
8. Justin Blackmon
9. Michael Brockers
10. Jonathan Martin

#1515200 I've got a feeling...

Posted by Verge on 13 November 2011 - 01:49 AM

This thread is on the VERGE of being spammed out.

See what I did there?

Hot diggidy Dock, I sure did.