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#1662814 COD: Modern Warfare 3 ~ Begins 12:00 am, 11.08.2011

Posted by Ncstatefan on 24 February 2012 - 11:05 AM

At first I thought I was going to dislike this CoD like the previous MW2, I thoroughly enjoyed WaW and black ops was meh, but to my surprise it's grown on me. I did plunk down the 50$ for Elite and I'm not complaining. The new maps are honestly some of the best and most balanced in the game. I find myself spending an excessive amount of time in the improve section of elite, those videos are actually damn useful, and my regular K/D is quickly improved from a 1.5 to close to 2. The new game mode Infected is addicting and this is coming from someone who was going to trade in the game last month, only to end up purchasing Elite. To all those who have the game and dislike it, I'd recommend looking into elite, I really wish they had some sort of one week trial or something so that y'all can get a taste of the newer much improved maps.