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In Topic: Have any legitimate veteran lineman been cut yet?

Yesterday, 11:15 AM

I wouldn't mind Wade Smith as a backup T. Think he could still be useful depth.

Doesn't he spend most of his time on the interior?

Edit, lets throw a question mark in there.

In Topic: For Those Concerned about Cotchery and Avant:

Yesterday, 10:38 AM

It's not like last year was 10 years ago. Last year was last year. I suppose your point (which really should apply to this year, and not "any other year of his career") is that between last season and this one, his ability to catch the ball in traffic has taken a huge dive and he'll be totally ineffective. I obviously disagree.

And why would you think I thump my chest about anything? That particular activity never enters my mind. I guess that's your attempt at a put down. Weak. You'll be better off (assuming you really do have a valid point in the discussion) sticking to the topic, as I did, vs. getting personal.

My point is that two of the last three years Cotchery has produced like a fourth or fifth string receiver. And we are going to try him as a three with no fallback option. It could go badly.

Sorry, "thumping your chest" is such a trigger phrase for you.

In Topic: For Those Concerned about Cotchery and Avant:

Yesterday, 10:13 AM

You can poo poo the reasons all you want. You can't argue with the results.

You can thump your chest and say "ten touchdowns" all you want, but it doesn't change the fact that Cotchery has never been that guy any other year of his career, even when he actually was a legitimate starter.

In Topic: For Those Concerned about Cotchery and Avant:

Yesterday, 08:42 AM

He had 10 TD's last season, on 46 receptions- best % in the league. Not bad for a WR at 31. He's a solid possession receiver, as is Avant. Both have proven they belong on the field.

It would have been nice if Cam could have spent a lot of time throwing to the vets who are new to the team, but as Rivera said, they needed to find out who's best to fill out the bottom spots on the WR corp.

Touchdowns are rarely predictive unless you are a Calvin Johnson or some other mammoth receiver. He never got double digits or really even approched it previously. I would chalk it up to a fluky year more than anything. I believe the only reason he had such a large role on offense last season was because of multiple injuries. I don't think he was their designated red zone target or anything.

In Topic: For Those Concerned about Cotchery and Avant:

Yesterday, 08:32 AM

of course. i just think people are being too quick to say that Cotchery and Avant suck. there is no evidence that they do or will. and even if their production isnt what we'd like it to be, there is Cam and the OL to share blame as well.

Ok, I would agree with that. It is still too early, considering the time Cam missed, to say that we are set or screwed at receiver.

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