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Bell Can Succeed at Left Tackle

19 May 2014 - 02:52 PM

I initially posted this in another thread, but in the hopes of reaching a great number of Bell-doubters, I'll repost here. 


As someone who was a two-year starter at left tackle in high school and was recruited to play offensive tackle at several FCS schools, I can tell you that playing left tackle is completely different from playing right tackle. 


During the second half of my sophomore year, I made the position switch from tight end to right tackle and struggled in pass protection. I was beat inside more often than out and my coaches attributed this to lack of strength and dexterity of my left hand/arm. 


The following summer, due to the graduation of the starting left tackle, I switched to the left side and in my first season at the position, I was an All-Conference and All-County tackle. During the recruiting process, most schools wanted me to play defensive end, but those who recruited me as an offensive lineman were specific about their intentions to keep me on the left side. 


Playing on the right bookend felt unnatural to me; I was unable to get a good punch on defensive ends to prevent the inside rip and I was caught off balance by blitzers. On the left side, I was far more comfortable; I allowed two sacks to another All-Conference player in my first game at the position and only one for the remainder of my career. 


Reserve your criticism of Bell until he shows you what he can do on the left side. He might just surprise some of you. 


Edit: Gettleman isn't the only believer in "left tackle feet". I was told by two coaches that I had some of the best "left tackle feet" that they had seen on film that year. 

We Have More Cap Space Than You Think

12 April 2014 - 01:38 PM

Financially, this has been a tough offseason for the Panthers. We've had our backs pressed against the salary cap and have watched some pretty alluring free agents sign elsewhere time after time. Fear not, however. Gettleman is setting us up to have a nice bit of cap room. 


Currently, the NFL Salary Cap is $133.0M. We have $6.0M in 2013 Cap Rollover and lost $0.3M in adjustments. 


This means our adjusted Salary Cap is $138.7M. For comparison's sake, New Orleans' adjusted Cap is $132.8M. 


We are currently carrying $17.8M in dead money—thanks Jon Beason ($8.0M), Jordan Gross ($5.6M), and James Anderson ($2.8M), but most importantly Marty Hurney. 


We are also carrying approximately $134.2M in salary among our top 51 contracts—what counts against the cap. I say approximately because I estimated DeCoud's cap hit based on his average salary. 


This all calculates out to $4.5M in Cap Space. If we cut Godfrey post-June 1 (looking more and more likely), we will have $9.6M in Cap Space. 


Resigning Hardy long-term would likely give us ~$12.5M in 2014 Cap Space. 


$12.5M in Cap Space sounds very nice right now. It would give us plenty of room to sign our rookies and begin looking forward to extending Cam. 



Spend Late Round Pick on Seantrel Henderson?

03 April 2014 - 04:44 PM



Apparently Henderson couldn't finish his pro day and his draft stock is continuing to plummet. 



The guy has gobs of talent; I would love to take a chance on him in the 5th or 6th. I also don't think there's any way he goes undrafted like the writer of that article suggests. 


Thoughts on him?

3 Things No One is Talking About

12 March 2014 - 08:23 AM

The Good: By signing Jairus Byrd, the Saints will be an estimated three to five million OVER the cap. If Jimmy Graham appeals his tight end designation and wings, they will be an estimated eight to 10 million over the cap. 


The Bad: We are currently paying Jon Beason, Jordan Gross, and James Anderson $16,400,000 to NOT play for us. This is money counting against our cap. (according to Spotrac)


The Ugly: If we cut Steve Smith, that number to which we are paying starter caliber players to NOT play for us would rise to over $20,000,000. 



The second point isn't Gettleman's fault, but if the third is to come true, I'd have to question Gettleman's reasoning. Cutting Smith would do more bad than good, it seems. 


Edit: Added link to Spotrac page that counts Gross as a $5,000,000 hit against our cap in 2014. 

Cam and Co. Will Step Up for the Playoffs

10 January 2014 - 03:21 PM

I don't post too often on here any more, but this has been a long week filled with a tremendous amount of speculation by the media, and I'm about tired of reading that the 49ers will be the ones to step up their play come Sunday. Yes, they played in the playoffs last season. But we are just as hot, if not hotter, heading into this game so I am failing to understand all of the hype in their favor. 


First of all, we have been the better team in big games down the stretch this season. 


In the final 8 games of the season, the 49ers were 2-2 in games against teams in the playoff hunt (any team that finished within one game of a playoff spot). They were 1-2 (0-1 on the road) versus teams that made the playoffs. This stretch of games includes a near disaster at home facing Atlanta. It also includes a home loss to the Panthers; a game that was dominated by the Panthers defense beyond what the score will tell you. 


That brings us to the Panthers final stretch of games. Over the final eight games, they were 5-1 against teams in the playoff hunt (3-0 at home, 2-1 on the road). The one loss came to New Orleans, who was steaming following an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Seattle. During this stretch, the Panthers outscored their opponents 38-24 in the fourth quarter of games that were within one score entering the final quarter. This includes three game-winning, final-minute drivers that concluded with Cam Newton passing touchdowns. 


Secondly, Cam lives for big-time games/moments.


As I stated in the previous paragraph, Cam has been incredibly clutch against playoff caliber teams down the stretch this season (three game-winning touchdown drives in a six-game stretch). This knack for finishing games has pushed his quarterback rating in the second half of games too 99.6 on the season. He is also 4-6 for three touchdowns and no interceptions on fourth down this season. 


Now, let's think back to a few years ago, Cam's rookie season. Cam played terribly in the pre-season and many were wondering if the franchise chose the wrong quarterback to turn the team around. However, he was a completely different player once the regular season began and he showed us all that he had what it takes to be an elite quarterback. 


Finally, we are playing at Home.


Cam's quarterback rating at home stands at 100.00 on the season, a full 20 points higher than his rating on the road. We are one of six NFL teams who had a record of 7-1 or better at home on the season and our only loss was in the first game of the season, to No.1 seed Seattle, a game that could have gone either way. 





In summary, I am more confident than ever heading into Sunday. All of this love for the 49ers is going to make it that much sweeter when we kick their sorry asses out of OUR stadium on Sunday. Cheers to the beginning of a great weekend Panthers fans!

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