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In Topic: Someone explain the: Iran/USA Agreement/Treaty issue.

Yesterday, 07:42 PM

But, is MAD something that will work with people that value life and can it work equally as well with people who value death as a higher calling?

Soviets killed millions of their own people try harder

In Topic: Season 5: The Walking Dead

Yesterday, 02:08 PM

It's pretty interesting that the writers wanted to kill Carol off after the second season since the arc with her daughter was done and they weren't sure how to carry the character forward. The actress did a hell of a sales job to save her part and it's really paid off for everyone involved.

In Topic: Salesforce - 1 Bigots - 0

Yesterday, 02:04 PM

next up: outlawing vomitoriums


without mentioning vomitoriums by name

In Topic: Salesforce - 1 Bigots - 0

Yesterday, 08:44 AM

Hey everyone gay people are like the Klan

In Topic: Salesforce - 1 Bigots - 0

Yesterday, 06:12 AM

A black guy not wanting to make a KKK wedding cake is a sincere religious conviction?