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#1858444 I'm surprised no one has mentioned the different 3-4 looks we showed in S...

Posted by panther4life on 13 August 2012 - 09:01 PM

From my count we ran the 3-4 with our first team defense about 5 times.

Edwards was at the NT 3 out of the 5 times we ran it, and Fua was at NT the one time Edwards was on the sideline.

James Anderson lined up at one of the OLB spots each time we showed the 3-4 look, while Hardy & CJ rotated between DE and the other OLB spot, depending on what side JA lined up on.

We gave the below look 3 of 5 times, with one of them being on the goal line when Kuechly made the stop in the backfield.

James Anderson CJ/Edwards/Neblett Greg Hardy


And here's the look we gave the other 2 times

Charles Johnson Neblett/Edwards/Hardy James Anderson


I saw it run a few times on the goal line stuff.....on the play by Luke the personnel were:


Kuechely-R inside LB
Phillips-L inside LB
Anderson LOLB

#1857264 Pete Prisco weighs in on Stews signing.

Posted by panther4life on 12 August 2012 - 08:25 PM

Seriously when you say things like this you essentially are saying you think that you are smarter than Chud and know better what we should be doing than he is doing. Otherwise why do you think we drafted a road grader like Silatolu in the second. You think Chud had nothing to do with that. We have a great offensive coordinator who is getting the players he thinks he needs to run his offense. Unless you are going to act like you know more about offense than he does, it is hard to take your opinion very seriously.

Our line was ranked 5th in run blocking and 20th in pass blocking last year but the pass blocking numbers were totally based on sacks which are going to be high because like Ben for Pittsburgh, Cam tends to hold the ball too long always thinking he can run his way out of trouble.

I wish CRA had an opportunity to interview Hurney, Rivera, and Chud... I'd love to hear him question their motives and then get schooled.

#1854256 Fair Weather Fans Beware- Rain Expected at Gametime

Posted by panther4life on 11 August 2012 - 10:03 AM

how mcuh are the ponchos?

#1851515 SteveSmithTD89's New Video

Posted by panther4life on 08 August 2012 - 09:03 PM

I LOVE the part where Smith is talking poo to sean payton

#1850062 PreSeason Game #1: Panthers/Texans

Posted by panther4life on 07 August 2012 - 03:37 PM

Is it some rule that Carolina has to play 3-4 Ds in the preseason? I hate that. They spend all camp playing 4-3 looks in general and then go into preseason games where they face 3-4 Ds with no prep work.

better to get exposed to it in preseason first vs seeing it in regular season first

#1849142 Getting down to 53 man roster.

Posted by panther4life on 06 August 2012 - 09:30 PM

We have 90 now and I feel safe saying these guys here won't make it on the active roster
Almost guaranteed to be cut or practice squad
1.Brenston Bersin
2.Hubert Anyiam
3.Rico Wallace
4.Michael Avila
5.Darvin Adams
6.Lamont Bryant
7.Jared Green

1.Greg Smith
2.Nelson Rosario
3.Joe Jon Finley

1.Lee Ziemba(probably injured reserve)

1.Jordan Pugh
2.Jonathan Nelson
3.D.J Campbell

Running Back(3)
1.Lyndon Rowells
2.Josh Vaughan
3.Tauren Poole

we have 2, not sure which gets cut but 1 obviously does.

same as punter

1.Kion Wilson
2.David Nixon

Thats 21 total, so that means we will have to part ways with 16 more.

Bubble players not mentioned above

-heres 19 bubble players not mentioned above who may have to go(if you agree with my above list you can keep 2 of these guys and thats our 53)


Offensive line
1.Bryant Browning
2. Roger Allen
3. Will Blackwell
4. Zach Williams
5. Jeff Byers
6.Matt Reynolds


1.Ben Hartsock- i think they prefer Brockel since he can play TE and FB

1.Jason Phillips
2.Jason Williams

1.Nate Ness
2.Josh Thomas
3.R.J Stanford

1.Eric Norwood
2. Ryan Van Bergen
3.Ogemdi Nwagbuo
4.Nate Chandler- Rookie undrafted DT I have heard Rivera praise more than once

After making the list this does not sound nearly as tough as I originally thought.

#1848541 WR depth chart place your predictions..........

Posted by panther4life on 06 August 2012 - 03:08 PM

From the interview this morning and the depth chart thus far in camp Armanti has to convince them to keep him with his preseason performance.
100% safe
8.Adams(last on actual receiving depth chart, but hes our punt returner)

4.Gettis-possible surpise cut(5% chance imo)
5.Tutu-(Hurney thinks he can play all 3 positions,

Even if we do keep 7, I just dont see how Edwards is going to pull it off.

If they go with just 6 then I think Edwards, Tutu, Pilares, Gettis in that order could be cut.

#1848510 Hurney on 610 discussing competition at various position

Posted by panther4life on 06 August 2012 - 02:50 PM

Great inteverview, shocked nobody has commented on it. Heres a recap

Host: Hows are pass defense looking and any chance we may sign a vet with all the injuries

Hurney:Josh Norman was looking good before injury, Brandon Hogan looked as good as he's looked, had to go out because of complications with knees. Gamble looks very good, Captain doing well, need 1 of these young guys steps up( Mentions that twice).Will wait and not move on a veteran corner right now.

Host:Listening alot last week, heard a lot, knows that Ron had an enthuisastic talk with Norman and Hogan

Hurney: He was just firing them up and seeing what they can do. Nobody wants to be out there than those 2 guys. Both are getting close to being healthy. Feel like we have some competetion there, feel like both can help us out. So thats an issue and then we just have to find a consistent pass rush, there have been flashes but need to be more consistent.

Host:Is Nate Ness just a camp body?

Hurney:well hes got three picks so far, certainly made a nice impression so far.

Host:Since Otahs no longer a panther feel free to let loose and let us know what happened with him. Was it injuries or lack of desire to come back from them

Hurney:Have to be careful commenting on players injuries. He couldnt give us a timetable and nobody knows how long he'g gonna take. Hes as good as there is when healthy, we have some good competetion there now. Bruce Campbell is doing good and we have Gary Williams as well. Jeff wants to play and wants to be dominant but doesen't know when he come back.

Host: Thomas Davis says his knee is fine, you see all the MRI'S whats really going on.

Hurney:Thomas wants to get out there yesterday, hopefully he'll ease in this this week. Don't think its related to the knee just his calf.

Host: What position do you look at on this team and worry about the most?

Hurney:I think we have to generate a consistent pass rush, somebody has to step up at T.E. behind Olsen. Some young guys look good at Interior lineman Amini and Hangman are doing great. Have to see who steps up behind the starters.

Third receiver competetion, we have some guys there that help the competetion with the additon of Louis Murphy.

I think that again, the competetion at the 2nd corner spot and the backups at safety. Not much concern because we feel like we have good competetion there and someone is going to step up.

Host:Trying to figure out whos gonna make the team, seems to be standard to keep 6 receviers, whats going on there,We assume Smtih, Lafell,Murphy and Gettis are say AND pilares and Adams have to be on there for returning right?

Hurney:Those numbers will be flexible again,first of all injuries always have a domino effect at each position. At wide Reciever their might be 6 or 7 probably. Depends how it flexes out, what helps us there numbers wise is at tight end/ fullback at a guy like Brockel gives you flexiblity, then you've got Tolbert that gives you some flexiblity roster wise. So we don't even know how its going to pan out yet. I do think for those last spots, 5th,6th and maybe 7 spots there is very good competetion. I think Tutu does a lot for you and can play all 3 positions, Armanti has had a very good camp, we will have to see what he does in preseson/. We have some young guys jared green, rico wallace and lamont bryant had hamstring issues so we want to see those guys back and how they develop.

#1847226 Come on, Pat Y. Seriously?

Posted by panther4life on 05 August 2012 - 09:49 AM

Munnerlyn seems to be the anti- Otah.

Otah had all the physical gifts and talent you could ask for. Munnerlyn is lacking in both of those area's but his work ethic and desire are everything Otah was missing. Even with that being said I think he is much better suited playing nickel back and I like that he hasn't just thrown in the towel on starting position.

#1845987 rivera: munnerlyn is steve smith of defense

Posted by panther4life on 03 August 2012 - 09:06 PM

I am banking on our new injured 5th rounder to win the # 2 corner job just because captain was so bad last year as a starter year. Sad thing is Gamble was on the other side locking down the opposing teams # 1 receiver.

Here's his snaps since joining the team.
09(nickel back) allowed a reception on 31 of 45 targets, 1 interception and qb's had a 98.7 qb rating against him.
10(nickel back) allowed a reception on 2 of 73 targets,3 picks and qb's had a 74.6 qb rating against him.
11(# 2 corner) allowed a reception on 45 of 61 targets(6th worst in NFL) and had a 126.9 qb(4th worse in NFL)rating against him.

He had a good 2nd year at nickel corner but wasn't good enough to beat out Richard Marshall. We should all be very concerned if no other corner beats him out for the #2 corner.

Truth is he belongs as a nickel corner in this league, not a bad thing but its a fact.

#1845404 Feeling the need to ban someone today.

Posted by panther4life on 03 August 2012 - 12:51 PM

Popcorner has done a total 180 degree turn in his behavior on here. I actually like his post now.

#1844470 WHY NOT?

Posted by panther4life on 02 August 2012 - 05:24 PM

TCF you dumb fuging piece of poo, we are not gonna get beat by denver.. So that makes us 15-1

#1839595 Training Camp 7/29 (Day 2) Twitter Updates

Posted by panther4life on 29 July 2012 - 06:38 PM

Twitter is one of the best things to ever happen for avid sports fans. Great job and much appreciated onlypantherfaninmaine.

#1839269 5 Interviews and 2 good training camp videos

Posted by panther4life on 29 July 2012 - 09:56 AM

have been added to panthers.com just since yesterday. Def. worth checking out.