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30 players attending the draft

22 April 2014 - 06:18 PM

Being slowly announced on NFLN now... Will update as they announce
Edit here's a link to all 30

Players 30 yrs old+ and 2015 free agents and other factors that can help determine our...

15 April 2014 - 06:06 PM

Players that are 30 or over
Colin Cole-33
Dwan Edwards- 32
Jericho Cotchery -31
Thomas Davis-31
Roman Harper 31
Derek Anderson -30
Jason Avant -30
Chase Blackburn -30
Deangelo WIlliams -30

Notable 2015 free agents
1.Greg Hardy----this could change soon
2. Byron Bell
3.Dwan Edwards
4. Chase Blackburn
5. Jason Avant
6. Colin Cole
7. Gary Williams
8. Nate Chandler(restricted)
9. Antoine Cason
10. Josh Thomas
11. Chris Scott (restricted)
12. Mario Addison
13. Ed Dickson

Players who made both list
Dwan Edwards
Colin Cole
Chase Blackburn
Jason Avant

Dwan leaving would suck but Short will likely be ready to take over the full time role as a starter

Blackburn could be easily replaced by A.J Klein

Cole may come back cheap again next year if he still has anything left in the tank( he benefited from having a year off before joining us) and if not then he won't be too hard to replace since he's a rotational guy

Avant is nothing special but he's one of 3 receivers with any kind of experience on the team.

So our top 2 needs are quite obvious Tackle and WR

Tackle gets the nod for number 1 priority from me. We have 3 guys who shouldn't be starting competing for the bookend jobs in Bell,Chandler, and Gary Williams. All 3 will be free agents next year...(granted Williams is restricted). To me this means we have to find some talent here somehow some way but I don't want to reach for the wrong guy.

WR- We are lacking a proven playmaker here in a major way. Our top guy on paper is Cotchery and at best he's a
Solid number 2 plus he'll be 32 by the time the season starts. Avant is the 2nd most experienced and he's better suited as 3. Been in the league since 06 and only has 12 career TD's and never got much above 500 yards in a single season. Not to mention hell be 31 next week and a free agent next year. That leaves Underwood who's on his 4th team since being drafted in the 7th round of the 2010 draft. He has improved the past 2 years with bucs but still never played in 16 games or had a year better than Lafells worst. He's got some potential but that's it at this point.

Then the next tier would have to be CB (Cason and Thomas are free agents, who knows what will happen with Norman and White in terms of progression)....if nothing else we are young there.

Guard is up next in terms of immediate need- yes we have bodies and young bodies at that but none are really proven yet. So this would be next on my list

Safety isn't an immediate need since we have some vets that should be okay for the next 2 years under contract. However I could see us looking at a guy to groom for the future at some point in the draft.

DE could become a need quickly pending what happens with Hardy and if Johnson can keep up his production to make it worth extending him(lower his cap and keep him here long term). However I feel Gettleman will be keeping both around for a while if it all possible. Either way not an immediate need for this year.

OLB- Davis is getting up there in age and Blackburn who's a 15 free agent is too. Granted Klein can take over for Blackburn here soon but if we come across an athletic linebacker with coverage skills like TD to groom behind him it would be worth a look at some point but not a dire need right now.

DT- we will need to eventually get some backups to Star and Short but I doubt they will invest another an early round pick at this position anytime soon.

TE- this is a bit of a wildcard for me. I know Shula has mentioned wanting to go with more 2 tight end sets moving forward but unless an elite talent fell I would work on finding receiver and tackle help first.

The rest really would just be depth with maybe the most important finding a decent backup to replace Anderson down the road.

Which former Free agents do you wish we would have signed if we didnt franchise Hardy?

19 March 2014 - 07:35 PM

Assuming we had to give them the same contract they received from another team and we were their team of choice.


This isn't a bash the Hardy Franchise tag thread but more of a what have we missed out on thread?


Please list the contract terms of whoever you list. Pie for the best answers.


Here's my list and upon further review we could have nearly done this anyway!!...


1.Eugene Monroe 5 yrs 37.5 Million, 17.5 guaranteed (first  2 years salary fully guaranteed + 11 million signing bonus


14 cap hit -3.2 Million (1 million base salary +2.2 million prorated signing bonus)

15            -7.7  Million  (5.5 base + 2.2 prorated signing bonus )

16              8.7 Million   (6.5 base  +2.2 prorated signing bonus)

17             8.95 Million (6.75 base + 2.2 prorated signing bonus)

18             8.95 Million (6.75 base + 2.2 prorated signing bonus)


2. James Jones 3 yrs/ 10 Million,  3.65 Guaranteed


14 cap hit 3.8 Million (only 500k guaranteed past 1st year0

15             3.1 Million

16             3.1 Million


For Bonus points I would have kept Steve Smith and not picked up Roman Harper


But back to reality... I don't know a single offensive tackle out there worth a poo but 2 receivers remain. Cotchery and Lance Moore, I'll take either or both pending the price please.




Things Gettleman has said in the past and what we can learn from them...

19 March 2014 - 12:42 PM

Unfortunately my work computer wont allow me to copy and paste anything so no links sorry and i'll be paraphrasing on some of his quotes.


In his introductory press conference Gettleman specifically mentioned his formula for building a winning Team was having a

QB,TD scorers, pass rushers and he credited Tom Coughlin for teaching him "big men allow you to compete"



Pass rusher..check

TD scorers....this one was interesting because he didn't mention where they came from. He did not specifically say they had to be Wide Receivers.

Big Men...Check on defense...not so much currently on offense.


He also said he would build through the draft and avoid overspending on free agents. Which has kept his word on that as well.


Fast forward to an interview he did just after preseason last year. In a September interview he did on Panthers.com.


When they asked him about his confidence in Josh Norman and Josh Thomas after they decided to release Florence (of course it was temporary as they brought him back)....


Gettleman responded by mentioning his faith in both of them and made sure to bring up Melvin White as well. He said all 3 of them give you length and ball skills which are things that can't be teached. Rivera is also brought up by the panthers.com writer and quotes Rivera liking tall rangy corners especially for who we compete against in our division.


I know they like Melvin White as he played more snaps than both Josh's combined by a wide margin (691 vs a combined 374)


So White is rarely mentioned on this board but I think he along with Mcnutt are considered to be one of the "answers already on the roster".



Another good takeway from that interview was a question about the offensive line.

He speaks about the o-line being a process and having continuity so they can mesh together. He references being spoiled with the Giants because they had the same group for 4 and half to 5 years.


I find that statement interesting because the only hand picked guy he put on the roster is Kugbilla. He obviously loves Kalil for obvious reasons. He must like Bell too because he put a 2nd round tender on him to keep him whereas he could have easily let him walk. Another lineman he decided to keep was Gary Williams. Lastly he tendered Chris Scott as well to keep him around. Not really sure what he thinks of Amini but I imagine he likes him. Lastly the jury is still out on what he thinks of Nate Chandler at the moment as he was a Hurney signing as a DT back in 11 in the final year of his contract and is costing us hardly anything for depth/


Of the games we won last year our o-line was mainly 

LT- Gross

LG- Wharton-was Amini's job til he tore his acl

C- Kalil

RG- Scott,then Gary Williams when Scott was injured

RT- Bell


So assuming Amini comes back strong we know we can win with that offensive line assuming we find a suitable replacement for Gross.


Then in January this year Gettleman did another interview with the observer.

1.He mentioned he had all the confidence in the world in Rivera......We later signed him to an extension.

2.He said Hardy was definitely a piece of the puzzle but not sure how we'd work it out yet...Franchised him

3. He  was already talking in past tense about Smith...eventually released him.



Next up was a Q&A about his draft philosophy on the observer.


He clarifies and wants it know he uses free agency to free himself up to go BPA in the draft. He said that worked perfectly last offseason and speaks of getting yourself in trouble when reaching for a need.


-He also gives some insight on his philosophy for finding a # 1 receiver. Says the draft is a very tough place to find one that can make an immediate impact.

-Too many guys don't run a full route tree in college and then can't adjust to coverages.

-He applauds Keenan Allen and Deandre Hopkins specifically for having quality rookie years.

- Also said with the way the league is you need kids ready to play as soon as possible to be competitive.


Lastly from the observers panthers blog date 2-20-14 jonathan jones wrote about things gettleman said at the combine.


I found the most encouraging words for anyone who thinks we may take a step back this year.

This is a direct quote.

"What we are looking for is sustained success. That's what you want. You don't want to jump up, have a great year and then the next 2 years you are floundering around. There are only 2 teams in this league who have had 4 winning seasons in a row New England and Green Bay and Green Bay was 8-7-1 this year. That's what our goal is."


So in reality I think our defense is close to being set in terms of free agent signings. 8 starters are pretty much set in stone.

The front 7 + Harper at SS.  , Robert Lester "Flashed" as Rivera would say. Maybe even Godfey comes back as the FS.  


Then we have 4 young guys to compete on the outside at Corner.

White, Thomas, Norman and Dockery. White and Dockery played a combined 23 snaps in the slot last year while both Josh's played none. Mitchell,Mikell, and even Lester manned the slot when  Captain didn't last year for the most part according to PFF. So that leaves us needing a slot corner if they feel 2 of those 4 can man up and start on the outside.


On Offense unless they view Chandler or Bell ready to play LT then that position should be addressed before the draft so we don't have to "reach for a need". Same can be said for finding some receivers.


So all in all our roster wont be perfect again but we aren't far from fielding a roster similar to what won us the division last year and Gettleman so far is managing to do that without creating more cap hell...


So while I hate losing Gross and Smith..Gettleman has done everything he has said he would so far. I think at this point its nearly impossible to see him have us go into the draft without having to reach for a need but he hasn't lied yet so lets see what he can put together by May 10th.














10 Players (only 7 on the roster) are eating 85.3 Million in 2014 cap space

16 March 2014 - 02:38 PM

Yep that leaves 47.7 million for 44 other players lol.


Top 10 cap hits and players in bold obviously no longer on the roster


1. Charles Johnson 16.420 Million

2. Greg Hardy 13.116 Million

3. Jon Beason 8 Million

4. Greg Olsen 7.8 Million

5.  Ryan Kalil 7.283 Million

6. Charles Godfrey 7.1 Million

7. Cam Newton 7.008 Million

8. Steve Smith 7 Million(drops to 5 million June 1st but we have another 4 million in dead money coming next year)

9. Deangleo Williams 6 Million

10. Jordan Gross   5.6 Million 

=85.3 Million

lets take a step further and add the other 8 players counting 2 million or more


11. Jonathan Stewart 4.585

12. Thomas Davis 3.516

13. Tolbert 3.5

14. Luke 3.430

15. James Anderson 2.8

16. Byron Bell 2.187

17. Star           2.18

18. Dwan Edwards 2.018



*** Roman Harper is in this equation too, just don't know this years cap hit yet



That's another 24.216 Million


Bringing our total invested to 109.5 million on 14 active players. (4 of those cap hits are from players no longer on the team)


So now that means we have 23.5 Million left for the next 37 Highest contracts on the team (only top 51 count).


The lowest possible cap hit is 420k.


In all dead money hitting the cap this year is just under 25 million now.


Next year we have 4 Million scheduled to hit (From Smith's release).


I don't want to make anybody kill themselves so i'll wait til later to dive into 2015 and will update the op.


Honestly the dead money trend has to stop. Because trust me when I tell you more dead money will happen next year by cutting Stewart and possibly a couple others.


Only 4 players can be cut and save money(1 million or more) against this years cap while not causing future dead money(non june 1st cuts).


Charles Godfrey -2.1 Million

Greg Olsen        - 2 Million

Mike Tolbert      -1.35 Million

Dwan Edwards - 1.4 million


Of those the only one I could advocate is Godfrey.









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