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In Topic: After two weeks, the Panthers Remain in the Ranks of the Unbeaten

Today, 12:20 PM

im pretty confident we will beat the Steelers.. with that said

week 4 @Ravens
week 5 Bears
week 6 @Bengals
week 7 @Packers
week 8 Seahawks

there are 2-3 loses in there somewhere. if we make it out of there with a 6-2, 5-3 record i will be very pleased

I had the same attitude about being pleased with 6-2 and 5-3.

BUT i am fully expecting this team to do much better, and my personal standard is for them to win that entire stretch. The Panthers have absolutely no excuse to lose any of those games. In my opinion, the Lions offense is extremely dangerous, and none of these teams scare me anymore. I simply expect and demand a lot from this Panthers team this year.

In Topic: Have we seen the last of RG3 with the Skins?

Today, 08:17 AM

I could see this happening, especially since Jerry Jones admitted he was very close to pulling the trigger on Manziel

Farve's last year as a Packer was when he was 38

Romo will be 38 in 2018, RG3 will be 28 In 2018

Bring RG3 in as Romo's back-up and groom him for three years to be the future face of the franchise like the Packers did with Aaron Rodgers.

if all goes well, RG3 can take over in 2017 at age 27 after just two years of backing up Romo

also, RG3 is a product of Texas (lived there since he was 7), went to school at Baylor (which is just an hour and a half drive south of Cowboy Stadium) and played in the Big 12, which is pretty much all Dallas Cowboy territory.

I honestly don't see even Jerry Jones himself wanting RGIII.

In Topic: War on women

Yesterday, 12:34 PM

If anywhere needs planned parenting, it's the military. WAY too many pregnancies weeks before deployments, out of nowhere, and complicating the overall mission. Too many males getting pinned for babies too.

I truly think that service members (men and women) should be on birth control, and go through a process to become parents, with a time window.

In Topic: Have we seen the last of RG3 with the Skins?

Yesterday, 12:15 PM

Probably. He'll end up in STL,

They wisely passed over him in the draft, didn't they?

In Topic: So the Steelers...

Yesterday, 08:22 AM

Only thing that bothers me is that this isn't a real home game for us. Watch it be like 50% Steeler fans next Sunday.

I ain't worried both that at ALL. Don't you know Steelers "fans" disappear and lose interest in foot if the Steelers are losing?

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