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Bad timing

08 May 2014 - 06:28 PM

My wife decided that she just had to go into labor an hour before the draft......

Now we must name the child after our 1st round selection. Gonna be an interesting name for a girl....

Panthers positional spending (Bill Voth)

20 March 2014 - 08:48 AM



The Panthers are currently allocating 23% of their adjusted cap space toward defensive ends. The league average is 9.45%. The $31.8 million Carolina has committed to its defensive ends is the most of any position for any team. Only four other teams even break $20 million: Arizona ($20.5), Buffalo ($26.7), Jacksonville ($25.6) and St. Louis ($24.0).
The Panthers are currently allocating 8.4% of their adjusted cap space toward running backs. The league average is 4.95%. Only four teams have committed more to their running backs than Carolina ($11.1): (Buffalo $12.4), Minnesota ($15.8), Philadelphia ($13.4) and Tennessee ($13.8).
The Panthers are currently allocating 2% of their adjusted cap space toward wide receivers, the smallest amount of any team. The league average is 9.65%.
The Panthers are currently allocating .4% of their adjusted cap space toward left tackles, the smallest amount of any team. The league average is 4.36%.





NFL.com Power Rankings: ( we're 10th)

20 March 2014 - 07:33 AM

Panthers Ranking, 10th


Word out of Carolina is that general manager Dave Gettleman has been reading "Pro Football Preview: Who's Gonna Win the Title in 1938?". Which explains why he apparently doesn't see the need to have a receiver with a single NFL catch on the roster. 

The Panthers finally got back on the football map last fall. Let's hope they don't crash back to Earth just because they end up having to rely on someone like Sidney Rice to convert on third-and-8.




OMG do you guys really think we could land Sidney Rice?!?  I would be so excited.........

Gettleman's true plan revealed

18 March 2014 - 12:26 PM

"The Panthers plan to saturate other teams with free agent WRs to free up wideouts in the draft is working perfectly."


NFL Divisional Preview by Bill Barbwell

10 January 2014 - 10:58 AM



First preview I have found that actually does a good job explaining the match-up.


Here are a couple good exerts, but I suggest you read the entire article: 


Here's my question: How many times do the Carolina Panthers have to prove that they're for real before people start believing? The Vegas line is one indicator, but just in reading Twitter, doing radio appearances, and listening to assorted forms of media throughout the week, there's a definite perception that the Panthers need to win this game to legitimize their status as a serious contender to win the Super Bowl this year. As if going 12-4 weren't enough!


The weird thing about the whole Cam Newton narrative this year is that he's being twisted in two directions and doesn't belong to either of them. As I wrote about before thePanthers went on their 11-1 run to end the season, Newton wasn't the guy holding the Panthers back. And while Carolina has gone on an incredible run, with Newton coming up with a number of key drives along that path, he also really hasn't taken some enormous step forward this year. He's still Cam:




It All Comes Down To …

Passing. Both these teams have solid running games, even if they're not necessarily always dominant. They each have excellent defenses; Carolina ranked third in defensive DVOA this year, and while the 49ers finished 13th, the return of Aldon Smith turned them into a scarier unit as the season went along, and Smith had one of his best games of the year against Green Bay last week. They each have above-average special teams, with San Francisco trading superior performances from their kickers and punters for inferior return work by their return men.

The big question mark, then, is whether either of these teams will be able to throw the football. San Francisco's passing game was functionally useless in Week 10, and a few key conversions in the second half were enough for Carolina to come through with an enormous victory. The Niners suit up for this contest as the dreaded West Coast team playing a 1:05 p.m. ET game, but if they can get last week's Crabtree onto the field and keep Steve Smith off it, the difference in each team's passing attack might be enough to swing the pendulum toward San Francisco.



Great article from a man who seems to actually know what he is talking about!

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