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In Topic: The Covert Origins of ISIS

Yesterday, 11:40 PM

Well they always say that war makes money.

In Topic: Apocalypse Africa: Made in America

Yesterday, 11:38 PM

So, something I found interesting about this was the apparent concern we had back in the 70's over Africa's overpopulation in regards to our national security. Coincidentally during this same time period is when AIDS and Ebola had made their debut, wiping out massive amounts of people over there.

AIDS and Ebola Viruses Were "Man Made:" Expert Shocks National Radio Audience

In Topic: The Covert Origins of ISIS

Yesterday, 10:10 PM

I appreciate that.  This ISIS issue is tough because there are some many ways to perceive it.  It's tough to know which way is up and down with it.  It's highly subjective.  It could very well be all a sham to wag the dog, but if it isn't.....


Agreed and you're welcome. If only the US government hadn't cried wolf so many times in the past.

In Topic: The Covert Origins of ISIS

Yesterday, 09:55 PM

There's a difference between living in fear and assessing a viable threat.  Living in fear paints a context of borderline illogical paranoia.  A viable threat is quite the opposite.


The problem with the media is the line is skewed so that viable threats are seen as controlling though fear and controlling through fear is seen as a viable threat.  This is the conundrum of our times. 


I think it's more illogical and paranoid to think everything about the Isis situation is a lie.  Especially when you have a network like MSNBC even questioning the lack of action.


Either way...like it or not the U.S does have a responsibility to the rest of the world, because the U.S population is made up of people from the rest of the world.


I understand the distrust in government, because I fight internally with the same skepticism myself. 


Ultimately however,  I don't think we can allow a genocide to take place because we've convinced ourselves it''s all an elaborate lie.


I think through the President's actions the U.S has been more reserved and luke-warm about jumping into another situation then ever before. Which can be seen as good, other then the fact it's being used against us.  I'm neutral on Obama personally.  I think he has good characteristics and bad ones.  To his credit he got us out of Iraq to begin with.  To his discredit he's paralyzed to act because he doesn't want to be seen as George W.,,,,  which is exactly why Isis is growing and is exactly where are weakness resides. 


Oppositional forces have the ability to use the skepticism of U.S citizens and the political pressure it provides against us.   Like I said in an earlier thread.  This is exactly what happened after WW1 and why fascist regimes were able to rise to power.


I don't necessarily agree with all this, but you make some very well-thought, interesting points.

In Topic: Apocalypse Africa: Made in America

Yesterday, 09:15 PM

Pstall, that still wouldn't solve the power vacuum effect and corruption in most African countries.


Would be nice if we focused on solving our own corruption problems first. Kinda ironic isnt it?

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