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In Topic: Why Nate Chandler is the LT of the future

15 July 2014 - 10:16 PM

So IF Chandler works out I will never question DG again. If he ends up filling our LT need with a cheap contract then I will begin wearing my pants up over my nipples.

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ANd I will start wearing my pants below my nipple  (I was not blessed with 2)


Big DG fan.  He is a no-nonsense genius. 


Confidence in Chandler (based on an eye for talent) allowed him to grab a huge WR in the draft and then a DE and not a T in the second round.  We all are seeing now why that was brilliant.  Then Turner in the third.   Think about the way he navigated free agency and the draft---


Bene in the 5th. Gaffney, in a year, will be a feature back.  Stud.  Gettlemen rocks.

In Topic: Four Teams have Expressed Interest in Andre Johnson

13 July 2014 - 09:17 PM

Not reading all of the posts, but he said he would rework his contract for a trade.

In Topic: Target sees the Redskins end game

13 July 2014 - 09:09 PM

A visual description of a person is offensive?  I'd argue it's less offensive than the term "Indian" (Cleveland Indians).  American Natives were incorrectly given this name when settlers came to the Americas thinking they landed in India.


Heck the term African American is pretty damn misleading and is used to describe any black person in America.

White people are born in Africa, why is it that if they legally migrate to America they aren't African American?

What do you call a black person who lives in the UK?

This term also assumes all black people who live in the United States have lineage back to the continent of Africa, despite the fact that black people come from many different places like Haiti, Jamaica, the Caribbean, Trinidad, etc.


Offense is derived from context.  Constantly bickering about the proper nomenclature is a power grab utilized to manipulate and distract people from participating in discussion on actual problems in the US (and elsewhere).


In fact forcing a name change sounds an awful lot like the assimilation Native Americans were forced through.  When we had Natives attend English speaking schools, gave them English names, forced our religion(s) upon them and tore them from their previous way of life. 

The people had a name--Cherokees or Navaho- but to classify them as a skin color is bigoted--It was probably not meant to be a negative comment, but it was a stupid one (even 100 years ago or whatever).  I agree that the Cleveland Indians is also disturbing, but not because they were misnamed, because that logo is demeaning.


I do not see how misnaming a race is more offensive than classifying it by skin color.


I didn't coin the term "African American" but I tend to agree that it is misleading. However, I don't know of any black people not of African origin to be offended if called it.  I do, however, think they would be offended if we called them blackskins--as they should.

In Topic: Target sees the Redskins end game

13 July 2014 - 09:02 PM

This is without challenge the stupidest most naive sentiment I have ever seen on this website.

Time to grow up and join reality.


Refer to the tribe, the name, but to refer to any group of people by skin color is racist.  Now, maybe the people at your rally will agree with you, but I doubt you are in a position to call anyone stupid.  You are just a narrow-minded moron who thinks football tradition, albeit bigoted, is more important than the dignity of a race of people. 


Call a native American "Red" or "hey redskin" and tell me about reality.  Until then, better to keep your mouth shut about what should and should not offend people in races you are not part of.  You personify bigotry with your response, but most never see it, because they are too busy telling people what reality is-as if they actually know.



In Topic: Target sees the Redskins end game

13 July 2014 - 08:32 AM

Any reference to skin color is offensive.   If you have a thick skin about what other races should and should not tolerate, good for you.  That makes you a bigot.


"But a comedian once said...."  good argument.

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