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In Topic: Is it time for McDemott to go?

Yesterday, 09:56 PM

Put it this way---There are DEs in the NFL who can run faster than Harper.

In Topic: Making A Trade...

Yesterday, 09:55 PM

We need a SS.  I doubt we find a T in a trade.

In Topic: Bright Spots

Yesterday, 09:54 PM

Bersin plays like a veteran. It is as if Proehl's spirit possesses his body.


Seriously, Bersin is the real deal--they are bringing him along slowly--the TD pass to him was deliberate.  Part of the process.  I want to see him out there more.

In Topic: Andrew Norwell Impresses

Yesterday, 09:51 PM

I can say that I watched Norwell (I was an OL coach in HS, so I have an interest) and I was impressed. We are set moving forward at G.  I might even start looking at Trai Turner at C in the event we have to move Kalil for salary cap reasons. 


Foucault was not impressive, IMO.  He was in at LT, but he was timid and not aggressive.  I watched him about 3 plays, so I could be wrong. 


We were terrible at T today, and we have been below average there all season.


Horton, DeCoud, Harper, and Godfrey were also terrible today and I would not be sad if all were waived.  I have not read other comments yet, so I am interested to see if anyone agrees with me.

In Topic: Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

Yesterday, 01:59 PM

I seriously have no idea what in the f*ck DG's philosophy is. Signed garbage this offseason and to add salt to injury he gave most 2 year deals. So either they stay or we'll just have more dead money an people will keep blaming Hurney


Get out from under the cap idiocy MH put us in by sifting through the garbage bin for talent.  Hurney's effect is still here--people forget it because we had success last year.  While he found some talent in the bin last year (Gin, Mitchell, etc), he did not this year, obviously. 

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