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Today, 06:48 AM

Other than the main reason attending football games isn't that enjoyable anymore is because everyone feels the need to want to fight, nobody wants their kids exposed to such things and the whole "this is my house" thing has gotten out of control.


Grown adults getting into schoolyard fist fights over a game.... think about it.

In Topic: Good job fans!

Today, 06:26 AM

is it just me or (Pats game last year outstanding) aren't most of our prime time games blowouts in both directions?


I was looking at past schedules and thinking about how Huddlers every year complain about lack of respect and not getting prime time games.


Since the 2008 season, the Panthers play .500 ball in prime time, which is better than there sub-.500 record as a franchise, but nothing to hang your hat on.

And to Cris Collinsworth's often-repeated point during the broadcast that Steeler fans "travel well." Sure they do.. from Lexington, High Point, Winston-Salem...

In Topic: Who makes the biggest statement on national TV?

Yesterday, 04:56 PM

A group of WRs could be called a core, like in the case of the Bears, the core of their offense is their WRs, Marshall and Jeffery.


Yes, in which case it's "the core of the offense."


They, in and of themselves are not "a core."


Being the core of the offense is an adjective, a descriptor. A corps is a noun.

In Topic: Who makes the biggest statement on national TV?

Yesterday, 04:03 PM

core:  a central and often foundational part usually distinct from the enveloping part by a difference in nature <the core of the city>: as

a :  the usually inedible central part of some fruits (as a pineapple); especially :  the papery or leathery carpels composing the ripened ovary in a pome fruit (as an apple)

b :  the portion of a foundry mold that shapes the interior of a hollow casting


corps:  a group of persons associated together or acting under common direction; especially :  a body of persons having a common activity or occupation <the press corps>


It's a corps (pronounced core) of wide receivers, not a core of wide receivers.

In Topic: Steve Smith Taking Shots at Cam Now

Yesterday, 03:51 PM

You guys need to grow past Steve Smith. Every time he says something you're are going to somehow figure a way for it to be about the Panthers. 


Just stop. Soon as he retires he'll be in the Ring of Honor inside the stadium. Then you can bitch at the team ownership for putting him up there.

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