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Today, 05:40 AM

and it was actually good and had bipartisan support





And even better yet would be to consider the idea of making the account a tax deduction, much like an HSA or an IRA. Would be easy to set a maximum allowance like an IRA.

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Today, 05:35 AM

By the way, 31 states in this country have "religious freedom" laws.



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Yesterday, 05:19 PM

I agree that tuition freezes matter.  I said to go back the maximum years to getter a better sample of how tuitions increased.  This would give a more representative look at how this has played out with respect to ongoing policy differences between states.


Regarding looking down the road, how do you save up for your kids' college education? People turn off when others bring up the Fed.  However, when inflation is jacking up market values to the point that savings mean nothing, then the pot is now boiling and the frog is dead.


Regarding your kid, my response would have been, "Then you obviously want nothing.  Otherwise, you'd have worked for that scholarship for a full ride to make this work.  Time to get a job."


For the record, I have no kids and I'd probably be telling them from a very young age that if they choose a college education they would be expected to contribute to the financial effort it requires.



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Yesterday, 06:15 AM

Might I suggest downloading the excel spreadsheet to see those numbers again in current dollars compared to 10 years ago?

Also, a single rate hike compared to 3 consecutive hikes of 5% is hardly the same.

Also, artificially inflating wages by way of subsidies does little to realize the actual value of an education (or any service/commodity for that matter). It only forces everyone else to support what a few people deem to be so awesome that it must be mandatory.


First of all, your spreadsheet does not take into account or otherwise illustrate how the tuition freeze at the 2011-2012 levels for the past 3 years plays into this.


Second, no parent or anyone else looking at tuition fees for their kids are going to take such a macro look at what the dollar of 10 years ago was.


"But, son, 10 years ago tuition was this and look how the dollar has changed..."

"Dad, I was 8 years old then and nobody, including you, gives a poo what tuition was in 2005. I'm starting next year, that's all that matters."

In Topic: Janet Napolitano

25 March 2015 - 05:24 PM

So you didn't read the article.... how about this?




Would you like me to crunch the math for you?  We know how you guys hate this kind of stuff


So.... current dollars:

Public 2-year NC increase is actually 48% over CA 43%

Public 4-year NC increase is 46% to CA 54%

Priv 4-year NC increase is 36% to CA 39%


In CA where the cost of living is far more expensive than NC, I fail to see much of a difference. So what's your point?