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In Topic: Meanwhile, in Iceland...

Today, 05:54 PM

One of the local ladies almost killed me too. I never said I wouldn't go back.

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You musta really screwed up because most Aussie ladies adore American men....

In Topic: Motorcycle crash..

Today, 05:44 PM

This one didn't go that well...


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In Topic: George Orwell

Today, 04:50 PM

"The days of simplicity has been substituted for complexity, brilliant minds make things simpler not harder. Complexity spurred by Federal government has created discriminative barriers to progress through the assumption individuals make faulty decisions thus government needs to makes laws to prevent faulty outcomes. The transfer of individual responsibility to a collective society becomes what we all come to know as deadweight. The answer from government to the citizens about their decisions is: it is more complex than you understand or it is for your own good."


That about covers it all.

In Topic: Meanwhile, in Iceland...

Today, 04:48 PM

That's because everything else will kill you there

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I love Australia. By far one of the all around most interesting and enjoyable countries I've ever visited. Spent nearly 3 weeks there.

In Topic: Which is better for the world?

Today, 04:39 PM

What even puts Russia as a Super Power? Like 1985 Russia?


Exactly, because stirs and the rest of the conservative right still consider them as much a threat as the "Axis of Evil" Bush II proudly proclaimed as our biggest enemies and they're still living in the 1980's.


You know, Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Yes, the same Iran we find ourselves linked to as the savior of Iraq against the likes of ISIS... 

There's nothing John McCain and the rest of the Republican Party wouldn't do to create another Cold War...

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