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In Topic: Is your opinion of Mr. Richardson starting to change?

28 September 2010 - 09:00 AM

This thread has proven what I had suspected about the Huddle, and I feel sad I was right. The crude nature of this thread proves to me that most of the lame posters here have no f**kin' balls, are prolly in need of an acne treatment and show no class or sense of truth. Calling for a man's death, pain and suffering is beyond anything short of what this country has become...the amount of vile statments here would not be taken on the field to a player or a team executive...but you lame f**kers have the guts to spit this poo out on the site thinking people are as brain dead as yourselves.
Well, I take offense Zod, your site has shown rudeness is not an exception but a mind-set.
I challenged one person to show up at the field and bring any player who you can get, or any group of fans to BOA and walk up to JR and spout thi poo...but you saw the response or lack there of.
I would not sanction this poo anywhere and the fact you all let it drag on, but birch about a lame discussion about a logo is evidence of what crap shows up here.
You "death wishers" call yourselves Panther fans and call for the death or suffering of its owner are so f**king inane, I'll just say you likely belong to a sad group of trolls. Forword this thread to say Steve Smith, Beason or Brayton...see what THEY think of your poo!
Alverez...you can sponsor that tailgate on your own! Sorry but I am better than this.

In Topic: Hey I finally saw the game

28 September 2010 - 08:43 AM

WE seem all skewed down to seeing that it is the little things, the occassional brilliance and moments of visible effort are about all we can hope for. It is a learning, developmental curve we have now. Vets and Rookies are out of synch because the team is shifting assignments and methods at a ridiculous rate,
My observations showed Munnerlyn unchanged from last season on KO skills...can call FC's no better, still allowing us to get trapped in the 2-10 yard zone.
I saw a very strong effort by Johnson, and mediocre effort by the rest...missed asignments, no one covering the likely receiver and the usual head shaking and ground pounding for missed opportunities!
Now I read the D is taking responsibilities for the missed interceptions...they are not blaming the wet ball, the mud or the coaches...I now feel more assured they'll lose with dignity and responsibility...makes my ticket somehow more meaningful:eek:

In Topic: Is it time to break up Panthers, trade Smith?

27 September 2010 - 10:14 PM

omg. we went through this all of last week! why damnit why? :banghead:

It seems impossible for some people to see a guy, like Smith, as anything but self centered, pensive and spoiled would be too much to ask Dpantherman. The kind of guy who would break his body, give 110% and only want to be in every play...how crass!

I'll take $1.00 for everytime SS has sat stern and pensive on the sidelines alone, and live quite comfortable.

In Topic: Until John Fox Is Fired

27 September 2010 - 09:58 PM

OK, this started off on the wrong foot...fired?


In Topic: Is this intentional

27 September 2010 - 09:51 PM

Without all the cliche's the problem with what might be the obvious conspiracy planted in this thread, is that were I wanting to peez on JR, I'd leave him with a season so friggin' good he'll cry whilst I am gone...season 2011 or no season! OTOH, if I come out as turd awful as I am, who's really gonna pay me the $55 million I want?
The "losing on purpose" makes little sense in either scenario...but maybe you have another idea.
This team having "too many rookies" crap kinda gets me too...was Stewart a rookie? Missed opportunities Capt.? Gambel? Marshall? ..dare I add the "Pro Bowler" gone stupid, Jordan Gross...or might I say FS at just the optimum time in almost every game?
How much more can this team take of Fox-style coaching? 12 more times most likely...ugh!

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