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#2548957 Huge Deangelo/Cam Wallpapers From Jets Game: Updated

Posted by Salvo on 16 December 2013 - 09:25 PM

This one is awesome too:




Bad fuggin' ass. Is there is a higher rez?

#2548031 Poor little Saints ~

Posted by Salvo on 16 December 2013 - 12:01 PM

I hate that they lost to the Rams. Only because they will come in pissed again. They manhandled us last time so I'm worried about this one.


We're still pissed they destroyed us in primetime. There's motivation on both sides.

#2547990 Rivera going for it on 4th and 2 from the 15, up 10

Posted by Salvo on 16 December 2013 - 11:43 AM

Said this in another thread...


Liked Rivera's call, hated Shula's play.


Ron goes with his gut now, and since we drove the length of the field prior to that play, he liked his chances.


But for some damn reason, Shula elects to throw in a play that required sufficient pocket time for Cam (which rarely happens). We needed a high percentage play to get us only two yards...and yet, the receivers were going 5-10 yards deep. C'mon now...


And I thought Shula was doing a decent job yesterday...but that playcall was Chud-esqe.

#2547647 Convoluted yet hilarious possibility

Posted by Salvo on 16 December 2013 - 08:36 AM

Similar thing could happen to us




Don't count your chickens before they hatch...

#2547039 Shula's play calling was not HORRIBLE, just okay

Posted by Salvo on 15 December 2013 - 09:25 PM

I was very pleased with the offense today. The 4th down call was bad imo. You take the points vs. the Jets.


I don't think the actual decision to go for it was a bad idea. The team was driving and Ron wanted to capitalize on the momentum.


The playcall, on the other hand, was ludicrous. A 4th and two play that requires Cam to sit in the pocket long enough to get hit from behind is not a good play for that situation.

#2546354 Happy PIE Everyone

Posted by Salvo on 15 December 2013 - 07:06 PM

Next week is gonna be a doozy...

#2544557 Official Panthers - Jets Gameday Thread

Posted by Salvo on 15 December 2013 - 02:11 PM

The Jets are a very volatile team. They either win hard or lose hard. There's no middle ground.


Can't overlook them. Take care of business.

#2540702 What are your phobias, hangups or quirks?

Posted by Salvo on 11 December 2013 - 12:42 AM

Food smackers and mouth breathers give me homicidal tendencies. The gulping sound of people drinking pisses me off, too. Pretty much all bodily noises will drive me apeshit...although I like to laugh at farts.

#2533683 Saints having a "white out" at the superdome today?

Posted by Salvo on 08 December 2013 - 07:06 PM

Yeah, they really thought this through.


And white flags = surrender.

#2524784 SaintsReport is down. Lol.

Posted by Salvo on 02 December 2013 - 10:31 PM

That site is pathetic. Any slight surge of traffic and their hamsters explode.


We got it made at the Huddle.

#2523465 Here is why we should absolutely root for the Seahawks tonight

Posted by Salvo on 02 December 2013 - 12:08 PM

I absolutely despise the Saints, their fanbase, and that sewer of a city they represent. Gonna be very hard for me to root for them to ensure keeping the Seahawks within reaching distance. 



#2521550 PIE for Everyone

Posted by Salvo on 01 December 2013 - 04:03 PM

9-3...It's officially a winning season and now both Rivera/Cam are at .500 for their career record.


Feeling good...

#2519300 Would like some advice on physics books

Posted by Salvo on 30 November 2013 - 05:20 PM

Actually, the "For Dummies" books might be something to look into. I used them to refresh for my Calculus classes since they go into the basics and provide mathematical formulas and examples when necessary. Only good for the shear basics, though. If you get past all that and want to dive into relativity or quantum mechanics, you'll probably want a college textbook. Which you can find for dirt cheap if you pick out the older editions. Hell, I got a few lying around from a couple years ago that I don't use anymore, and wouldn't mind parting with for the cost of shipping. But probably easier just to go to a local used bookstore, especially if you live close to a campus.


#2518151 Post a pic, any pic.

Posted by Salvo on 29 November 2013 - 02:43 PM


#2510699 Carolina Igniting Fires

Posted by Salvo on 24 November 2013 - 05:21 PM

Giants started taking off when we gave them Beason. Coincidence? I think not...

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