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In Topic: Still a litte Confused why we passed over .......

20 May 2015 - 07:38 AM

What are you even talking about?


My whole point is that we whiffed on not drafting another receiver last year along with Benjamin. Is it so hard to admit the front office made a mistake by not drafting Bryant, Brown or Moncrief?

I don't think it'd be hard to admit it was a mistake, if I felt like it was a mistake.  They picked the player they had rated highest.  I really don't have a problem with this team believing that Kony Ealy is a better player than 90th overall Donte Moncrief.  They're both players,  But you don't reach for an almost-4th round WR because of a WR hard-on, in the 2nd round.  

In Topic: Still a litte Confused why we passed over .......

19 May 2015 - 02:25 PM

You like 7 wins don't you? LMAO

since it might need to be explicitly spelled out, reaching for need is a problem.  BPA, or even trading up for a guy you have rated way higher, that gets you a good player at good value.  Let someone else reach for trash. 


Mr. Scot is fully right about this, and about internet "scouts". Players are boarded from day one and then those rankings constantly change based on anything from hearsay to rumors to a single 40 time when the tape shows what it shows.  


Kelvin Benjamin ended '13 a top 15 pick, then he wasn't quite as fast at 240 lbs as people generically expect of a 200 lb guy, then someone posted a rumor, then all of a sudden he's a 45 pick.  Carolina did their own work, had him I'm assuming top 15 or 20, and then a bunch of goobers looked him up on the internet and some had 45 pick on him.  All of a sudden people are pissing and moaning we didn't get Marquise Lee instead (something something doomed to repeat something something).  Maybe Strong will be incredible, maybe not.  He's not here so at best you're concerned over something that can never exist.



For what it's worth, put me down as someone lamenting we didn't get Keenan Allen.  But, he probably wasn't worth a 2 at that point, and our 3 was Greg Olsen, and so I guess I'll just have to deal with having one of the top 5 TEs in the league.


Also put me down as someone glad Carolina has two young receivers, so that now maybe the fanbase can move on from wanting to draft 2-3 WR every year.

In Topic: Still a litte Confused why we passed over .......

19 May 2015 - 09:27 AM

People get enamored by measurables, and absolutely that runs both ways - the groans about Funchess went away when the 4.7 from combine became a 4.47 at pro day.  Strong was a measurables guy.  Yet another tall, fast, terrible at his craft spread receiver. 


I think people had this expectation that you had to have a 4.40 guy on the other side because Kelvin's so big.  That wasn't necessarily true.  Funchess may be fast enough, but Benjamin made a solid living being the deep guy and that's telling.  All this worry about whether a safety takes three steps this way or that way won't matter.   It's whether a corner has to respect deep speed, but also what happens under that.  


If you bring in a guy like Strong, whose routes aren't great but can live in the slot because he can feel the zone, you have to know he's on the same page as his QB.  That's where Strong's whiteboard work probably let him down.  That his routes aren't great will limit him immensely outside.  


So, for a 2nd round pick, you're valuing one guy who has great routes, or a guy who runs one route.




To the OP, they did a lot of work on 400+ prospects, grading them, scrutinizing them, working them out.  It wasn't really a choice between two players the way that you or I might think it was, they worked their board and they had our guy much higher.  

In Topic: Pocket Cam vs. Mobile Cam

19 May 2015 - 09:18 AM

when this first came out as a BBR hypothesis, I didn't like it either.  Yes, early 2014 Cam was a better passer than mid 2014 Cam, and there was a conspicuous lack of running there for obvious reasons in the early portion.  


But, Cam broke rookie records as a passer and rusher at the same time.  Negating his first three years to suggest that injured Cam is better than healthy Cam, I don't agree with that.   Mid-14 Cam had no running game around him, no protection, a defense that was suddenly starting to fail him, no special teams, and no receiving depth.   That Cam pressed (all the desperation throws v/s first NO), tried to do too much.  Which is fully the opposite of what he'd built himself into by mid-2012. 


That's the difference, to me. And he settled down when his team came together. 




If you want to argue that limiting his carries helps his health, maybe, but he wasn't healthy through either early '14 or after he started running.  It limits what a defense accounts for, if he's not a threat.  It limits who he is. 

In Topic: David Newton: Tough cuts may be a coming at WR/RB

17 May 2015 - 08:20 PM

The 4th WR has not played more than 15% of snaps in four years of Ron Rivera.  I didn't go past that, because it was Jeff Davidson, so there's no reason to look at a 4th WR.   But, from memory, the last player to start the season as a 4th WR and contribute heavily?  Keary Colbert, who wasn't active when Steve Smith wasn't on IR.


This isn't how teams work.  You have to play a role here.  Ted Ginn returns punts, we all assume Funchess is the other starter.  A player will step up that might be better than Ginn as a 3rd WR, and that seems reasonable.  That player will also get a jersey.  


These are the only thing that matter.   If a player gets that 5th WR spot, great.  Hope you enjoy how he looks in shorts watching games, he's not suiting up.