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In Topic: So why not do it like last year?

01 October 2014 - 08:47 PM

and then a mid-rounds big back, hopefully.  I'm not a guy expecting immediate cuts of both DW and Stewart but they have to come up with a solid young RB.

In Topic: So why not do it like last year?

01 October 2014 - 08:23 PM

Threw some screens to Olsen last year too as I recall.  Tended to be a good play.


Curious: What's your overall opinion of Shula?  How do you see his performance this year as compared to last?

he and the younguns have put together a good passing game.   Team is efficient and, honestly, somewhat powerful, and doing a heck of a job with no line, running game, or deep threat. 

The running game?  Kinda trashy, mostly on line errors and back injuries.  



That's not to say he's incredible or hasn't made any mistakes.  But he calls a pretty even, fairly conservative game.  It's never going to have a billion yards, but we're a lot more progressive (75% shotgun, 50% of the time a TE is split out) and spread than I figured he'd be over time. 


Throw in some quicker stuff, just to stretch things horizontally, and that could be a sub for the run game that's so bad, but given the circumstances behind these backs and the crummy line, it's amazing the pass isn't an absolute disaster.  And here it is, probably the best part of this team so far. 

In Topic: So why not do it like last year?

01 October 2014 - 07:40 PM

Oh, I thought they did, at least as opposed to the way Chudzinski had run things. 


At the very least, that was what it had been stated they were planning to do in some early reports.  The idea was to go to more quick passes as opposed to the longer developing routes.  And yeah, that was how it looked in practice to me.  Certainly far from pure WCO, but not as longball as before.


We can agree to disagree on that part.


I think that approach might not work this year though.


And yeah, I'm doing good Mags.  Hope you are too.

they still threw up the longball, but not as often.  Shula did go to a safer, more Norv-like Coryell, though again kinda eschewing the backs (you know, it's weird that way, mid-12 and on the O got safer, more efficient, but we threw to the backs less), which meant you didn't get that shitty 2nd and 9 4 verticals deep in Carolina territory, and instead they built drives, but still not a lot to the backs, outside the screens to the WRs or backs not much quick dump. 

In Topic: So why not do it like last year?

01 October 2014 - 07:00 PM

I'll agree it's small sample size. I also believe you're on point, more or less, that the guys we have aren't good at RAC.  Backs included. 



In Topic: So why not do it like last year?

01 October 2014 - 06:51 PM

As far as I can tell we have next to no YAC ability outside of 28.  This greatly hinders a WCO style attack leading us to need longer developing plays to at least make intermediate 10-20 yard throws.  The OL is not good enough for this at least without a legit running attack which we also cannot manifest because we haven't been able to run block for about four years now.  Additionally, we cannot force opposing defenses to play deeper into the backfield due to the lack of a speed threat meaning that short passes are still crowded in traffic.

I remember someone tweeting that Olsen led the league in YAC, but I can't source it and I believe it was before the BAL game.




Saw another post re: WCO and Philly being the best we have - disagree there.  Avant was a WCO ace in the slot and Cotchery, while better suited here, can get it done there.  Great routes, good hands, both guys.  Either can get open on short space, probably better than they are now in the 15-18 yard stuff they're doing a lot of now.

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