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In Topic: If I am Cam's agent this offseason

Yesterday, 07:20 PM

If I were Newton's agent I would be doing everything I could to make him very happy with me given I am about to receive millions representing him.  But holding out would not be on the radar at all.  That would probably get me fired.

In Topic: 12 men on the field twice?

Yesterday, 07:14 PM

i think/hope we see two coaching changes in the near future.

john ramsdell taking shula's place
bruce dehaven taking richard rogers place

The second change makes sense.  DeHaven has been a Special teams coordinator and has done a fine job.


Ramsdell has never been an OC at any level and never called a game in his life.  You don't replace someone who you don't think is a doing job with someone with no experience doing it at all. He has mostly been more than a wide receivers coach.



In Topic: Looking ahead: Alexander, Addison, or Horton

Yesterday, 11:39 AM

I think Alexander is more stout at the point of attack and thus better against the run.  As for helping Johnson, he will benefit most by the DTs getting pressure to the point that the is singled all day and for the linebackers to provide more coverage to the dump off man  on screens for example and the secondary to actually cover their man.  It works together and right now it isn't working but it isn't just one area.

In Topic: At what point does Rivera consider the nuclear option...

Yesterday, 11:34 AM

Normally I wait at least 24 hours to post given the crazy posts and attitudes displayed after a loss on this site.  But let me discuss Shula and Ramsdell for a moment.  First of all, Ramsdell has never been an OC at any level.  He has never called a game so to assume he would be instantly better than Shula or would morph into Mike Martz because he coached under him borders on fantasy.


Secondly I would agree that the play calling was not great yesterday but what was.  We don't have a run game because we don't have healthy backs who can run the ball and we have an Oline which is frankly bad.  Look at how much better we were when Williams was running the ball before he got hurt.  Those were the same plays we ran after Williams went down but obviously the guys who replaced him were not good either.  And anytime you become one dimensional which is what happened when we couldn't run the ball you have defenses pinning their ears back and blitzing at will which is what happened.  Couple that with a bad O line and poor blocking by the backs and tight ends and you have the debacle that happened yesterday.

This is not Shula's fault, he is just doing what he can with what he was given.  Look at the defense and special teams if you want to cast stones not the offense.  

In Topic: "Let's win one for the chipper"

26 September 2014 - 11:35 AM

Thanks. I forgot there might be some who don't know the quote from the speech.

Modern education at it's finest.

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