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In Topic: According to PFT Panthers have interest in Sidney Rice

Today, 01:46 PM

The media (and probably some of his own fans). 


It wasn't necessarily hate (though it was reported Jordan was always tough on teammates, a douche bag). 


However, Jordan was called a 'numbers guy, 'a loser', 'a scorer who doesn't make his teammates better', etc., through out the first 6 years of his career. So that's true. 


It wasn't until Scottie Pippen, and then Phil Jackson came along when Jordan started really winning (though some are loathe to admit this/point it out), when he started getting the legend status accolades and equal status to Bird and Magic. 

 I think much of what you say is true.Jordan admitted that he initially thought he had to do it all in order for the bulls to win and tried to put everything on himself.  It was only when he learned that he had to make everyone else around him better that they started winning.  I would lay that development on Jackson who helped him see that.  So it was Jordan helping Pippen and Kerr and the rest be the best they could be that made the difference.

When did Jordan learn that not everyone can do everything at such a high level like he could in basketball?  When he tried to play baseball and couldn't make the double A roster.  He was humbled enough to learn that even great effort isn't always enough to excel.


In many ways it is the same thing that Cam has had to learn and I think he turned the corner with that last year.

In Topic: Number One Receiver vs Two Tight End Sets

14 April 2014 - 03:11 PM

I'd love a dominant TE as well, but I think we need OT and WR even more, and those are the positions I see us taking at 28 and 60.  After that, I just don't think any TE will add much to what we already have.  If we needed a possession receiver, then I think a great receiving TE would do just as well as a receiver.  However, we need someone that can stretch the field, and I don't think any TE we could get is going to give us that.   

I think folks are going to be surprised with what underwood will do with a good quarterback much like how Ginn improved last year.  Underwood is very fast, can take the top off vertically and he has pretty good hands.  I think a TE who can run a 4.5 like Olsen gives you size, speed and great hands.  Some of the wides actually are tall enough and big enough to look like TEs and that would be fine as well.  I just don't think we need any more little guys no matter how fast.

In Topic: Number One Receiver vs Two Tight End Sets

14 April 2014 - 01:03 PM

Yeah, I think we generally agree, there are just some specific points we may differ on.  As for Barner and Klein, I think when you get to that point in the draft, you're just looking for depth and/or taking a chance on a flawed player.  But I do think both filled needs.  Klein was taken as immediate depth and a possible future starter at SLB, and Barner was that scat back type Rivera has been wanting.   


I do want to say that I also think Gettleman will choose from a BPA group, and if there isn't a WR or OT available in that group, he would go in another direction (probably CB, DE, then maybe TE or S, in that order).  I really do not think he will reach for a guy he has rated in a lower tier just because he fills a need.  But I also believe that there will be at least one WR or OT available that fits his BPA mold.  So I don't think it will come to a player in one of those other positions.     

Yeah we do generally agree.  I just think that finding a dominant TE like the next Vernon Davis or Gonzales (yeah they aren't that common.) actually better fits our philosophy and gives a defense more mismatches than even some of the top WRs.  So if I saw the 2nd best TE versus the 5th or 6th wide receiver or 8th best OT, I would be looking at TE unless I thought I could get equal talent in later rounds. Then again I have wanted us to pick a dominant TE for years now and was thrilled we got Olsen who I had wanted all along.

In Topic: Does arm length (OT) really matter?

14 April 2014 - 09:28 AM

The analysis assumes that PFF grades ae objective and unfallible and that may be very untrue.  What if arm length does matter but PFF ratings are too subjective to be able to show the difference. Plus there are other factors like experience which can mitigate physical deficits. If you were actually trying to assess arm length in a controlled setting you would control for things like experience, strength of the overall line, number of times you are in pass protection versus run blocking etc. So really it tends to show that some players tend to overcome their physical limitations by using other skills.  But all things considered it makes sense that longer arms would be an asset just not the most important one.

In Topic: Number One Receiver vs Two Tight End Sets

14 April 2014 - 04:53 AM

But what is BPA?  That's not something Gettleman, nor anyone else will or can tell you.  That's because there is no definitive definition of BPA...even within a team.  I think many fans think of it as an individual, but it almost never is, BPA is typically more a grouping of players that are all rated similarly.  And when a team has a group of players rated about the same, they will look to a position of need when making their decision.  So when Gettleman says he will go BPA, he's really not telling you anything. 


And Short was no more BPA than many other players we could have taken at that spot.  He absolutely was a need.  We were almost completely barren at DT, and had a huge need for two of them heading into the draft.  We only had an aging Edwards at the 3 tech, and we needed to find his replacement as badly as any other need.  It was all about choices..."do we want to go DT again and worry about WR next year, or do we want to take a WR and get our 3 tech next year?" type of choices.


BPA is really one of those ambiguous terms that can mean anything and commits nothing.

I also postulated the grouping idea in an earlier post so obviously we are in agreement about that. I don't agree that Short was a need given that we just got Star and already had veterans at the position.  I also don't agree that Barner or Klein were needs as well while we ignored positions like tackle, corner, and safety which were needs.

So I do think that Gettleman has shown he will go BPA and it won't be just between WR, OT or secondary although I hope those positions are covered in the draft. 

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