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Today, 02:50 PM

I guess that whether or not you want Ron back depends on how much you blame him for our present circumstances. Every pundit and talking head told us and everyone who would listen that we were going to be 4th in the division and maybe have 5 wins. And none of that was due to the coach but the lack of talent on this team. Sure we have blown out and in almost all of those cases one side of the ball or the other played awful including special teams. In a few we were awful all the way around.
If you think that it is Rivera's fault that we are 5-8-1 and he needs to be responsible for all aspects and al situations then you would want him gone. Or if you think replacing him will be easy and that his replacement will makes us as good or r better right away then you would want to replace everyone.
If you think that Rivera was handed a team with no line , a quarterback coming back from surgery, and a porous secondary and through injury ended up starting projects and rookies then you think he has done fairly well with the cards he was dealt. If you think His staff has helped improve the offense and defense so that we are competitive in the division despite starting the most rookies on any team then you might want him to stay. If you like a staff who can take guys who weren't in the NFL before they came here and many times insert them in the lineup the next week in a starting role due to injury or poor performance, then you might want to retain Rivera and whoever he chooses to keep.
Rivera still is conservative at times and a gambler others. He makes mistakes but he is also a good motivator. And the players like him because he praises in public and criticizes in private. For me it isn't so much Rivera I am worried about as much as how well we go after some free agents and keep our talent here instead of letting them leave for more money. How hard we try and upgrade some positions and keep our veteran core so we can keep some chemistry and consistency, instead of starting all over again with a different bunch and wondering why we have slow starts and fast finishes.

In Topic: The Nightmare Scenario

Today, 02:09 PM

Serious question: are you aware of the salary cap?

Likely a lot more than you are. And what I know if that contracts can we worked any number of ways to create cap space. We could have kept the players I noted simply by not tagging Hardy or better yet working out a long term deal which would have had few cap implications this year or next. But Gettleman got too cute and thought he could keep signing guys on the cheap and dumping guys who wanted big money. Hopefully this year taught him he might not try that anymore to that extent.

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18 December 2014 - 05:38 PM

I truly hope you're right, about keeping Cam and the team being a few pieces away from contending next year.  But it seems a few late season wins have again blinded the fans.  This is the third out of fourth year under Cam/Rivera that the team has struggled and is likely missing the playoffs.  Since the Superbowl appearance in 2003, the Panthers have made the playoffs in 3 out of 10 (soon to be 3 out of 11) seasons.  Not good.  Better than the bottom-feeders, but close.

You forget any context here.  We didn't struggle in 2011.  We went from a team that went 2-14 and was devoid of talent except for a few veterans and improved to 6-10 after losing a bunch of close games. We had a rookie quarterback, a new system, and no off-season to practice.

in 2012 we did struggle when Chud went crazy with the read option and didn't allow Cam to actually run the offense.  When we returned to some sort of sanity we had a late season run.


Obviously 2013 needs no comment but this year does,  If we had paid Gross and Wharton (which is why they retired)  Mitchell and gotten a good corner in free agency, we would not have struggled even with Cams injuries and slow start.  I know that everyone blames Rivera but honestly every year the coaches have to start over teaching guys the basics because we end up starting projects, UDFAs and rookies in starting or at least contributing roles.  I bet there is a inverse relationship between number of wins and number of rookies you are starting..


Given the lack of personnel consistency among the players it is no surprise that our wins totals have also been inconsistent. 

In Topic: The Nightmare Scenario

18 December 2014 - 01:38 PM

I've been a fan since the 90's and losing a once-in-a-generation talent like Cam shows there's something rotten in the guts of the Panthers front office.  I'm not saying they will, I just think there's a chance.  And if a team moves into my backyard and that coincides with the most talented and player that brings with the most hope to my favorite team leaving?  I'm done.  The Panthers are so close to being a bottom feeder franchise it's scary.  Any team with Cam at QB should be contending for a winning record every season.  If you aren't, you have a serious problem with your franchise.  

First of all he isn't going anywhere.  As I have said ad nauseum name me one time that a franchise quarterback left a team who wanted to keep him.  Secondly Cam is hardly a once in a generation talent.  Many people feel he isn't even the best QB among quarterbacks drafted in the last few years let alone the best that will come along in the next 20 drafts

Only Cam fanboys think he is so fantastic compared to guys like Luck and Wilson for example.


I can see you supporting a team in your backyard but the rest of your post is way off base.  We are clearly not a bottom feeder but we are cap strapped which is why we have struggled by having to start projects, rookies and over the hill guys.  We may very well end up 7-8-1 which is hardly at the bottom but does reflect we are an inconsistent team.

I think this year is a lot like 2004.  If we retain our talent for next year and add a few pieces where we are not very good, we will be contending next year. 

In Topic: The Nightmare Scenario

18 December 2014 - 01:23 PM

Riveras teams pretty much win in the garbage time of the season in 3 out of the 4 years he has been here.  it is time to move on from Rivera.


Realistically if he is back next year I will watch but expect the same dismal rivera ball.

That isn't true though.  We won last year when we were in a race with New Orleans and won the last 2 while we are still in a playoff hunt.  So honestly your premise is already disproved and even more so  if we win on Sunday and against next game. 

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