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In Topic: Byron Bell starting is a "fait accompli"

Today, 11:51 AM

Funny how everyone put it off that being left handed was in no way shape or form going to help him improve, obviously they dont know football, olineman use there hands more than anyone on the field...makes plenty of sense

Add that most people don't know how hard it is for left handed people to do everything backwards.  Left handed people have more accidents than right handed folks just because the world is built for right handed people.  Being left handed myself, I have experienced how hard it is for us to do everything backwards from what is "normal".  I was one of those posters who speculated that being left-handed might be much easier for him compared to staying on the right side. 

In Topic: Byron Bell starting is a "fait accompli"

Today, 11:27 AM

I will. Here is my post from the J Stew thread.

Matt Ryan wears braided belts.

We have all been wrong about players and coaches.  But if you are a Panther fan (and I know you are) I would think you would want everyone on the team to be fantastic and prove our doubts and concerns to be wrong.  I thought Benjamin would be too raw to contribute right away but I sure hope he proves me wrong on that this year.

In Topic: Former Panthers Draft Pick Tim Shaw Diagnosed with ALS

Today, 11:06 AM

I doubt being an athlete has anything to do with ALS except those cases are more publicized because they are a known athlete.  As to whether concussions are involved in causing ALS, there could be a tangential relationship.  ALS is caused by the brain being unable to repair damaged nerve cells that tell the muscles what to do.  So if you had multiple traumas and the brain did not repair the damage, you might see the signs earlier.  But what causes the protein system to fail to repair the nerve cell is still unclear. And a lot of the  nerve damage comes from cells aging, free radicals, etc.

Here is an article which I found interesting.



In Topic: Byron Bell starting is a "fait accompli"

Today, 10:37 AM

Jon Snow disagree.

So did a bunch of posters here.  Frankly I think they all know about the same which is not that much......... myself included.

In Topic: Byron Bell starting is a "fait accompli"

Today, 10:33 AM

I know it is very early given we haven't even played any regular season games, but if Bell does better on the left side versus the right I want all the multiple posters who made tons of post laughing about how being left handed and playing left tackle in college wouldn't change anything  to eat platefuls of crow.  

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