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In Topic: Justin Hardy route tree breakdown

Today, 10:30 AM

I agree, Cotchery and Hardy are redundant, but not when Cotchery isn't a part of the long term plans anyway.

Besides, I think Hardy will be a much better player, and if we took him, then that would move Cotchery further down the depth chart, where he belongs.

I agree. Hardy is a safe pick given he works hard has a reportedly high football IQ and has the athleticism and production coming out of college. And a big time value in the bottom of the third if he is there. Plus he gets to have Cotchery teach him the ropes and mentor him. A total win-win.

In Topic: Gurley: Ready by training camp

Today, 10:15 AM

For years huddles have said we didn't need to have two running backs chosen in the first round and would point out all of the great guys that were very productive chosen in later rounds. They went on to talk about how the position has been devalued and that no back was chosen last year. Yet Jeremy Hill who was chosen at 57 had 1100 yards and more impressively a 5.1 yard per carry. Then again Carlos Hyde was chosen 2 spots later and had 333 yards and a 4.0 average per carry.
Now we are talking trading away picks to move up in the draft for a guy with durability questions when we have a starter who we did the same thing. Drafted him In the first round despite durability concerns because he is a beast otherwise. Yeah that would be Stewart. Serious question. Could that happen again and should we be trading away picks for a guy who might have durability questions going forward or might be a beast. And if Gurley wasn't a speed demon before, how fast will he be now? We don't know.....

Would Atlanta have moved up to take Jones, if Jones were coming off ACL surgery no matter the medical report 2 weeks before the draft. He did have a foot injury but ran a 4.39 40.

If he is there at our pick then depending on who else is there he might be the BPA and worth the risk. But not to move up to get him no matter the upside, you don't move up for a gamble you move up for a sure thing or as sure as it can be. And will he have durability issues ? Again maybe so. Maybe not. An ACL is still a very serious injury and as Davis showed could cause problems down the line. We are happy Davis is here now but what about 4 years ago.

In Topic: Panthers meeting with Landon Collins

Yesterday, 08:32 PM

Seems like we've been sniffing around the top rated safeties in the draft for about the last three years.

Because. Rivera learned under Jim Johnson who believed in having big physical safeties in his system. Guys like Brian Dawkins were studs in the secondary and experts at dislodging receivers from the ball. He could play strong safety, free safety, or corner. We either need a big physical corner who can play free safety or a fast athletic safety with good pass defending skills.

In Topic: Proehl drops a bunch of nuggets on WFNZ 610 AM The Fan (link and summary)

Yesterday, 07:01 PM

Ricky won't be deciding who stays or leaves. He will have input I am sure as to who he wants but not how many we keep. Plus he is just one opinion along with Shula and Rivera.

In Topic: CBS Sports 7 Round Mock Draft

Yesterday, 11:17 AM

I know people like Flowers because he is big and strong but he is a mauler like Otah was and struggles to pass block.  He is a beast in the run game and has a nasty disposition which would fit our team well.  But he has suspect athleticism and doesnt move well at the second level or pulling to the outside. He is a safer pick than Clemmings.  But Clemmings may be the wildcard of the first round here. He is a converted defensive end who has only played 2 years at Right Offensive tackle.  So is he another Chandler or a guy with big upside who is still raw and learning the position?  His has the athleticism and meaness to be a great LT but wont start this year.  But we are in the best situation if Remmers plays well and either Martin or Oher can man the left side.  Give him a year or two to develop and he is could end up being the best OT in the draft period.