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In Topic: 2014 Adopt a Panther

Yesterday, 07:12 PM

You can go ahead an add theses stats until someone creates an actual signature for you..


Tyler Gaffney's final stats for the Carolina Panthers:


2 OTA Practices

1 Minicamp

1 Training Camp Play

I guess that is going to save me a ton of work, LOL


I want Dwan Edwards now.  Unless he gets hurt and I realize I am giving them bad juju in which case I want Matt Ryan or Drew Brees.

In Topic: The reason why D.G had to put Gaffney on waivers....

Yesterday, 06:32 PM

It isn't that big of a deal.  If Gaffney had been that great we would have kept him and placed him on waivers after the first cuts..  He didn't look great in OTAs from what I remember  People make it sound as if we really lost a great player. I bet we can pick up a guy on waivers or from someone's practice squad who is just as good as he was.

In Topic: Sean McDermott

24 July 2014 - 10:57 AM

McDermott is actually a very savvy smart defensive coach who is creative and imaginative.  He got little credit for what he did following a legend like Johnson.  McDermott came here to learn under Rivera and if he continues to put together top defenses he will be a lot like Mike Zimmer who eventually got his shot.  I said McDermott would be very good once he got the right players to play his scheme and he now has the front seven.  Once the secondary gels this defense will challenge for the best in the league and McDermott is a very big reason for that.

In Topic: Cam Newton still limited in mobility

24 July 2014 - 10:30 AM

Preposition.  You ended your sentence with one.  Desist.

So we have a new grammer hammer  ( yeah I spelled grammer that way on purpose).

In Topic: Speed & Quickness at WR

22 July 2014 - 03:11 PM

Underwood has speed, but I read somewhere that it takes him a little more time to get to top speed.  He is not as quick as Ginn.  Perhaps he has better hands though.  Like our other FA pick-ups, I personally believe that he is best suited for a support role  (and all you have to do is glean his entire body of work).  


Of course it's not necessarily a bad thing that we have free agents that would be WR3/4s somewhere else because we have proven that we can have modest success with these JAGs.  I am just wouldn't put money on us being able to overcome the top echelon teams in the league, who probably only got better, especially on the offensive side of the ball.  


As I have mentioned countless times, Denarius Moore would fill that speed-big-play guy role if he ends up on the roster somehow (hopefully sooner rather than later).  But, who knows, maybe Tavares King can fill that role as he had plenty of big plays coming out of college.


Considering Ginn's best time was 4.28 and Underwood was 4.31 which is 3 one hundreds of a second behind or the blink of an eye, he is for all intents and purposes just as fast as Ginn and has to be just as fast off the line unless he has unbelievable catch up speed after the first 10 yards.  Given a 4.31 is roughly 1 tenth of a second off the fastest 40 time in NFl history which I beleive was 4.19, I think he is plenty fast.

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