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#2531093 Can the Panthers run on New Orleans?

Posted by MadHatter on 06 December 2013 - 06:04 PM


Feed the fat guy and let him dance.

#2531071 The last 7 games, comparing the Saints and Panthers

Posted by MadHatter on 06 December 2013 - 05:46 PM

as its been posted before...proof is in the pudding and this game is gonna be huge:

Drew Brees MNF/SNF/TNF @ Superdome:
10-0 record
33 TD, 4 int

21 pt avg margin of victory

Go ask Brady how those past stats helped him out.

#2530957 DWill and Blackburn to Start Sunday Night...

Posted by MadHatter on 06 December 2013 - 04:21 PM

Blackburn is better against the screen. Which is what Sproles, and all those mediocre receivers will be used for.


Blackburn was playing great when he got hurt. He is also a vet who isuch less likely to miss aa assignment.

Miss an assignment on sproles and he will take it to the house.

#2529916 New Orleans week

Posted by MadHatter on 05 December 2013 - 10:41 PM

No I didn't show SCP anything! It was all in fun! I would never attempt to match SCP'S brilliance! I am just a cajun sitting here in my canoe fishing in the swamp wasting time. I figured that maybe a playful response to SCP'S terrific writing would be entertaining.

Just like it will be entertaining to hear all of you Carolina fans convince yourselves of how good you really are despite the brutal beating you just took in the Superdome. I know, I know, I can hear it now, "like the beating the Seahawks just gave the Saints??" One, no, we are going to beat you much worse than that! Two, there is no doubt that Seattle destroyed us - not even an argument, no excuses, manhandled - defeated - embarrassed - (just insert an adjective here - I AM SURE SCP WILL) - however, when we return to play them in the NFC Championship game - I bet you there are tons of people (not just Saints Fans) - who pick the SAINTS to win - WATCH.

You will be just like the Niners and pats fans...you will slink away after we dispose if you as well.

Bottom line is that we are 13-3 in our last 16 games....better than the saints.

#2529873 ESPN's First Take on Newton

Posted by MadHatter on 05 December 2013 - 10:07 PM

I posted in the "season bold predictions" thread that Cam's stats would be similar to the past two seasons but the media would say he is playing better or worse depending on our record.

Well his TD% is slightly up but his INT% is also up from last season. Yet he went from a sophomore slump to MVP candidate in the eyes of the media.

Like we said...winning cures all things.

QB's always get too much blame for losses and too much credit for wins. Always has been this way....and will always be this way.

C could have the exact same stats this season and they would still be all over him if we were 3-9.

#2529402 Why is Harry Reid exempting some staff from Obamacare?

Posted by MadHatter on 05 December 2013 - 03:57 PM

Already posted, and no there are no explanations just right wing histrionics because although he's getting it, his main staff is doing it, but some lower level people are not its clearly because it sucks and he wants his gofers to evade the death panels while sacrificing his senior people as he's a trickle down kinda guy


I actually find it offensive that the idiots that wrote and passed this bill won't even enter the exchanges themselves.


They sold the American public a bill of goods....problem is that most (see CWG as a prime example) are just too stupid to realize it.

#2529283 Who should get the bant stick?

Posted by MadHatter on 05 December 2013 - 02:26 PM

Imagine if MadHatter, and twylyght had a retarded love child. That's pantherclaw.


We don't have to worry about you having a love child.....even Dat Alice would not hit you....and he has relations with his dog.

#2528932 New Orleans Tailgating

Posted by MadHatter on 05 December 2013 - 10:55 AM

Laugh at human suffering? I'll pass.

Ironic statement coming from someone who has already admitted to have played the Knockout game when he was younger.......

#2528805 Shaun King on Yahoo! picks Panthers over Saints

Posted by MadHatter on 05 December 2013 - 08:12 AM

One thing you have to understand is Sean is as much a Cam Newton homer as Heath Evans is a Saints homer. Sean had Cam for MVP before the season started and has picked us to make the playoffs the past 2, maybe 3 seasons. He picked Cam for Rookie of the Year before any games were played. Sean absolutely loves Cam. I think he feels a connection to him being a black QB in the NFC South.


edit: And he may damn well be right....but there is definitely a bias there.

Difference in someone picking a team to win (King) and one saying another will put up 40+ pts (4 times what the opponent allows).


One sounds like he is making a thoughtful prediction.....and the other sounds like a bufoon.

#2528231 What Saints Fans are Saying

Posted by MadHatter on 04 December 2013 - 06:33 PM

Keep up, the latest theory is my Bentley is a work vehicle I use employed as a chauffeur and that the limo company lets me take home and use at will , and the company has titled in my name, as well as puts insurance in my name and got a Saints plate on aside from the fact it would be commercial plate required. gee whiz, keep up old man!

Nah...the closest you have to a Bentley is that hot wheels collection that you and your buddies play with on one if your exciting Saturday nights together.

#2527979 What Saints Fans are Saying

Posted by MadHatter on 04 December 2013 - 04:28 PM

Well the two Saints mistakes were self induced, not forced like the great play Brook did to intercept Brees that led to points, those mistakes were gifts because those 10 points alone were the only reason SF was even in the game,

On the other hand, the correctly called penalty didn't gift any points, they still needed to drive down further for a FG, stop 49ers twice in a row with 3 and outs which looks like Kaep was gifted not getting called with game losing safety, and Brees still had to drive all the way back down for yet another scores. I explained it all above using the exact times of remaining drives,

The fumble upheld would have meant Brees gets ball back with. 4:13 left to play, down by 6, 2 time outs, 2 minute warning clock stoppage, and moving the ball down the field at will.


No you dimwitted little virgin.....those plays were made by the Saints players as a part of the game.  Great plays, turnovers, missed tackles, etc.  ARE part of the game and they occur because of what the players do on the field.


The blown call and gift by the referee is just THAT....negating a great play made by Brooks and GIVING the Saints the ball.


You CAN"T be that dumb......ah, yes you can....and are.

#2527963 I'm sitting in the ER was hit by a drunk driver, then tried to run me over.

Posted by MadHatter on 04 December 2013 - 04:20 PM

He could at least put a "lean" on her. But a habitual drunk driver with nothing better to do than get blackout drunk on a Monday night prob doesn't have much going for her. Sadly, sometimes its more of a burden on the victim. I'd at least get a lawyer and have them do some digging. 


Yes, he could get a judgement and "lien" against any property she has....but again, not likely to amount to much.


The lawyer will take a look at her finances and balk at pursuing it if she does not have the assets to go after....they want paid too.

#2527846 I'm sitting in the ER was hit by a drunk driver, then tried to run me over.

Posted by MadHatter on 04 December 2013 - 03:09 PM

talk to a lawyer. You aren't screwed and you have rights. There's PLENTY of attorneys that would be willing to take on a case like this. It's basically an opn and shut case.

No one is saying he would not have a case. Just that it is unlikely to collect anything from her...assuming the no insurance thing would infer that she has few assets.

Could be wrong though.

#2527685 What Saints Fans are Saying

Posted by MadHatter on 04 December 2013 - 01:53 PM

Hey man, can I ask you a question? I'm just curious what are you accomplishing by insulting people, is your life that shallow?

Your posts are just like a massive train wreck....so bad that you just can't help but look.

#2527684 What Saints Fans are Saying

Posted by MadHatter on 04 December 2013 - 01:52 PM

Well you must be an English professor, if it was something important than yes I would proofread but this simply is not important

We have had some idiots post on here. But your ability to butcher the English language and common middle school grammar rules is absolutely astonishing.

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