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#2858849 Cold War II

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 20 July 2014 - 01:15 PM

Consider that you go and dig out all Russian anti threads I started recently and I literally have no idea who the fug are you. I have hard time believe you not affiliated with Russia in any way.


My guess is a second username/account created by someone here just to play contrarian

#2858802 Have a feeling we're on a verge of WWIII.

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 20 July 2014 - 12:09 PM

Our nuclear subs strategically spread throughout the world is our biggest advantage

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That and our logistical capability, as well as our 100 plus years of experience at operating at sea for long periods of time.  The Chinese occasionally practice refueling and resupplying at sea.  We do it on a daily basis as part of normal operations.  Our Pacific fleet has greater logistical capability than the entire Chinese and Russian fleets combined.   If you send a fleet on a longterm deployment, you have to feed the crew, fuel and refuel, keep fresh ammunition supplies etc.  We have the logistical ships and network of bases to do this.  Neither the Chinese nor the Russians do.  The Chinese could eventually become a conventional threat to the US, but right now, they are not. 



And quite honestly, becoming a global superpower and being a conventional threat to the United States is not really a goal of the Chinese at this point, at least in terms of their Navy.  They want to be a regional Naval power, and be able to defeat the US Navy in the South China sea and perhaps eventually a little further out in an area such as the Spratley Islands.  This is not something they could do right now, but its certainly an attainable goal if they continue to modernize while the US fleet continues to shrink. 

#2858653 Have a feeling we're on a verge of WWIII.

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 20 July 2014 - 07:54 AM

Geez, every year someone in the tinderbox predicts world war III is right around the doorstep, and every year they are wrong.  Same is true this year.  We aren't close to World War III.  We were far closer in the 50's and 60's than we are today.  The Chinese and Russians aren't going to ally anytime soon.

They may not like us, but they aren't fond of each other either. 


China is not a conventional threat to the US.  They don't have a tenth of the logistical infrastructure they would need to threaten the United States.  Their Navy wouldn't last more than a few months against ours, and they know this.  Our subs would have a field day against their surface fleet if they tried to move it out of the South China Sea. 

#2857286 NYPD kill a man after placing him in a chokehold

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 18 July 2014 - 05:46 PM

Unfortunately, these videos rarely capture the whole story.  That one seemed to start in the middle of whatever the event was. 

#2857277 Malaysian airlines lost contact with another Jet

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 18 July 2014 - 05:32 PM

Imo, letting these insurgents have something like an SA11 is an insane act by the Russian government.  Unless these are just Russian soldiers pretending to be insurgents.  Its hard enough to keep terrorist from stealing these weapons from military organizations.  Give them to an irregular force, and who knows who the weapons might be sold to.  They could be used against us, or even against Russia if they fall into hands of Chechens or Georgians.


It would be akin to us giving Patriot Missiles to the rebels in Syria. 

#2856897 Malaysian airlines lost contact with another Jet

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 18 July 2014 - 12:11 PM

Maybe I am ignorant but what real benefit does finding the "black box" have in a situation like this? If they know the plane was shot down, what else will the black box tell them?


Good question.


I guess that they would want to completely eliminate the possibility that it was something else, some kind of accident.  But basically, its just standard procedure. 

#2856858 Obama power grab greatest threat to constitution in US history

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 18 July 2014 - 11:56 AM

Sorry if its already been said, but I am fairly certain that the biggest threat to our constitution and our nation in our history was the Civil War.  Anything else is just hyperbole.


That being said, some of the things Obama does are a little unsettling, but then so is the complete lack of willingness to compromise that the other side is showing.  I am beginning to think we might have been better off with a parliamentary system such as the Brits have.

#2856595 Malaysian airlines lost contact with another Jet

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 18 July 2014 - 09:40 AM

You would think the company would be smarter and so far only one plane shot down. Evidently others are aware of the situation. Right now the hot zone is Ukraine and like you said there are others but a warning for months should never be taken lightly.

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And Chechnya, and Syria, and Iraq, and Afghanistan.  Those are the ones off the top of my head that are hot zones right now and lay along a potential route to Malaysia.  There probably aren't to many weapons in Afghanistan right now that could take down an airliner at altitude, but its not completely outside the realm of possibility. 

#2855940 Malaysian airlines lost contact with another Jet

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 17 July 2014 - 05:25 PM

delhommey posted a transcript of a recorded convo about it, not sure of the source


I read that. 


But I am talking about the command and control communications that passes between a battery or launcher and its command structure.  If it was some sort of military organization, someone probably gave permission to fire, and its possible the NSA or one of the military assets that are probably monitoring the area might have heard that communication.  If it wasn't an official military asset, then there might not have been a communication. 

#2855894 Malaysian airlines lost contact with another Jet

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 17 July 2014 - 04:53 PM

Yep, Russian news reporting that it was an attempt to kill Putin.  Go figure...


I am waiting for nutjobtoday, I mean Russia today to say that it was an attempt to take out Putin, which would confirm that it was not an attempt to take out Putin. 

#2855622 Malaysian airlines lost contact with another Jet

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 17 July 2014 - 02:33 PM

They think the separatists fired this thing? This for me is confirmation that it was either the Russian government or the Ukrainian government. It's easy to say that "the Russians are supplying the separatists with these weapons." But really? No one saw this thing crossing the border? The Urkainian military didn't spot it in the streets? (I mean clearly this thing isn't being kept in some parking garage) The US/NATO drones that I promise you are circling the pro-Russian controlled cities 24/7 haven't photographed this behemoth? The separatists were able to fire this thing with accuracy?


No way, this either came from Ukrainians (jittery after the Russian jet shot down one of their jets) or came from across the border from Russia (thinking it was another military supply plane).


Its designed to be highly mobile.  It doesn't necessarily have to cross at a main road.  It could go across a forested part of the border, hide there and wait for a target to come along.  And even if the drones are there, they can't cover every single mile of the border between the two countries 24x7. 


Not that the Russian or Ukrainian governments didn't do it, but it could be separatist.  It could be former Russian or Ukrainian military members who stole it with the intention of shooting something down.  Or it could be the governments of either nation.  I think its an unknown at this point.   

#2855540 Malaysian airlines lost contact with another Jet

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 17 July 2014 - 01:44 PM

According to the U.S. government, the Russians have been funneling those SAM units into Ukraine and giving them to the Ukrainian separatists.

I heard that those missiles travel 3X faster than the speed of light... not your run of the mill missile.


I assume you meant speed of sound.  The Russians don't have warp drive yet.  :)


Edited to add, that is likely what the reporter meant.

#2849535 Sneaky wife interrogation tactics

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 13 July 2014 - 07:29 PM

I don't go out very often any more because I am older and hangovers hurt more than they use to.  But when I use to go out on occassion, my wife would sometimes be ok with it, while other times not so much.  All depended on her mood.  Even on the days she was not ok with it, she usually got over it fairly quick once I got home.  Reading this thread makes me think I am somewhat lucky.  :)

#2846127 Mell of a Hess

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 11 July 2014 - 09:19 AM


Whether Bin Laden was a pawn or a fall guy we may never know. But he was on some payroll that links back to the States.

Sorry, but that is just wrong.  Bin Laden was never, ever on our payroll, nor any payroll that links back to us.  The thought of it is ludicrous and not backed up by one single decent shred of evidence. 


The only connection to us (and its a extremely loose one) is that the US consumer buying gas helped make the Saudis rich, and bin Laden's family was rich, so you could say our buying Saudi oil made him rich, but as I said, that's a very very loose connection.

#2846123 Mell of a Hess

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 11 July 2014 - 09:14 AM

there is no way they would attack mecca. no fuging way


if they did, the rest of the muslim world would turn on them, and fast.  It would end their movement quickly.  I almost wish it would happen. 

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