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#3105627 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Davidson Deac II on Yesterday, 11:35 AM

I know if I shoot an unarmed teenager that's 30 yards away the whole "HE WAS COMING RIGHT FOR ME" defense isn't going to fly. I'd be handcuffed and brought in immediately, and my ass would be sitting in jail while they did an investigation. The case wouldn't even go to a grand jury, the prosecutor would skip that and go straight to trial and I'd probably be found guilty.


Different set of rules for cops and normal citizens in this country.


That depends on the circumstances.  If the teenager had already assaulted you, and was coming back at you, then you would probably have a pretty decent case for self defense.  Normal citizens have gotten off with less of a defense. 

#3105561 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Davidson Deac II on Yesterday, 10:24 AM

If Brown just beat the hell out of Wilson with one hand, through a car window, while casually handing his cigarellos to his partner. To the point that he felt like a 5 year old hanging on to Hulk Hogan and fearing for his life.

What was Wilson going to do if he chased Brown and actually caught him? Don't chase what you don't want to catch

Why not stand down, keep distance, and wait for back up? If he thought Brown had a gun why wouldn't Brown have used it when getting shot at in the police car?

None of it makes sense. Let alone that an 18 year old kid just decided to beat the poo out of a police officer who was being super polite according to Wilson


Regarding the polite part, its all about perception.  Wilson may have thought he was being polite, or at least professional.  Johnson (or Brown) might have thought otherwise.  And both could be correct, at least irt how they remember things.  Researchers have proven that memory can be a tricky thing.  We don't always remember things as they actually occurred, but sometimes as we think they occurred. 


That is part of the reason that eye witness reports are sometimes unreliable and why video is almost always best.  Just wish there was more of it in this case. 

#3105263 I hate flying...

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 25 November 2014 - 10:05 PM

I've only flown on a Chinook (CH-47, the Army's version) twice and both were pretty uneventful. But Blackhawk pilots love aggressive climbs and nose dives for no reason other than to mess with people. I like it... during the climb, you compress into your seat, then you immediately go weightless during the nose dive. Flying nap of the earth usually makes at least one person puke, especially when the pilots make the blackhawk swing like a pendulum.


Try riding back to a ship anchored out in Alexandria Egypt's harbor with 40 drunk Sailors and Marines in a motor Whaleboat if you want to see people puke.  :)

#3105192 I hate flying...

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 25 November 2014 - 08:27 PM

During my time in the military, only once did I get to fly on a Helicopter.  It was a simple transfer from the USS Ponce to the USS Kearsarge using a CH46.   I didn't come close to getting sick, but once on a Helo was enough for me. 

#3104467 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 25 November 2014 - 09:18 AM


But, anyone who claims justice was served here is an absolute moron.


Anyone who thinks that they know more about this than the Grand Jury is an absolute fool. 


I don't pretend to know all the details of the case, but then I doubt many here do, unless they sat in on the proceedings.  The most we get from the media is bits and pieces.  But I do believe that there wasn't enough evidence to get a conviction, and not proceeding was the right thing.  And if true, then that is the definition of Justice, ie doing the right thing even if its not popular with the local community. 

#3104434 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 25 November 2014 - 08:36 AM

If I was ever a cop dealing with an unarmed man unless they're harming someone else I am NOT shooting to kill. I'm going for the leg, arm, maybe even the waist and immediately phoning EMS so I don't have a dead man on my conscience. Of course if they keep coming after me or someone else after I've shot them then I will keep firing until they stop.



You have been watching to many movies.  In a tense situation, when the adrenaline is flowing, and you feel your own life is in danger, its hard enough to just hit the target at all, much less an appendage. 

#3104022 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 24 November 2014 - 11:01 PM

If I were the owner of the McDonalds there, I would be handing out free food.  Might keep the place from being smashed. 

#3103130 Good News/Bad News (Practice)

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 24 November 2014 - 01:21 PM

What would be awesome is if we win some and Star gets a nice break of rest then our healthy and rested Star makes our D Line look more like it did last year


Just winning some would be awesome. 

#3101997 We're not going to the playoffs

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 23 November 2014 - 05:46 PM


 the worst part is we're arguably the most talented team in the division on top of that.


I don't think that is an argument you would win.  I realize we think we are more talented, but I don't think the more objective observers outside of our fanbase do.  We are talented along the defensive line (if Hardy is back), and at linebacker, and we have one or two other areas we have some talented individual players, but all in all, I think our talent, especially on the offensive side is below that of the Falcons and Saints.   Our qb is midlevel NFL, our receiver group doesn't scare anyone, our running backs are older or injured a lot, our offense line is terrible, and our secondary has been pretty bad this year. 

#3101945 We're not going to the playoffs

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 23 November 2014 - 05:14 PM

I agree we probably will not go to the playoffs, but I imagine the Saints and Falcons fans are probably saying the same thing.  We still have a shot to turn it around.


It is ironic though that we have had several teams that were far better than this one that didn't have a shot at the playoffs.  The 09 team at the end of the year comes to mind. 



#3099975 Acceptable Thanksgiving Pies

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 21 November 2014 - 02:58 PM

Any pie list that doesn't include Coconut Cream or Chocolate Cream is not with the bandwidth used to post it. 

#3099613 A cap expert gives a little analysis on our RBs among other things (via Person)

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 21 November 2014 - 10:18 AM

And knowing all that he rented Hardy for 13 million on a rebuilding year?


Not that I necessarily agreed with his decision to pay that much to Hardy, but I am fairly certain the point of that was to hang on to Hardy to buy us some time.  They wanted to negotiate a new long term contract with him but probably couldn't afford it.  They kept him around for another year, long enough to see how the other guys such as Ealy would work out.   Had the domestic violence thing not happened, the move would likely be viewed in a better light.  


At least we aren't saddled with a long term contract for Hardy which allows us a certain amount of leeway.  Imagine if we had signed him for a long term contract for say 10 mil or so a year and then the domestic violence thing hit.? We would be in a quandary.  Now we have some options.   We either sign him for a long term (and perhaps reduced) contract, or cut him with little financial impact.   It wasn't a great move for the current season, but at least Gettleman did reduce the long term impact.  And that imo is the biggest improvement over the previous GM. 

#3097555 With all the gas prices going down...

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 19 November 2014 - 04:49 PM

Found a trip from Charlotte to Paris 2 plane tickets plus 7 nights at 4 star hotel for $3.6k.  That's a good deal.


That seems very expensive to me.  We spent $5400 for four tickets charlotte to paris and 6 nights at a four star hotel last spring.  The Hotel was the Pullman at Montparnasse, nice but not extravagant, It was outside the major tourist areas, but very close to a Metro station which made getting around easy. Maybe travel is April is a little cheaper though. 

#3096801 Charles Manson(80)is getting married to a 26 year old girl

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 19 November 2014 - 08:37 AM

The girl he married looks a little like Susan Atkins imo. 

#3095463 Jason Avant Cut

Posted by Davidson Deac II on 18 November 2014 - 01:39 PM

Cutting a high character guy in the wake of criticism is rarely a positive for a coach in trouble.


For an established coach, maybe.  For a guy who's struggling, it looks insecure, thin skinned and petty.


It also looks desperate, which is probably an accurate description of our coach at this point. 


Doesn't change my opinion that its probably a good long term move for the team.  Especially if Rivera is not here next year, which is a definite possibility at this point. 

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