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Still in for Rivera~

19 November 2014 - 07:16 PM

I realize that I am no doubt in the minority for still believing in this coach.  I won't even say I am the 'silent majority'...but I believe in Ron.


Here is why:

I don't know if the play calling is his fault or Shula.  It seems to me that this is a critical area that needs to be better addressed.

Alot (everyone?) has jumped on him for his handling of playing for a field goal.  I will watch the game again - but what I saw was:

            A kicker that hasnt missed under 50 yards.  Close to automatic as you get.  Why NOT trust your kicker?

            As Cam says...hindsight is 50-50...   :)   Anyway...I didnt mind the play calling.  I think he would have been flambeyyed (s?) if they threw a pass and it was intercepted.


I remember last year.  Very well.  Many fans (right here) wasnt happy with Ron and the same old witch hunt was on until they started winning.  I refuse to believe he is not the same guy.


Consider- consider what we all know.  Handcuffed by the cap, poor play, injuries, and a thug getting paid doing nothing for you..how would any of us play the hand dealt to Ron?


I am all about the blame game and wow -there is alot to go around.  Oline, Shula...Gettleman to an extent (misfires on who he brought in this time...)...Cam (love him....but he hasnt been the same this year...Shula's fault?)


Anyway- I don't want Ron's head.  I think he can lead us to where we all want to go.


(nerd alert...this makes me want to say "I believe in Harvey Dent".../shrug).




Rough Meltdown ~

28 September 2014 - 05:06 PM

Was hard to watch this game.  My own thoughts (post rage).


1.  Defenders seem afraid to tackle / wait for someone else to make the tackle.  There is no 'hunger' to destroy who has the ball.

2.  No rush at the QB.  Hardy isn't here - next man up.  We need to put pressure on the QB.

3.  Annoyed at the coaches.  If I am sitting here knowing that they are gonna get the ball to Smith, and I also know they are going to run the ball because of last week's fiasco - why not have a game plan ready for this?   Double up Smith and load the box.

                Of course that doesn't matter too much because we seemingly forgot how to tackle.

4.  Cam not running.  Two games now where he is sitting in the pocket.  On the one hand it's awesome, but part of what makes him dangerous is his ability to run.  FREE CAM

5.  Kelvintron is obviously a machine...keep feeding him.  Cotchery balled.

6. Our hog molly's on both sides of the game have been embarrassed now 2 games in a row.  Where are their balls?  Start smashing pukes in the mouth already.


Extremely happy for Steve Smith.  I wanted him to catch 4 TD in a losing effort - I hate they won but happy for the best Panther of all time.


Gettleman needs to get to work.  He is known for making the calls no one else wants to - start cutting the perrennial injured bastages and bring in people that want to play.


Hardy, Florence, Bell, Olsen & Wharton can go ~

26 January 2014 - 02:13 PM

Probably not popular opinion around here - but hear me out...



Had 1/2 his sacks in 2 games.  I didnt think he 'showed up' every game.  He is good..I LOVE him..awesome personality and scratch that..very good.  I just dont think he's worth the $$ some other team is going to pay for him and I don't want us to spend it.  I also think he has been 'so' good because CJ95 has been on the other side.



I haven't seen a lot of talk on this guy, I just keep seeing him blow by Kaperdick on his TD run.  I am not impressed with him at all.



Not sure anything needs to be said.



Another great guy.  GREAT hands.  He has NO YAC though unless the few times Newton catches him in stride at full speed.  Too often its catch, turn butt to the goal line hugging the ball and being tackled.  Just because he's one of 2 (?) Newton's options in the passing game shouldn't have us keep him.



Another guy thats just so-so.



Anyway - these just are overrated and/or under impress.  Keep moving the bar forward and get away from mediocrity or settling.

Friggin incredible...In-laws Christmas on Sunday.

18 December 2013 - 04:27 PM

Just venting...Family > Panthers but seriously who plans family get together on our biggest game of the year??  NO way I can get out of it.  SURE- I'll be DVR'ing it but I'm going to hate going over there and 'half assing' watching the game piece meal...THEN I get to go thru the whole "dont say anything about the game" and hoping none of my friends friggin text me until I get home "God knows when" and watch it.





Poor little Saints ~

15 December 2013 - 10:20 PM

"Too soon" to go over there now...



Let's see, they blame on the road, Oline, Brees, Coaching, Kicker.  I saw one point where they actually gave credit to the Rams kicking their ass.


I honestly can't tell if I want redemption/revenge or just want to see them whine more next Sunday with a win.  I predict a close game next week, but I also think we have more tape to watch on what to do / not to do then they have on us.


We should do a bounty on their fans coming here...Pie for whoever trashes Alice.

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