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The Future is Bright Fellas

15 March 2014 - 02:03 PM

Trust the Gettleman it's really all Hurney's fault anyway


These are steps that will be taken on the road to our next Superbowl run:


WR- We will sign a proven vet with the little cap room we have left, re-sign Lafell and draft a WR that's gonna be a beast. I promise


O-line- Although Gross retired, Bell is left handed so there you go.  At guard, we have guys that are from D-2 that had season ending injuries, so they should be back at 100%. No worries. Kalil won't put any ads in the paper either.


RB- We have D-will and Tugboat. poo Stew just added trick bars to his stationary. Golden Ticket!!!!


DL- HArdy is rich as a bitch. I'm sure he'll give it his all now.


DB- who needs em? we have teh front 7. remember how the D-line shutdown MIke Wallace


Dont forget with all the concerns about the offense, we still have Shula.  Right Zod?


here's to 16-0!!!!!woot

Cam Newton Our Franchise QB?

23 October 2013 - 06:17 PM

I see a lot of back and fourth from some posters and wanted to get a idea of where most stand?


As some of you know, I've been a Cam supporter from day1 as our franchise QB.  He even slightly surpassed my expectations at this in his career.  I've witnessed some that were against him recognize his skill and ablilties and some that just like to troll and "hate" him regardless.  I also noticed how some are quick to revert back to their old ways whenever Cam has a bad game like other franchise QB's never have bad days.  So where do you stand?

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