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"Big Bang is just a theory" say it aint so

11 February 2015 - 11:09 AM

"Big Bang is 100% true bros. the scientist did one in their basement one time"-philly b and that other guy



The Future is Bright Fellas

15 March 2014 - 02:03 PM

Trust the Gettleman it's really all Hurney's fault anyway


These are steps that will be taken on the road to our next Superbowl run:


WR- We will sign a proven vet with the little cap room we have left, re-sign Lafell and draft a WR that's gonna be a beast. I promise


O-line- Although Gross retired, Bell is left handed so there you go.  At guard, we have guys that are from D-2 that had season ending injuries, so they should be back at 100%. No worries. Kalil won't put any ads in the paper either.


RB- We have D-will and Tugboat. poo Stew just added trick bars to his stationary. Golden Ticket!!!!


DL- HArdy is rich as a bitch. I'm sure he'll give it his all now.


DB- who needs em? we have teh front 7. remember how the D-line shutdown MIke Wallace


Dont forget with all the concerns about the offense, we still have Shula.  Right Zod?


here's to 16-0!!!!!woot