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In Topic: The Epic Panther Fan Challenge

Today, 09:26 AM

I was at that game. Don't think I'm going this year though. I've got the ticket hookup up there too.

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Wasn't too much hate at that game for me since the entire fan base was aiming their hate at Reid.  This year will be different since they aren't 1/2 bad.

In Topic: The Epic Panther Fan Challenge

Today, 08:41 AM

Will be going back to Philly this year for the MNF, same seats.  Great to have hook up on the tickets!

This was 2012, excuse the blur:252200_10151154559285994_310673509_n.jpg

In Topic: Training Camp Photos and Observations - Day 3

27 July 2014 - 09:18 PM

Nice ass, no homo. Actually... all homo. Actually, who gives a sh*t, nice ass!!!


In Topic: Why, Kraken....why?

23 July 2014 - 09:38 AM

*Greg Hardy comes into the Thread*


"OMG Greg your the man! Kracken for life, I didn't mean what I said earlier, seriously bro!"



In Topic: 2013 Panthers Yearbook

21 July 2014 - 05:31 PM

Hearing Ron getting fired up in those clips... :rock:

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