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In Topic: Greg Jennings AKA the guy that got Antoine Cason released

22 March 2015 - 07:17 AM


We should thank Jennings. After Cason was released the Panthers defense improved greatly.

Why did it take so long?




when you stare at a bunch of boobs for 4 hours, you become dumber that a box of poo

In Topic: Charlotte Independence Thread

20 March 2015 - 04:35 PM

not a fan of the colors. too much like the hounds. lacks their own identity imo. 


stadium looks nice, but damn its way down south

In Topic: Hakeem Nicks Visiting Soon

19 March 2015 - 07:22 AM

To be fair, one of those TDs in the highlight reel was against Richard Marshall. I dont know if that even counts. I would trust that any competent GM will factor that in as a discount.

Dave: Alright Hakeem, well factor in 20K per TD you've scored in your career into this contract. So that would be 35 times...

Nicks: whoa Dave, I think you mean 36

Dave: oh, well 1 of those was against Richard Marshall. So we're not counting that. That's like being defended by air

Nicks: o_o

In Topic: Twitter War Marc James vs Chris Kro[E]ger. .

18 March 2015 - 09:22 AM

Please, oh please open the show today with "This is Chris Kroeger with an OE"

Do it for the Huddle

In Topic: Twitter War Marc James vs Chris Kro[E]ger. .

15 March 2015 - 10:01 PM

Kroeger took a random cheap shot at Marc. Then after Marc jumped in the pissing match literally everyone started piling on and trashing Marc in defense of Kroeger. Random people, other radio hosts, even that weather guy Brad Panovich was getting in on the Marc bashing.

Personally, I think WFNZ is garbage regardless of who is hosting. But I guess at least Kroeger doesn't talk trash about Charlotte. Marc didn't just start bashing Charlotte after he left, the troll did it daily when he was here. And they both look like teenage girls with their internet pissing match.

The only thing I take away from this is that it seems everyone hates Marc.


all Kroeger did was respond in agreement to Garcia's tweet that Marc James looks like Christian Laettner and then James fired back starting the whole thing