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In Topic: Oh Greg Jennings..

03 May 2015 - 06:31 PM

Well hopefully he can revive his career as well as mentor the younger receivers you can only hope!

In Topic: Ok, I will kick this off.. gameby game prediction thread, post schedule release.

21 April 2015 - 11:28 PM

I think it will be a 11-5 or 12-4 record!

In Topic: NFL Free Agency Update Thread

13 April 2015 - 11:17 PM

Plus the guy is a troublemaker since his SF days.

In Topic: Panthers dine with Shaq Thompson

02 April 2015 - 08:54 PM

Hope they wine and dine him with a huge tip for the waiters.

In Topic: Alan "Blue Balls" Ball leaves Panther offer on table

20 March 2015 - 04:14 PM

I enjoy his shows Six Feet Under and Banshee.'


True Blood was OK at the beginning then got really really stupid. 


You really made a lot of people's day!