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'twas just nights before football

04 September 2013 - 09:23 PM

It's almost football season.....

Twas just nights before football, and all through the city
Every fan was dreaming of Kuechly and Smitty.
Their glass mugs were chilled in the freezer with care
Knowing that beer would soon be poured there.

The players were waiting anxiously for the start of game day
They'd been improving all summer, it was nearly time to play.
The mistakes of years past, had served as motivation,
And now they were ready to release devastation.

Ron was sitting in his office, making his final tweaks,
To get the perfect defense he so desperately seeks.
And Shula was thinking of all the weapons defenses would have to fear,
Knowing this would be far better than his time a Buccaneer.

Cam Newton was loading his mental chamber, staring in the mirror,
Looking at the face that all defenses would soon fear.
With Tedd Ginn and Smitty, Olsen and Dwill,
Cam knew that under his leadership, they could score at will.

When suddenly from a nearby hotel, a loud sound did blare,
It was little Russell Wilson awaking a nightmare.
He had dreamed of the Kraken, Star and CJ
It scared him to his very core, he did not want to stay.

While he was looking for flight back to Seattle, Coach Carol ran to his side
But instead of words of wisdom, he asked the diminutive man to hide.
For while he was resting, Petey had the same dream,
And was sobbing to himself when he heard little Russell's scream.

Pete know that last year was lucky, merely a fluke,
There was no way Marshawn was running against TD, Beason and Luke.
And while all the pundits on the TV were expecting Seattle to cruise,
Pete knew in his heart, that his Seahawks would surely lose.

Carol hugged his quarterback before he left, and kissed his cheek goodbye,
To leave back to his bedroom suite, and have a final cry.
The score was no longer his focus, he wanted merely to survive,
To keep the score close, and leave Carolina alive.

For years the Panthers have been down,heartbreak and postgame cries,
But soon all football fans will witness Carolina rise.
Betting against our Panthers, would be nothing short of treason....
Happy football to all, and to all a good season.