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leave it to the French.....no work emails after 6pm

09 April 2014 - 05:00 PM

from dailytech


The Aussie paper is behind a subscription wall.


Certain French citizens are being forced to power down when the work day is over, meaning employers must leave workers alone once they go home.

According to The Australian, a new French labor deal -- which is a legally binding deal signed by employers' federations and unions representing workers in the digital and consultancy sectors -- says that employees are to shut off work devices and avoid work emails after going home for the day.

The ruling applies to all companies in the technology and consultancy sectors.



Well I hope that France doesn't need to contact Silicon Valley for any tech issues that must be fixed...ahh come back in the morning and realize that you lost another day because the engineers asked you a question that you couldn't answer til the next morning. And then if Engineer in Cali has left for the day....another day with down servers, network, whatever....hhahahahaha.....


reminds me of the Looney Tunes skit where the coyote and sheepdog clock out when the horn sounds, no matter what was going on. And then continue from the exact situation the next morning.



UPS firing in Queens. 250 let go for staging a 90 minute strike.

04 April 2014 - 10:50 AM




UPS, one of the world's largest shipping and logistics companies, has decided to fire 250 workers who staged a 90-minute protest in February. The protest was organized after a long-time employee was fired over an hours dispute.

Twenty of the workers were notified of their dismissal on Monday. The remaining 230 were told they would be fired as soon as replacements are trained.

The workers, who are based in Queens, N.Y., walked off the job when Jairo Reyes, a 24-year company veteran and union activist, got in a dispute with the company over the number of hours senior staff could work, according to the New York Daily News.



According to reports, the union agreed to a non-strike clause...and 250 workers decided to violate that clause on behalf on a single worker. I'm unsure if the worker was being let go, disciplined, or just having a dispute.


Not sure who was the brains behind the 90 minute strike but should have a Union rep on site to let them know before they walked out that this might be a bad idea. The article suggests that the workers were told again as they were preparing to walk out.


Civil Disobedience requires that you fully understand that you may get punished for your actions, that you believe the punishment is less than the actions you are protesting. Don't complain if you get fired.


This might have been a better choice for a protest. Civil, non-disruptive show of support for the 24 year vet.



Any contractor willing to work on that Deathstar knew the risks...

03 April 2014 - 10:26 AM

Was having a conversation with a friend that took an offshoot of the famous Clerks discussion about the rebels killing innocent contractors on the 2nd DeathStar.


Seems in many fantasy & Sci-Fi series, the regular guy gets the shaft. Only the heroes/villans are important everyone else is fodder. We tried to list series where the regular joe actually does OK or does his life just suck.


Since Game of Thrones will be starting another season...

GOT: The blue collar guy who either is sent to fight for one of the many banners or just be the innkeep/farmer who stays in the village and gets slaughtered/raped.

Debate ensues whether the Onion Knight is blue-collar or major character and if losing your finger-tips for smuggling but saving Stannis was worth it. Lean sucks column.

Of course you could take the position that everyone is fodder, but the regular folk just get it much worse. I voted <life sucks>


Walking Dead(TV): have mercy....if you aren't a star...you're fodder/a zombie. Of course similar to GoT...everyone will be fodder eventually. <life sucks>


Firefly: Consensus that regular folk get by. <life could be pretty good>


Star Trek: If money is no longer used in the 24th century who wants to be the person cleaning toilets on federation ships, I doubt Picard does his own housekeeping. <life sucks>


Star Wars: The Empire is power hungry, but life on Coruscant seems to keep going. Palpatine was in power for just a few decades. <life could be good>


Matrix: Regular guy is still in the Matrix and steaks still taste like steaks....<life could be good>


Just opening this up for discussion:





2011 Draft Class - Will everyone wait on Cam's contract?

24 March 2014 - 03:55 PM

Since teams can start negotiating....is the rest of the NFL waiting on Cam to ink a deal to set the price as the first pick of the 2011 draft and set the QB pay scale? (other than Kap, is any other QB getting a new contract? Dalton?)


I haven't heard any news on non-QB contracts whose contracts aren't as dependent on Cams. (not going to list everyone, just these guys should be expecting big $$)

DEs: JJ Watt, Von Miller, Aldon Smith, Quinn.

WR: AJ Green, Julio Jones

DBs: Peterson

OT: Solder, Carpenter




Another Scouting site: Sidelineview's big board

20 February 2014 - 03:36 PM

They've got their scouting reviews of lots of players (sortable). Most top 50 reports include video and timeline notes of good and bad play. There's still top players missing reports so I guess they'll get completed as the draft approaches.






Here's part of their Jordan Matthews report:


  • He. Can. Fly
  • Smooth
  • Plays the game at a much faster rate than the rest of the college players on the field
  • Excellent Route runner, precise
  • First three plays noted on South Carolina video, he lined up in 3 different WR positions
  • Gives effort blocking
  • Explosive runner after the catch - plenty of quick hitch and run in his career
  • High points the football
  • Solid hands - tends to body catch going across the middle on occasion
  • Downfield acceleration is obscene
  • Needs work on his double move - v. Houston 2013, he didn’t sell the stutter and go at all, couldn’t get open.
  • Understanding of coverages, needs to know when to settle down v. zone, sprint v. man
  • Wiry but can he get separation at the LOS against more physical corners?
  • Will push off downfield to high point the football
  • Catches the ball away from his body but lets ball get into his body at times.
  • Has a little hitch when exploding from the line of scrimmage that he got away with in college

Vanderbilt used him all over the field - Z, X, in the slot and even as a tight Y on occasion.  Either way, he’s got scary athleticism, body control and explosiveness.  He’s a lot like Houston Texans WR Deandre Hopkins was coming out of Clemson but Matthews is more polished in the finer things of the game.  The WR class is LOAD-ED so there’s no telling where he’ll land, but an NFL team will get an NFL ready player on day one.



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