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Any anime garage kit builders/modelers on the huddle...

17 September 2014 - 10:11 AM

Any helpful hints for building/painting. Links, books?


I've pre-ordered some garage kits from Japan. The last time I attempted to build any models was about 17 years ago. Some cheap-o Gundam &  Ultraman kits. My glue and paint skills were pretty meh. But I'd like to think I've learned to have more patience since then. 


I think this C&H strip details my history perfectly.





Week 1 Coaching reviews?

09 September 2014 - 03:21 PM

Haven't seen much on the coaching from week 1.

Overall how did you think Ron created/managed the game plan?


I'd grade him a A-. But I did have some minor qualms:

  • Settling for a FG at the end of the 1st half. 10 seconds is plenty of time to run 1 EZ play when you have a timeout in your pocket.
  • Didn't care for the coaches challenge. Thought the timeout was more important than the 5 yard completion by TB.

Except for the very last drive where we kicked a FG to go up 6, were there any Riverboat opportunities? Would he have gone for it if Cam were healthy? On TV it looked like 4th and 1, but the NFL gamebook has it as 4th and 2.

4-2-TB 15 (:28) (Field Goal formation) G.Gano 33 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-J.Jansen, Holder-B.Nortman.


Except the for gameday thread, I don't see anyone calling for Schula's head. I'll mark that as a win for Schula.

Are there other links besides the Amazon link in Zod's sig?

04 September 2014 - 08:36 AM

I forget to use my cashback link on overstuffedwallet all the time so I'll try to remember to use the Amazon link Zod provided. Are there other support links?





Yah, just like everyone else...I got Benji late...do I start him over G.Tate.

03 September 2014 - 09:53 AM

Grabbed Benji in the 12th. Cooks went undrafted. I may grab him and stash.


Should I go all in and start Benji against Tampa or Golden Tate vs Giants.

PPR league.

The Market Basket Story - are workers now realizing that they are empowered?

29 August 2014 - 09:27 AM

Surprised this didn't get mentioned earlier, but it is a North Eastern chain.....


Won't delve into backstory too deep. Linkys for reading....




A bitter feud split the family, and in the most recent installment, it has led one grandson, Arthur S. Demoulas, to oust the current president, his cousin and namesake Arthur T. Demoulas.


Thought this timeline was pretty cool way to track the events.



Anyway, I'm really only interested in what the workers accomplished. They wanted the reinstatement of Arthur T. The workers at the distribution centers and stores basically quit stocking the shelves and protested and told customers to shop elsewhere. Some of the protest leaders were fired, but the protests continued. Arthur T. has teamed up a an equity firm to purchase controlling share, and a deal is reached. But I have no doubt it was the workers bringing operations  to a standstill (for over 6 weeks) that forced the board's hands.


All this without a Union. Almost sounds like they told the Teamsters to pound sand.



Fired Market Basket employees yesterday rebuffed offers of legal advice from the Teamsters, saying the solidarity of the Tewksbury grocery chain’s workers — from top executives to store baggers — is stronger than any union.





But today’s unions, especially those representing public service employees, have a harder time getting the public to buy in to their agenda. Some of their problem lies in their tactics.


Some union leaders, Gruman (Harris Gruman, executive director of the SEIU State Council) added, don’t get what the Market Basket workers intuitively understood — the need to build bridges to the community, allowing the public to understand the cause and relate to it.


Hope this doesn't turn into a union bashing/defending thread. I'd rather people see they do have power to instill change.


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