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Any hope for a Amazon top Christmas gift choices thread

17 December 2014 - 09:46 AM

After Jeremy made fun of my Sha-na-na CD months ago (btw my 2yr old son loves their version of "Witch Doctor") ...I'm curious if there are some Christmas gifts that really need recognition.



Mad Max - Fury Road

11 December 2014 - 03:32 PM

After Ridley let me down with Prometheus.....I'm not ready to jump completely in with Miller with resurrecting older franchises...but damn, this trailer looks awesome.....the teaser trailer that was released months ago had me worried.

I love the Mad Max trilogy. Please, please don't let me down with this one.


Is it me or is this the most uninteresting mid-term

17 October 2014 - 11:03 AM

Really didn't care about politics until I got to college. But mid-terms usually have been interesting politically.

'94 - the Anti-Clinton / Newt-Contract with America wave

'98 - All about Clinton-Lewinsky / impeachment.

'02 - Post 9-11. R & D's were still playing nice, IIRC.

'06 - Bush, Iraq backlash.

'10 - Obamacare backlash, rise of the Tea Party

'14 - ??? A few contested national races, but neither party seems to be campaigning with enthusiasm. I live in Texas and there are ZERO campaign signs out. There were more out during primaries. A few TV and radio ads, but nothing at the normal campaign intersections.


Is is like this in Charlotte?







Anquan Boldin complaining about refs. Got a 15 yarder for the headbutt

23 September 2014 - 11:24 AM






Any anime garage kit builders/modelers on the huddle...

17 September 2014 - 10:11 AM

Any helpful hints for building/painting. Links, books?


I've pre-ordered some garage kits from Japan. The last time I attempted to build any models was about 17 years ago. Some cheap-o Gundam &  Ultraman kits. My glue and paint skills were pretty meh. But I'd like to think I've learned to have more patience since then. 


I think this C&H strip details my history perfectly.





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