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Pick'em and WIN - Week 1 edition...

Aug 30 2012 06:32 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
Welcome to the regular season PIck'em!

This week you are playing for an 8x10 of my main man Jonathan Stewart taken by yours truly. There will be exactly 1 of these in existence.

Posted Image

The rules...

- Huddle Membership Required
- Each week there will be 10 games to pick.
- Deadline for picking those games is 11am on Sunday.
- Most correct picks wins.
- Winner of the week receives a prize
- In the event of a tie, I will be posting a tie breaking question that involves a Monday NIght Football game. Closest answer determines the winner. (example: Total Rushing Yards in MNF).

Click Here to Pick'em

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:: before

This is great! But, there will be many ties
Tie breaking suggestion have every input the total points scored on a certain game generally mnf game and the closest without going over wins the tie break, but love the pickem
My picks are in! :)
Now I'm in on this... didn't really care about the pre-season deal, too hard to figure out who's actually trying and who's not...
I'm in awesome zod!
That is a badass photo. I'm in.
Are staff members eligible? Even so, if I win, I would like to donate my winnings to charity. My favorite charity is The Human Fund.

Actually, if I win, I will just pull a Cam and have you give it to a young fan who passes our tailgate on game day.
10-0 here I come.
99 people have made picks so far. Wonder if we will have a 10 for 10?
I think a lot of people are underestimating what Luck is gonna do against that old defense.
Made my picks. Hope they show up.
might as well hand me the photo now
is it signed by Stewart?
Made my picks. Five minutes later I can't remember half of em. Anybody else have this problem? Good thing I trust Zod to notify me when I win.

I think a lot of people are underestimating what Luck is gonna do against that old defense.

I rolled the dice with some picks. They are my upset specials of the week. If they come true I will be a genius. If not, I'll just be another idiot clicking and hoping the team I chose wins.
That pic is bad ass, even if I don't win I'd buy a copy of that....
This is win loss right? Not against the spread?
175 entries so far. Not too shabby!
what asshole didn't pick the Panthers to win against Tampa?
Bird pick ID is up and running.
I'll have mine in later, it's not real iPhone friendly.

I think a lot of people are underestimating what Luck is gonna do against that old defense.

on the road in chicago...........not a good place for a rook to start.

I wish him.............................Luck!

btw........watch out for that chicago "O"
I HATE dallas, but I SO nailed this one!
246 entries. Thats a Huddle record!

246 entries. Thats a Huddle record!

Technically only 245 humans :lol:

Will there be any weeks where the prize is a gift certificate to Petsmart?

(parrot chow can be expensive)