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Round 2: Panthers select Kawann Short

Apr 26 2013 06:32 PM Kuech the Sneak Carolina Panthers
  • Good pass-rusher
  • Fast, quick
  • Capable of taking games over
  • Can be dominant
  • Plays with good pad level
  • Good feet
  • Quick get-off
  • Good use of hands
  • Repertoire of moves
  • Able to use hands and feet at same time
  • Has the ability to shed blocks
  • Can beat double-teams
  • Plays with good strength
  • Athletic
  • Can be extremely disruptive
  • Splash plays
  • Instinctive
  • Capable run-defender

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:: before

Remember the last time we took a guy they described as having 1st round ability, but there were motor concerns?

Yeah, Greg Hardy says hello.

thumbs up
I love the pick. The guys I wanted (Cyprien and Banks) were gone so this is great. He is a strong pass rusher which makes him the perfect complement to Star. I know a lot of people wanted a WR but give me guys in the trenches. We have great DE. We now potentially have great DT. LB is clearly a strength. You win in the trenches, you win the game. Gettleman knows this. Everybody loved him a few hours ago, let us give him a chance.

Nobody will confuse our DBs with a group of All-Pros but I think that our Secondary will get a lot better this year simply because our DL is better. RG still needs to be addressed but I like the way things are going.
Yeah, once Cyprien and Banks were gone DT was a terrific choice.
When Cyprien went with the 1st and Hunter went with the 2nd pick today I had a feeling our pick today would throw me for a loop. I REALLY wanted Hunter, but by the time our pick came the only guys left I wanted were Allen, Rambo and Warford. Allen fell quite far, so there must be more concern about his knee and speed than originally thought, so I'm not mad we didn't get him. Rambo is still available and we might be able to get him in the 4th, so I'm not mad we didn't take him. Warford would have also been a great pick, but positional value DT>OG, so I don't mind we went with the value.

Very few defensive backs come in and tear it up in year one. Patrick Peterson, Kenny Phillips, Dre Kirkpatrick, Leon Hall, Prince A, and Malcolm Jenkins played looked terrible just to name a few. I thought Panther's fans were tired of Hurney trading our picks away.

There are zero players in the mid-rounds of this draft worth mortgaging future picks over. Being too rigid is one thing, and following a winning blue-print is another. We have to solidify our interior defensive line.

We had numerous games in hand that our defense lost for us, and yes a big part of that was the terrible run defense. During the Giants game, we could not get off of the field because they were gashing our DTs. This helps solidify a glaring need. Its apples and oranges. To me, defensive tackle was way more of an issue than defensive back. Our GM was right on this one as we have one plus thirty DT on a one year rental. Now we have two rookies who were extremely productive in college. What is so bad about that?

I feel like I have to say I like the pick, or some asshat will quote me saying "why I know like Gettlemen". But your year 1 argument is one that Panther fans have used against DT, WR, and QB until Cam for years and is not valid. If you have a hole at one of those positions one year and ignore it, there is a really good chance it will be a hole the next year. If you think that reason validates not to draft that position, and keep doing it, you get DT play that the Panthers had over the last 7 years. Possible infinite loop of bad position X play until you beat the odds and get lucky on a low pick, or get a FA. If a player is great at one of those positions, typically they don't hit the market, but when they do there is a lot of competition for them.

Totally agree about getting gashed by the run.
The team has been severely neglected in the DT position for years in the draft.

This was a way of ripping the band aid off quickly

Love it.
Terrible pick.

Cam has to be a little pissed off, they have done very little to help him.

Don't worry I'm with you. Since Ron Rivera came to the team, outside of Cam very little has been done to improve the offensive side of the ball. Hixon was just a swap for Murphy and Ginn has been a bust. Even when healthy our oline was a joke last year. At this point we needed oline and secondary help more than another DT.

What scares me most is that we haven't responded to the developing events to the draft. We decided what we wanted and completely ignored the reality changing around us. Short was clearly the choice before the draft even started, and nothing changed that. That's worrisome with the level of great talent at immediate news. What's more scary is Gettleman's confidence in our corners. The giddy with which he spoke about aging, average Drayton Florence now seems a lit scarier in hindsight.. You can throw out tired cliches about not needing talented players in your secondary because of your dline, but unfortunately, those cliches don't win football games. Talented players do, and the Panthers have the worst secondary in the league by a very, very, big mile.

Gettleman came out and made a point that we wouldn't be trading back into today's round. Not only is that worrisome how definitively he said that... It really, really speaks to the fact that he has no interest in playing for this season. When you make a stubborn decision to stick closely to your board and not respond to the changing events in the draft, you are forced to make such decisions with more thought.

I hear you - Im not ready to jump off a cliff yet, but at this point in the draft I am concerned - we have done nothing to help our sketchy o line nor our mediocre and old wr core. I am less concerned with our d secondary. I said it before - Cam isnt superman in real life- he needs help to reach his potential and he has gotten almost nothing from this team since he was drafted .
if short was going to be the only DT we added this year, i wasn't going to be happy because my biggest issue for the DL is having someone who could stuff the run and eat up double teams consistently. i just didn't see that in him. i do see that in star and it's there in spades. short will be the guy to replace dwan as the starter.

supposedly the problems with his motor and him going hit or cold, that he and his coaches admitted to, was due to his weight combined with the amount of snaps someone of his weight was asked to play. tbh, that still bothers me some. will he be able to keep that weight off? was the weight and snap count really the issue? i dunno...but I'm willing to give him the benefit if the doubt. having him as just a part of what is looking to be one of the nastiest DT rotations in the league makes that easier. looking at what that adds to our very scary DL makes me happy happy happy.

then think of what this does to the front 7......unbelievable. the impact that our front 7 is going to have will control games.

sure, we still have holes in other areas, but this will help keep us from giving away games late. this front 7 will make the secondary better by quite a lot.

this isn't the direction i would have taken in the second, but i don't hate it. i love it. i still have questions how we are going to address WR, RG,RT, and FS, but if you are going to overload one spot with talent, this wouldn't be a bad one because passing league or running league, against pass first or run first teams, the interior of the DL is crucial to your defenses success. i think, esp. is hardy gets to stay, that we have a DL that is going to be one of the most dominant in the league for years.

Finally it will be like Peppers-Buckner-Jenkins-Rucker again!

Jenkins was picked in the 2001 draft at ......2nd Round Pick 44... Same pick as KK Short...Not saying Short is Jenkins, but just kind of cool to see after this post.. I really like what they did here.. How long have we been weak up the middle?? SInce we lost Jenkins?? I remember when we had THE BEST Defensive Line in Football! We are getting back to there... Short and Star will start from Day one! What a strong middle now!!!

Cam has to be a little pissed off, they have done very little to help him.

Ginn and Hixon say Hi
What is wrong with his eye? He should try and get that fixed now that he's a millionaire.
Something I came across, didnt want to make new thread dont know if already posted.

Kawann Short video after he was picked.

so glad we got this guy. he was my must have player in the 2nd.
Apr 27 2013 10:50 PM
I think that Kawann is just as good as Floyd to tell yall the truth.

I think that Kawann is just as good as Floyd to tell yall the truth.

Been saying he was better the whole time....Gettleman said that he was the best interior pass rusher in the draft, I thought so as well. Annnnnnd he plays the run much better than Shariff. MockedShortat44inbothmymocksjustsayin.
Apr 27 2013 11:11 PM

Been saying he was better the whole time....Gettleman said that he was the best interior pass rusher in the draft, I thought so as well. Annnnnnd he plays the run much better than Shariff. MockedShortat44inbothmymocksjustsayin.

I can agree. I like him a lot early on then had a change of heart on him.
But to get him where we got him and to grab him with Star, I love the pick so much. Without Star, the pick wouldnt have been as sexy as it is.

TB kinds busted with their 2011 picks of McCoy (boom) and Price (bust). We wont!

Star + Short >>>>>>>>> McCoy + Price

I think that Kawann is just as good as Floyd to tell yall the truth.

he is better than floyd.

had 3 times the sacks and TFL playing 90% of the snaps while being the focus of the OL.

The #Panthers have signed second-round draft pick Kawann Short: http://pnth.rs/ZdsKIo



Carolina Panthers@Panthers33s

Here's Kawann signing his contract! RT to welcome @kk_mr93 to the #Panthers family! #KeepPounding pic.twitter.com/b1gIQ6gIoI

The more I think about it the more I love the pick. The best and fastest way to get this defense into an elite category was to take Star and Short and make our defensive line so overwhelming for offenses that it will mask the average players in the secondary.


I'd rather us do that than pick a rookie CB or Safety who has growing pains.


Short ranks 3rd in Purdue history for most tackles for loss (49) & sacks (19.5) by a DT - also blocked a record 8 kicks, including 6 FGs.


!!!!!!!!!!!!! yowza!

Ginn and Hixon say Hi


Colin and Eli will surely miss them. but glad Short is signed up.

Two down three to go.