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What Saints Fans are Saying - Part Deux

Dec 18 2013 08:05 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
This morning I decided to take a visit to SaintsReport.com to observe Saints fans in their natural habitat.

Here are a few pearls of wisdom they are offering...

We manhandled them recently, This is a must win game for them... even if they beat us in Carolina we can still stick it to them by beating Tampa. There is ten times more pressure on them. Put the towel back over their collective heads.

This is essentially a playoff game! My only cause for pause is that we were in this exact same predicament leading up to the Seattle game. Playoff seeding was on the line, we were going on the road to play a very physical team and we didn't show up. It's a shame that it had to come down to this, but on Sunday we will see what the 2013 Saints are made of. Will we rise to the occasion or shrivel under the pressure? At this point I don't know what to expect. This game is a "pick em"! Both teams are going to play hard.

The way it is playing out, the Saints have stumbled into a "winner take all" scenario on Sunday - win and you get the 2 seed, and rest the starters the final week of the season. If the Saints pull out a win against a strong Carolina team in their house, an argument could be made that the St. Louis debacle served to get the team focused to get the job done, while sapping the Rams loss of any relevance whatsoever, in terms of playoff implications, all the while building confidence going into the post season.

On the road, against that front 7, adjustments will need to be made in the form of extra help on the O-line, which will probably lead to limiting some of the offensive firepower, but, if that means giving Brees time to try to hit one of the receivers and avoid getting hit repeatedly, then so be it.

It seems Saints fans are a little more humble before this meeting than last. That might have something to do with the plastering the Rams gave them.

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