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What Saints Fans are Saying

Dec 03 2013 05:53 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
Sunday's upcoming game is the biggest game either team has played all season. It could very well decide between a home game or an away game to start the playoffs.

The Panthers are 7-0 in their last seven games. The Saints are a mediocre 4-3. It isn't difficult to see who the hotter team is right now.

It doesn't get much better than this.

Here are a few of the thoughts roaming the halls of SaintsReport.com

There is no way coming off a bad loss like this that the Panthers come into our house and beat us. No chance! We will destroy them. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger! We will learn from this guys, chin up and lets get ready to cheer our Saints on next Sunday.

Panthers aren't worried, they are licking their paws and drooling...we look like dinner. Your faith is admirable but let's be realistic...the Panthers have nothing to fear and our team looks every bit as vulnerable as ever--perhaps more. We need a new, fresh look--like a makeover because our team has been exposed like never before. Panthers 26 Saints 13.

russell wilson might be the best qb in the nfl. cam is nowhere close.
carolina has decent DBs but Seattle's a good full step above.

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble but Cam Newton is vastly overrated. He couldn't hold Wilson's jock. Has Newton ever had a game like this? He's the Panthers' weakest link and without Steve Smith he'd be Blaine Gabbert with legs.

What's with all the Panthers love all of a sudden? Carolina is nowhere near the same team as the Seahawks. Seattle is a carbon copy of the Saints; last night's game was really the Saints playing themselves. The Panthers don't have nearly the same caliber QB as Seattle, they don't have the DBs that Seattle has, they don't have the WRs that Seattle has, and they don't have the coach that Seattle has. In fact, the only thing they have going for themselves right now is Luke Keuchley. That's it. Their 7 wins in a row have all been like the Falclowns 2012 season: just smoke and mirrors.

So, things are much the same as they always have been over there.... 95% clueless.

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